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A religious role model
Moriah Zeltzer Wallstein
Published: 25.04.07, 18:34
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1. She is very beautiful, but not a role model
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.25.07)
Think about it: 99.99% of girls, religious or secular, Jewish or non-Jewish do not have the physical attributes (tall, extremely thin, high cheekbones, long legs) that it takes to become a supermodel. Kol hakavod to Hava that she can work in an environment that worships physical beauty above all else without compromising her values, but only a select few can aspire to her career. How about girls aspiring to a career of financial excellence and becoming multi-billionaires in business, while still keeping all the mitzvot?
2. what does this mean?
confused ,   israel   (04.25.07)
define "religious" - shomer mitzvot this is not.
3. This is YNet's kind of Religion, but not the Orthodox Jewish
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.07)
one. "The fact that a girl is covered from head to toe doesn't make her better or more religious than I am . Ultimately, what counts is your conduct and what's inside." You got it wrong, Ms. Mond. This is a goyish belief and not a Jewish one. The goyim "count what's inside" but Jews have to do both. Because you say some morning prayers and wash your hands in the morning and eat kosher, you're still lacking a lot in your religious ways. If the chachamim say that women must dress with tzniut, and you're not fulfilling this commandment lishmoa divrei chachamim, in no way can you be considered a religious woman. I doubt you had discussed your career with an Orthodox Rabbi before undertaking it. No Religious Rabbi would allow it.
4. Becoming fully observant cannot be done in 1 day
Saul ,   Eretz Yisrael   (04.25.07)
Sadly yes but its a more or less true. Its usually done through baby steps, as this woman is doing, eventually she will stop modeling since it contradicts her prayers. One thing at a time, and she and you can be an observant Jew.
5. she lives a Modern Shomer Mitzvot life
observer   (04.25.07)
she says her morning prayers ever day, day by day except on Shabbaths. She used to work from early early morning till late night, on Shabbaths !
Ron   (04.25.07)
7. kola kavod!!!
robert ,   nyc   (04.25.07)
8. #2--Sure It's Shomer Mitzvot --1# Yes She is a Role Model
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (04.25.07)
Sleeve length and skirt length are advisories, not D'Oraita. Whatever her motivation, she's no different from the surfing rabbi (Chabad) in California, the rabbi in Israel who pronouced dissolution of the kitniyot restriction, or religious Jews who businesses or professions cause them to travel all over the world. Someone who is not the norm. I have an idea what she's going through as I have had to turn down lucrative jobs when I lived in the US because of Shabbat restrictions. #1--Although I personally do not think modeling is the pinnacle of anything, she sure is a role model the same way that some super Torah scholar's performance is inspiring. Not everyone has the brains to be a super Torah scholar either but that shouldn't stop people from trying to emulate the "best". Gee you're sure shooting low.
9. Easy religionl
Tzviah ,   Israel   (04.25.07)
Small wonder why more people don't take on religion this way. Isn't it great! You can make up your own laws and do what you want and call yourself religious!
10. #8 role model for anorexia and bulemia
Aviva ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.25.07)
It is not a goal that anyone can accomplish. All it takes is a certain body structure. If your daughter is 5'3" there is no way she will ever be a supermodel. Far more girls develop eating disorders emulating these "role models" than actually become the next supermodel.
11. not that pretty...
marc ,   Paris   (04.25.07)
unless her figure is great (can't tell) dunno what the fuss is about
A KEEN OBSERVER ,   USA   (04.25.07)
The comments written deriding Hava Mond are blatant examples of Lashon Hora. What basis do they have in questioning her faith? I will assume that most of these people who criticize her hold themselves to be "religious". They may be religious, but they are either envious, narrow minded or both. Most people can lead religious lives and participate in all aspects of the societies they live in. - That is the true Jew way - not one who hides and calls anything they are afraid of or disagree with Traif or Apikoros. PS - I am an orthodox jew.
13. Here we go.
Lu ,   Miami Fl   (04.25.07)
It almost makes me sick to read some of your comments. This woman is making more of an effort than you idiots who are doing nothing but JUDGING. She is in an industry that looks down on any religious affiliation, regardless of religion. The fact that she keeps shabbat, kosher and prays everyday makes me proud to be a Jew. Many people make the effort everyday to come close to God. You wankers who are talking nothing but garbage about her, know the penalty for talking poorly or judging another Jew. Or maybe you made an exception for yourselves. Its amazing how you don't consider your negative and mean spirited comments as relative to the rules of Hashem. Leshon Hara is the reason for the perpetual problems Jews have in the world. Thank You #'s 2, 3 and 9 for continuing the process. Why don't you take that up with your Rabbis?
14. i see alot of jealous people
freejay ,   Israel   (04.25.07)
So many jealous people here knocking this girl that is doing so well under difficult conditions. We need more ambassadors like her to show the world and promote what Israel and judaism is about.......congrantulations to her and any other religious jew that breaks new ground and gives positive exposure for israel.
15. Perhaps this "role" model should meet...
Carmi   (04.25.07)
Rabbi Shmuely Boteach. I don't know what religious conclusions they would agree upon but they would certainly not be representative of normative religious behavior.
16. I am a kosher-eating, shomer Shabbat
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.25.07)
Hava Mond is SMOKIN! She can come to my place for Shabbat. We can eat kosher food and drink kosher wine together.
17. 11... remove your hate colored glasses and you'll see beauty
truth strikes again   (04.25.07)
18. Hidebound religious types
Alex ,   Miami, FL USA   (04.25.07)
As a BT, the MOST infuriating phrase is "more religious," the implication that the Hareidi or Hassidic derech is somehow more religious than a MO derech. What's EXTREMELY infuriating is these self righteous, hidebound individuals who have never had to make a difficult decision (in houses their parents helped pay for, in jobs their parents set them up in) hurl invectives at anyones path that is difference. She is a religious Jew, in a field where it is extremely difficult to be Shomer Mitzvot. Why isn't she religious, because she dresses differently than you? Give me a break, none of us wear four cornered garments and other "Jewish" attire, so suggesting the sleeve-length determines religiousness is absurd. I am always amazed, because the most judgmental "very religious" individuals are the ones cooking their tax returns for discounted educations from the Yeshiva, demanding handouts at the synagogue after Sunday morning Minyan, but not working Sunday to support their family. Sorry, I'm not impressed. Good for her, she is earning a a living, hopefully a good one, and working through the difficulties of being Shomer Mitzvot. Guess what, if you don't have anyone bringing money in from the goyim, then the money you pay them (Shabbat goyim, maintenance at schools, etc.) plus the government just disappears.
19. Sad comments!
Ram ,   London   (04.25.07)
Those professing to be "holyer than thou" here should lighten up! This girl is pretty and popular and capable of earning fortunes YET the spark in her neshama drives her to keep important mitzvot. To which extent she keeps her mitzvot is her own business. If she considers helself orthodox it is because of her upbringing. She knows what orthodox is and doesn't need to be judged by those who think themselves above her in orthodoxy. She is young and modern and no doubt she exercises "tziniut" in a modern way.
20. there is no beautiful then you,good luck were ever you go!
e.e ,   israel   (04.25.07)
21. read
Nicole ,   Israel   (04.25.07)
BS"D Good for her.. she is really presenting our religion in a great light. I do agree that a woman should be tznoah but in this generation it is very difficult. I dont know her backround, or if she was born "relgious", if not than its amazing what she is doing so far. Is it the principal? The way I look as a woman to the public is what I am inside?... in my opinion thats not fair, just because of her appearance she will not be considered relgious, i think we forgot acts of a person. There are many relgious people who do horrible things.. at least she shows respect to the religion. And its not about making ur own religion because no one truley knows what is a true religious person, "there are 70 faces to the torah", and in my opinion there are a thousand. And your comments dont make you any more inoccent, lashon hara doesn't make u any better than her.
22. To those bashing Hava's level of observance
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (04.25.07)
I have met and know Jews with long beards and peyot with full chassdic garb who lie, cheat and steal in order to earn money. It is unfortunate, but fraudulent transactions have been committed by people who look very, very religious but find an excuse to do whatever they want to make money. So those people are religious because they look religious but Hava, who is Shomeret Shabbat and Kashrut is not religious because of how she looks? Don't rush to judgment. We all have our deficiencies in our level of observance. (Note: an overwhelming majority of Chassidim and orthodox jews are very hard working, honest, God fearing people. I am talking about a small minority).
23. To #1 you are just ridiculous and jealous
24. Pretty girl but the photo top left
with the neckline slashed to her waist is not the way i would want to look if I were even remotely religious. And what happened to modesty??????????
25. soooooo beautiful!!
jose ,   spain   (04.26.07)
26. #6 - she is not a "pride for Am Israel" or for women.
27. I'll take Hava over Bar anyday.
Classy lady ,   Canada   (04.26.07)
Hava is a patriotic proud young Jewish woman with morals and class. Unlike trashy Bar who poses nearly nude, evaded the draft, is living in sin with her goy boyfriend and is rumoured to have an out of welock pregnancy. Instead of being criticized Hava should be commended for being a role model to all young Jewish women everywhere.
28. only one word -WOW-
jack ,   usa   (04.26.07)
She is so hot I almost burned myself looking at this page! I wish her only continued success
29. Kol Hakavod Hava
Yisraeli   (04.26.07)
Ignore some of the ignorant comments made here. Hashem judges one on the inside unlike small minded people who judge on appearances alone. Hashem isnt interested in how long your sleeve is, or whether your knees are showing or your hair blowing in the wind or fan induced, he judges you by your behaviour towards others and your faith in him. So from what I read your doing just fine, may Hashem bless you in all that you do.
30. Cleavage not kosher
Lee ,   New York   (04.26.07)
While it is commendable that this model makes attempts to do some commandments, there is no doubt that modelling in low-cut dresses is immodest and against Jewish tradition and Jewish law. This is demeaning to women.
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