Comptroller suggests probe against PM
Aviram Zino
Published: 25.04.07, 21:55
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1. The noose TIGHTENS again
malcolm   (04.25.07)
Time to start taking bets.
2. A politician accused of corruption???
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.25.07)
this is ground-breaking!!!
3. Olmert won't go until he is thrown out. The sooner th better
Norman   (04.25.07)
4. A question????
Ali ,   Ramallah-Palestine   (04.25.07)
Who is NOT in corruption in Israel???? Good luck with your 59 state occupation birthdate????????
5. Olmert .... RESIGN! We have enough of you!
6. Controller suggests probe against PM
Jim Bennett ,   Haifa   (04.25.07)
The whole country knows that Olmert is corrupt, and we are now seeing just the tip of the iceberg. 1) Atty. Uri Messer really "messed up" his good friend Olmert by pressing him to grant subsidies to the Dimona factory, and Olmert was a fool to bend under pressure and approve the grants. 2) Olmert accepted a bribe from the kablan in the form of a IS 1,300,000 reduction in the price of his apartment on R. Cremiux, in return for getting Jerusalem building department officials to approve extra space--and profits--for the kablan. Olmert has long ago lost all sense of proper behaviour as a public official, like his pal Hirschson. Olmert should resign IMMEDIATELY !!
7. So how soon can we finally have new elections?
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (04.25.07)
8. Olmert
Dell   (04.25.07)
Is there not some sort of "non confidence" proviso in the Israeli gov't system.Olmert and his cronies are rapidly destroying the country from within with their corruption,incompetence,lack of decisive action,not to mention the ineptness of Peretz,the clown. Israels enemies are well aware of this internal conflict and are apt to strike while the shields are down. Hopefully,someone will make a move,somehow,to disolve this gov't..the sooner the better.
9. To ali
Israeli   (04.25.07)
Oh yeah??? good luck with your!!! hmm!!! wait... you have nothing... never mind. Ignore this message.
10. Sorry but this does look like a personal vendetta.
robin ,   israel   (04.25.07)
11. olmert ,go home or to jail!!!
oded   (04.25.07)
12. to ali#4
oded   (04.25.07)
who the f** asked you or cares about your opinon?
13. Get this clown out of the PM office ASAP!
Roni   (04.25.07)
14. Taking responsibility
Brod ,   USA   (04.25.07)
This report and the dismal performance in the Lebanon War and in deterring external threats and aggressions, and from the unrelenting rocket attacks from Gaza should trigger any government to take responsibility and step down. Running a government is not easy and it is not for rookies. It does take experience, brilliance and strength. This is especially so in a country that is surrounded by ravenous dark forces.
15. #4 Ali...enjoy your 59th year....
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.25.07)
as the world's beggers, terrorists and puppets!!! When will you realize that you live in the most corrupt culture of all time?
16. Hit a nerve there oded?? # 12
papa jay   (04.25.07)
deep breathes, and out the nose!! you'll feel better.
Leon   (04.25.07)
18. #10 - and SO IT SHOULD BE - for every Israeli citizen ...
Observer ,   Europe   (04.25.07)
If my history and future security were being undermined by my supposed leader on a daily basis, I would take it personally too !
19. DR...........go back to the doctor!!!! u r still sick....
Casey ,   Germany   (04.25.07)
20. This is masochism!!!
enzo ,   london,uk   (04.25.07)
21. Olmert's BIGGEST crime is that he is a TRAITOR
malcolm   (04.25.07)
22. Lets see what Manzuz comes up with against Katsav
Steve ,   USA   (04.25.07)
B"H May 2 is approaching, and if there are not substantial enough charges against Katsav that he actually gets convicted in court with, it sounds like much of what is being claimed by Kadima Olmert here is calling the cat black. Kadima Olmert may just be looking in the mirror.... only time can tell. And it could be Kadima Olmert is blaming the Likud Comptroller for Kadima's own qualities. If there is no viable criminal charge against Likud Katsav, he has been thrown out by Kadima Manzuz for no criminal activity and not allowed to conduct his Likud Presidency. It cannot be surprising that the Likud Lindenstraus would not want revenge if there is cause for it. Quote: "This conduct is leading to the downfall of the important and illustrious establishment he heads and this is the belief of many in the public service, his predecessors and high ranking officials in his own office, both former and current," said Olmert's office. "It would seem that the comptroller has turned himself into an object of the ratings committee, and it is ratings and media deadlines alone that guide his actions. Whenever he fears that the public agenda is not giving him the attention he believes he deserves, he tries to fabricate drama in an attempt to seize headlines."
23. olmert: a clown, a fool, a joke, an effing national tragedy.
dante ,   uk   (04.25.07)
24. to #4 ali in arab occupied ramallah
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.25.07)
Our theiving lying politicians are amateurs compared to your's. hara-fat stole more in one week than the kadima/labor gang did in their wasted lives.
25. Olmert accused of corruption; a cat accused of meowing.
sk ,   USA   (04.25.07)
Just think about how the Israeli media have treated ilmert like an etrog so that he could ever have become PM. How shameful the Israeli media are.
26. #19, Casey...still have nothing good to say?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (04.25.07)
Resorting to name calling and insulting people...very mature! Just goes to show that you have nothing to argue facts, no truth...only lies and hate!
27. Lindenstrauss is righteous....Olmert is an incompetent crook
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (04.25.07)
Just look at the quotes from Olmert's office: vague, whiney allegations of a vendetta, calling Lindenstrauss' intensely factual report "laughable" and "sad." Its OVER you incompetent crook, so go home and make home somewhere abroad.
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