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France: Woman attacked for wearing Star of David
Yael Branovsky
Published: 26.04.07, 23:41
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1. No wonder so mant French Jews are fleeing
malcolm   (04.27.07)
2. France Will Never Change
Raz ,   Rishlach   (04.27.07)
Before it was the native French, now it is the Muslim immigrants, who - with their large families - will pass this bigotry onto the next generation. France is dying anyways - in five or six generations, the majority of the public will be of Muslim descent...and the France we knew before will be no more.
4. Muslims conquer Europe slowly beware
Miri   (04.27.07)
5. jews in france should carry stun guns for protection.
debra ,   usa   (04.27.07)
these islamic fascist muslims just attacked a rabbi in the very public gare de nord train station, they killed and tortured a young jewish man, and now this horrific attack on this young woman. france is not safe for jews because of these violent muslims. i would urge jews in france to carry stun guns. please protect yourselves.
6. The French police
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (04.27.07)
will continue to deny that the incident is antisemitic, as they did in the Halima murder case, despite the evidence. Let's face it ,Europe is in denial and it sh++-scared of the growing Muslim and Islamist population. This is why the term 'Eurabia' came into vogue.
YY ,   JM   (04.27.07)
most jews didn't see it coming in 1938. and even those that did forsee the holocaust, didn't really have any place to go... but today, there is NO excuse for staying in a place that allows you to be attacked, allows you to be spit on, allows your cemetaries to be desecrated, and makes you afraid to leave your homes... so, pack your bags, say your goodbyes and get the hell out of that place! israel is here, with open arms. what are you waiting for???????
NooodNik   (04.27.07)
When is the last time you heard of Jewish gangs or acts against muslims like this??? That's right. Almost non-existent. Its all one-way with these muslim scumbags. No desecration of their cemeteries or their girls being fouled by filthy scum like this, is there? They are the oppressors and the subjugators. But of course no one gives a hoot . And France is finished.
9. Make aliya or carry guns!
10. This lady was wearing a visible Star of David????
mw   (04.27.07)
In Marseille, of all places, that has a large Arab population???? Something does not righ true about this report. We should wait for confirmation. Not that I'm dismissing it, considering that attacks and harassment of Jews occur every day in France, but there's something familiar about this report that recalls false accusations by ladies in the past.
11. I'm sick and tired of these bastards!
enzo ,   london,uk   (04.27.07)
Its incredible- Paris, everything!!!
just attacked some human rights workers- today some jewish thugs just threw rocks at some PAlestinian kids- i think you should go to and search for jewish settlers,palestinians and WATCH UNEDITTED CLIPS OF WHATS going on in your BACKYARD- crimes by JEWS.
14. Is Wearing a Jewish Star Worth It?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (04.27.07)
To Debra: I agree with you totally, but consider this. In the States, many Jews are against guns, while the goyim own 280 guns of every variety. I ask why Jewish timidity? Is it that they are simply afraid of the consequences of shooting someone? Do they believe that violence will increase, as gun ownership increases. We saw what happened at Virginia Tech, when security was lax. Had that Israel been armed, he might be alive today. French Jews can move to Israel..but that is not a panacea either. Or, they can provide security for themselves (akin to the Guardian Angels (but Jewish). and armed. Fighting back has it's dangers too. But being cornered without a defense is also bad. Notice who ere attacked, defenseless people. However, reality dictates that without protection wearing a Jewish state may be foolish, if not noble.
15. #13 How Many 'thugs' in France, Dopey?
NooodNik   (04.28.07)
We are talking about incidents that are not related to Israel - but to FRANCE and EUROPE. Obviously you cant draw the distinction - its all the same thing is it? As for "youtube" - anyone can make a movie these days and call it "proof". "unedited" - make me laugh! Get off.
16. To #10
Jack ,   San Diego, USA   (04.28.07)
Why should she not openly display a star of David. Last I heard, France was still not Saudi Arabia or Iran...maybe close, but not just yet!
17. Hey Dopey (13)
sk ,   USA   (04.28.07)
A "mere" 10% Muslims in France, and Paris is in flames. Do you notice a pattern?
18. But Muslimsare only against Zionists.They love Jews
Alan ,   SA   (04.28.07)
19. #10 muslim ethnic supremacy
Raphael ,   Netanya   (04.28.07)
Why should a jewish girl conceal her magen david, as local talibans parade in the streets of┬ĘParis displaying provocatively their keffiye, their headscarves, letting their car radio vociferate arab "music" and racist rap, whistling the national anthem? mw wants to confirm who is the occupying colonial power in France.
20. #19 - Raphael - Common Sense
mw   (04.28.07)
I'm a female so I have some sense of how to protect myself. If I were to visit Marseille, the most Arab city in France, I would be very careful to stay in safe places, not to be alone in train stations, or stay within sight of the ticket clerk, etc. I have a Star of David but I never wore it in Europe because I was afraid to end up in the hands of a Muslim doctor, were I to find myself in a hospital. It's only a matter of common sense, just as any sane Isreali woman would not go and take a stroll in an Arab town. There is patriotism and pride in one's religion, and there's stupidity. Also, there's no comparison between these two religions or two kinds of national pride - Arab versus Judaism. I'd rather not get into specifics about Muslims here because I don't want to get censored, but you get my drift.... And yes, Muslims are the occupying colonial power in France and in many parts of Europe. There are enclaves in Paris where police don't dare to go. They have been taken over by a foreign mob and the Parisians have relinquished them. Gone! Just as the rest of European territory and institutions will eventually be taken over as well.
21. TO 10. You are right! It seems to provocation!
Jannet ,   Israel   (04.28.07)
22. They Want US to Be Sheep Again
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (04.29.07)
If one notices, anytime a Jew accuses a Muslim of violence, as in this article, the victim is suspect. When Arabs-Muslims attack Jews, it's retaliation, and "self-defense". Just today, the head of Hamas justified violence against Jews as self-defense, and retaliation. The fence in Israel is part of a plot by Israel to grab land, even though it's meant to keep out suicide bombers. No bombings, no fence. No matter what we Jews do in our defense, we will be accused. Iran's making nukes, yet says 1000 Tomahawk Missile conspiracy is outrageous. Perhaps they would just prefer, we, like the Shoah Jews, walk like sheep?
23. Ten Million By 2050
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (04.29.07)
To Malcolm. I think we must be realistic and factual in this one. France is still France. It is in the middle of elections now as we know. I'm not familiar with Jewish voting patterns there, but would imagine they would vote for the right candidate, in their interests. That said: a few thousand have moved away, but most Jews are still there I think Jews should maintain a power base in France. I don't want to see every Jew move to Israel. Israel should increase by 1m in 20 years or less. That should be a goal, per Sharon's estimate. I'd like to see Israel's Jewish population about 10m by 2050. That would exceed Singapore, and equal Haiti. We must do more to help our brethren, facing Iranian nukes, Hezbollah, Hamas and Jimmy Carter.
24. #22 Dave
mw   (04.29.07)
It seems to me that you're drawing the wrong conclusions. I'm Jewish too but there was something in this accusation that didn't ring true. There have been cases like this before and it's better to be sure that this was a legitimate complaint. According to EJP, the woman, who is said to be married to a Jew, had in the past already made confused testimonies to police about purported sexual harassment. So, let's wait and see. And I'll take this chance to suggest that maybe the ultimate purpose of the fence is not to protect Jews but to begin to draw the new Israel-Palestine border. Both local Jews and Arabs are against it, but for different reasons, evidently.
25. #10
Takan ,   Eilat   (04.29.07)
Many European christians wear a star of David as well, as the path to Jesus' birthplace was shown to the 3 kibgs by the star of David according to the New Testament. The Attack is anti-semite as proven by the swastika, but the victim could be anybody, not just a Jew (there is no mention in the article that the victim is a JEW).
26. MW--Exactly What Kind of Jew Are You?
Brana Lobel ,   Israel   (04.29.07)
The report on A-7 states this woman's name and that her chest was slashed, contradicting what is reported on Ynet. The actual veracity of the report should be easily traceable by a smart and honest reporter or a savvy Internet amateur. MW--if you continue to bend over backward to find the one possible dishonest person re: antisemitic attacks you are going to find yourself in a very strange position. Nothing like attacking your own. If you recall the fake beheading video that came out of San Francisco a few years ago, it may have brought the news media up short but then only convinced them to gain more verification. France is a cesspool.
27. The Star of David carries many meanings
Mags ,   princeton usa   (03.18.08)
Many non-Jews honor the ancient symbolism of the Star of David because it represents two dimensions- the upper half of the six sided star represents our need to always be attentive to the spiritual side of life, and the lower half of the star is a reminder to pay attention to our material responsibilities. So many people who enjoy wearing a Star of David necklace for esoteric reasons unrelated to Judaism (this symbol dates back to very ancient times) might not be aware that wearing such a necklace might be an unsafe thing in certain parts of the world. A sad thing, that's for sure, as it is a beautiful symbol of unifying both the spiritual and the material in the walk we take here in this life. Here is a site for instance that promotes the Star of David necklace more as a metaphysical symbol for meditation and connecting with healing: What do you think of these necklaces being worn outside the tradition? Is it a good or a bad thing?
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