Healthier Coke only in Israel
Navit Zomer
Published: 27.04.07, 09:13
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1. "healthy" drink ??
Tobias   (04.27.07)
It seems this new drink still contains as much sugar as normal coke - which is pretty much (althought I don't know the exact amount). So why do you call it a "healthy drink"? Probably healthier than the original coke - but still not healthy.
2. healthy coke
bear ,   zefat   (04.27.07)
Congratulations! Now take the BIG STEP: get rid of the caffeine!
3. 100 % lie :)
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (04.27.07)
come to Istanbul, let me offer you a cold beer, than you decide :) ohh baby :) song song...I am listening now. Israel's Cococola is healthly ??? Liersssssss :)))) love
4. Well Yes there is at least less Harmful
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (04.27.07)
Coke is sweet because of the corn syrup not sugar. I live in Texas and have access to bottled cokes and drinks from Mexico. All of which have cane suger in them instead of Syrup while not healthy less likely to do as much harm
5. Israel's Coke is the BEST !!!
malcolm   (04.27.07)
They use sugar instead of the cheaper, worse tasting and more dangerous high fructose corn syrup.
6. but when will it be healthY?
dan ,   gua   (04.27.07)
i dont want a healthier drink i want a healthy one. light cigarrettes are healthier than regular. big deal.
7. Israeli oranges are HEALTHY. Coke = sugar + acid + caffeine
Zvi ,   USA   (04.27.07)
Soda like this still promotes obesity and tooth decay. PLEASE don't call this disgusting stuff "healthy." Anyone who wants a *healthy* drink can drink juice from all-natural, preservative-free Israeli oranges!
8. Pepsi is better.
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (04.27.07)
9. to #2
Tobias ,   Germany   (04.27.07)
You want cola "without preservatives or artificial food coloring", without caffeine and without sugar? No problem: Go to the next supermarket and buy some bottles of "Mei Eden" or "Ein Gedi" WATER ... not only healthier, but also cheaper ... the caffeine is the only reason for me to drink coke. If I don't want coke, I drink something else
10. Not quite (thanks, Zvi)
Paul ,   Austin, USA   (04.28.07)
It may be less UNhealthy, but it's by no means healthy. Stupid shills...
11. to #2 and #9
blake ,   usa   (04.28.07)
Ever heard of caffeine free coke??? Widely distributed around the world ...
12. #8 Pepsi even Tempo was better than Pepsi
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (04.28.07)
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.28.07)
STEPHANE ,   FRANCE   (04.28.07)
why don't you tell us about the 3 poor christians who were tortured and throats were cut by 2 fanatic muslims ? you have always something to say against israel; even when ynet write about "coca-cola" and not about a military operation...
15. coke
yeled ,   israel   (04.28.07)
organic, biodynamic and enviromental advertising coming to an internet news station in front your eyes now.....remember who smelt the stables first and whose tongues are still brown .....
16. when are we going to get caffene free reg coke???!!!
m ,   tlv   (04.29.07)
I am completely addicted to caffene and coke. Since I have been drinking it.. like many kids who grew up in america - and now some israeli kids i see here, drinking coke from a toddler age. We desperately need caffene free coke in Israel. They sell it all over the world and they even have it in diet, but why not in regular??? come on guys heres a platform where we can speak about it and maybe someone can make some noise
17. New Coca Cola--No Color or Preservatives
EJSinger ,   USA   (05.04.07)
Will Diet Coke continue to contain sugar substitute, Aspartame, a toxin?
18. CocaCola
Luanne Moore Ahlbran ,   Gr Pte Pk, MI US   (05.05.07)
Just a quick feedback comment to bear zefat...we have had caffein free coke in theh States for a number of years and I thoroughly enjoy it. I was brought up and trained on CocaCola fed to me through a straw while sitting in my Grand-father's lap before a year old!!! Ask me and I'll tell you about my other Grandmother's cousin.
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