No basis for PM resignation demands, justice minister says
Vered Luvitch
Published: 27.04.07, 12:08
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al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.27.07)
The average citizen tries hard to learn the truth about the so-called corruptions, poor judgement, and indecisiveness of the leadership. Yet, most of the information which would enlighten and broaden the understanding of the citizen is withheld for various reasons, political, economic, and others. Who has credibility? The justice minister, the attorney-general, commissions, government legal advisor, the media, the Knesset? The citizen is blinded by puposeful ignorance organized by those in charge. The citizen is purposely misled as his mind becomes twisted by the various voices in constant contradiction with each other. Who can be trusted? Who is truthful? Moreover, how is the concept "truth" defined today in modern times? Everyone needs to be pitied by its apathy toward a real situation which is not some television soap opera. Who will be BOLD enough to return the BEAUTIFUL country that this once was?
2. not obligate him to step down but 97% want him to !
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.27.07)
He will not be obligated to step down but 97% of the population want him to step down. In other democracies a popularity rating of less than 35% (like Bush) is highly threatening and Olmert has only a 3% rating. An honorable (but we are talking about Olmert) person would step down instead of being removed in ignominy. We must now lean on coalition members to remove him and I expect it to happen sooner rather than later.
3. Is loss of voter confidence not enough?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.27.07)
The Prime Minister is the head of a government which must set a new record, even for Israel, for the number of ministers and other senior personnel under investigation. Our politicians hide behind their political parties, Parliamentary Immunity and “protektzia” and are totally oblivious to public feeling and disdain. Surely, this lack of voter confidence, even among the most ardent supporters of Kadima, is enough to warrant Olmert's resignation? The problem is who will replace him? A general election is far too expensive and will change nothing. The only way changes can be made to make our politicians responsible to the electorate is to change the system to a constituency based one where an individual is elected by his constituents. We all know that this would result in a large number of our Knesset Members joining the ranks of the unemployed. Thus we are in Catch 22 situation as you cannot expect the lazy, egotistical and, in some cases corrupt, MK's to vote for a change which will deny them the right to be a total waste of time and to live of the fat of the land. As for his own Department one might ask the Minister of Justice to explain why the State Prosecutor has so much time to waste on the idiotic Ramon case while serious criminals and alleged murderers are not brought to trial and being released by the Supreme Court?
4. Is the Law more important than the Nation ?
Observer ,   Europe   (04.27.07)
In politically and intellectually correct Israel, obviously, Yes. You will be obliterated by your enemies in the smug satisfaction of your moral superiority. I think that's what you want. The rest of the world couldn't care less.
5. Olmert is corrupt through and through and
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (04.27.07)
the "Justice" Minister still finds that there is no basis for his resignation. What a corrupt court. Israel's "Justice" Ministers' only understanding is to indict and imprison young religious girls and religious people.
6. Approx. 5.5 Million Reasons.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (04.27.07)
They're called citizens.
8. I wonder
freejay ,   Israel   (04.27.07)
I wonder if Olmert originally appointed Mr Friedmann as justice minister? He seems very supportive of Olmert and is only looking at the situation in one way. By the way, dont be too impatient to hear the Winograd report as remember, Olmert appointed him too.
9. Friedmann wants to stay minister so he's lying
10. A cover
Brod ,   USA   (04.27.07)
Is this a cover up?
11. Olmert
David ,   Israel   (04.27.07)
In the end a people always get the leadership they deserve.
12. poodle
Michael ,   Haifa   (04.27.07)
Friedmann is the legal poodle of Israeli politicians, protecting those same corrupt and incompetent politicians against the Rule of Law
13. winograd and obligation
alex ,   aurora   (04.27.07)
Friedman doesn't appreciate that the Israeli public has no confidence in Olmert to lead them as he is simply full of cheap rhetoric covering a weak person afraid to dig in and fight. Of course he should resign. Friedman is covering Olmert's derriere.
14. the battle lines have now been drawn !
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.27.07)
It now appears that Lindenstraus, Mazuz and Chief Prosecutor Eran Shendar are on the side of bringing down our PM which would be just fine with around 97% of the population. The newly appointed Daniel Friedmann stupidly supports Olmert which even Haim Ramon cleverly backed away from recently. There is now almost no one in the Olmert camp and when Olmert falls, which he will, Daniel Friedmann will have ended his short ministerial career!
15. Is the destruction of the state not enough???
malcolm   (04.27.07)
16. if Olmert can't take responsibility for what happened
Vitaliy ,   Brooklyn, USA   (04.27.07)
he shouldn't be a Prime Minister.
17. Another Kadimah DESPERADO at work
malcolm   (04.27.07)
Friedman, You are joining a short list of traitors. Your state is crumbling in front of you. If you cared more for Israel than Olmert and his gang you would help the process move along swiftly. Sometimes, in a life and death situation like the one Olmert & Livni put Israel in, you have to do what you have to do. Instead you side with the TRAITORS. Let the people make up for their fatal error in electing these KAPPOS who do the work of the ayatollahs. The ONLY hope for Israel is new SWIFT elections. Instead you give hope to the TRAITORS who destroyed Israel as we knew it.
18. A possible explanation for Friedman's seeming perfidity.
sk ,   USA   (04.27.07)
Remember the Supreme Court uses Mazuz as its attack dog. Friedman has systematically attacked the way the SC is run and the powers it has acquired. He may think that this is yet another power grab by the SC, this time to force the resignation of a PM. If this is the rationale, then there *is* something to be said for it. Of course, a 3% popularity rating BEFORE the documents are released is reason enough for ilmert to be booted out.
19. to #2 Did you ever wonder who the other 3% are?
jason white ,   afula,israel   (04.27.07)
20. State Comptroller is just filling the vacuum
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (04.27.07)
In an environment where the Rule of Law is set aside for political expediency, the State Controller does what the others will not. The Police and Attorney General too often "decide" whether to investigate and prosecute when it suits a greater agenda. Friedmann would have the SC pass its suspicions to the AG for further investigation, but too often those investigations go nowhere. If prosecution of the Sharons was set aside so as not to undermine the Gaza disengagement, if Arab MKs won't be prosecuted for treasonous activity because the issue is "sensitive", it's obvious they're not fulfilling their responsibilities. So someone must do the job. In this case, it's the State Comptroller. We see the same problem on the judicial side, which many of us hoped Friedmann would deal with. Absent a Constitution defining a separation of powers, and with a Knesset not shirking its responsibilities, the High Court steps in where it doesn't belong. Nature abhors a vacuum. So does politics. If Israel's legal system was working as it should, Lindenstrauss and the State Comptroller would be less inclined to go beyond their mandate.
21. If olmert had any pride at all,,
Todd ,   UK   (04.27.07)
He would blow his head off....
22. You people are going to suffer..
Derik ,   Ott Can   (04.28.07)
It dosnt look like your in any hurry to get rid of these idiots.. you are going to reap what you sow..
23. Olmert isn't a right winger so he can't resign
Mordechai ,   Boca Raton USA   (04.28.07)
The Israeli supreme court has made it clear. Only right wingers cannot be in the Knesset when accused of crimes. Katsaz suspended from office till the end of term even though he has not been convicted right winger. Ramon convicted of sexual assault welcome back to the Knesset and soon his new position as a minister in the cabinet.
24. isn't the justice minister a political hack
Big Al ,   KodiaK Alaska   (04.28.07)
wasn't the justice minister appointed by King Olmert and owe him fealtey
25. The Israeli public couldn't care a damn!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (04.28.07)
And that is the truth. The proof of this is the way we vote. Voter apathy resulting in low polls and the formation of stupid little self-interest parties has caused the formation of a string of weak coalition governments. Voting in Israel is a “right” and not an obligation. Changing this based on the Australian model and that of 32 other countries could improve matters but it would undermine the “political machine” which survives because of voter indifference. If you ask the "average" Israeli he will tell you that the corruption, the scandals and all the other evils that people in government, the courts and police do are a disgrace (bushah), disgusting and pathetic but his next words are the crux of the matter: "Ihiyeh beseder!" (It will be ok). That is the standard answer to every thing that is wrong in this little land and until Mr. Israeli gets of his butt and decides to say "Dai" (Enough), the status quo will continue and nothing will change. I am sure that there are many Israelis who don't watch the TV News and don't read the papers. I know quite a number. Many prefer to live in ignorance and keep their blood pressure under control. They are tired of broken promises. They may have a point.
26. Mr. Minister Sir
Guy ,   Israel   (04.28.07)
"no basis for the PM to resign". What you should have said is no legal basis. There is a basis for his resignation. The People simply do not want him. The People are craving for a stable government, a non coalition government. This is the basis for his resignation. When he resigns I hope he takes all his cronies with him, out of politics forever.
27. Justice Minister should be obligated
wonder   (04.28.07)
to resign after his weird declarations ! How dare he attack the State Controller for doing his best to clear the political air ?
28.  Justice Minister ??? l o l ....
justice   (04.28.07)
His declarations seem to come OUT OF THE BLUE , at least - against the facts and in favor of the corrupt P.M. that nominated him.
29. You Sir made a mistake
you will forever be identified with a failed Government, with a bunch of total idiots, and they all said how clever you are !!!
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