Settlers return to Homesh after evacuation
Efrat Weiss
Published: 27.04.07, 21:53
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2. Yariv Oppenheimer's house sits
Steven ,   San Francisco   (04.27.07)
on Arab land. He must be removed from it immediately. Lol
3. and where r all the wild and violent talkbacks?
4. Steven; It's Jewish land!
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (04.27.07)
Learn Israeli history idiot! You should also learn American history and stop occupying American Indian land.
5. # 3 and 4
papa jay   (04.27.07)
you tell him # 4!! that guy from the fruity city doesn’t know what he's talking about hahahah.
6. #4, don't be a Bigot!
Dan ,   USA   (04.27.07)
By your same logic, i should tell you to get out of Caananite and Philistine land and go back to Baghdad, son of Abraham. See how welcome you are there!
7. THIS is whats wrong - go settlers !!!
andrew ,   miami,fl   (04.27.07)
8. #4 and #2: Funny
David ,   Los Angeles   (04.27.07)
#4 is so dumb he can't see that #2 is trying to make the same point he is. And the point is stupid and illogical anyway: If someone says that my house really belongs to him, then I should try to kick him out of his house? And if I don't then that's the same as giving up my house? That makes no sense at all.
9. evacuated ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (04.27.07)
What a strange choice of words the orewllian left use to describe their brutal agenda. They reward the Islamic terrorists whose sole goal is Israel's extermination and they punish Jews who want to bould up Zion. A better and more truthful word to describe what thbey do is 'ethnic cleansing ' of all Jews from their land as appeasment above par with Neville Chamberlain's FAILED agenda of rewarding evil instead of defeating it. ignorance has grown since the first holocaust and this is leading to the second holocaust under the phony peace Road Map final solution..
10. #2 reworded for #4
Observer ,   Europe   (04.27.07)
Yariv Oppenheimer's house sits on Jewish land. He must be removed from it immediately (as a traitor to his people). Lol
11. Stop the persecution
Brod ,   USA   (04.27.07)
Stop harassing and persecuting your people--partriotic Jews who love their Biblical and Historic Homeland. GOD gave that Land to the Jews forever. Read Genesis.
12. Why have settlements if gov't appropriates land?
As an outsider, I don't get the whole settlement business at all. Who owns the land? Is it the settlers? Does the gov't compensate them for their being forced to give it up? Does the Israeli gov't take it back by eminent domain? The legality of this issue has always puzzled me. I think the gov't should allow people to live where they want, regardless of whose side it's on. The Israeli gov't is really cuckoo, making false promises and then retracting them. No wonder these settlers are so confused and pissed off.
13. Am HaNetzach BaSof YeNatze'ach!!!
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (04.27.07)
The Israeli government can continue to ignore the will of the people for now but it cannot do so forever. The cowards that would not even allow a referendum of the Disengagement already know that the Jewish people are the eternal people of destiny and will win in the end. The Jewish people will return to every inch! Jericho/Gaza first is being replaced with Homesh first. You can bring all the arguments and all the Peace Now and all the king's horses and all the king's men, it will not change a thing.
14. this is burqa villige land
sami ,   palestine   (04.28.07)
part of this stoolen land belong to my dad (burqa villige ) what jewish land talking about fool?
15. #14; Your land is in Arabia.
Arabsrsettlers ,   America   (04.28.07)
Go back!
16. Peace Now TRAITORS Give YOUR Homes to Terrorists
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (04.28.07)
17. #14 "stolen land?" Surely you mean "conquered land!" Nitwit
18. Israel Govt. violates "Univ. Decl. Human Rts." Art. 13&30
Sam ,   USA   (04.29.07)
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