Sorry, Golda
Yaakov Hasdai
Published: 30.04.07, 08:32
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1. the old days when Politicians took responsibility 4 actions!
2. Labor keeps Olmert in power - they have no alternative PM
3. over 30 years later
Dave ,   Herzliya   (04.30.07)
Things look different, and we forget the negative. Israel today is a great place to live with a way more active and aggressive media than ever. If people stay calm and look at this with a level head, it's just not as bad as all the negativity around it seems
4. Dear Dr. Hasdai
Guy ,   Israel   (04.30.07)
Israel has a wealth of educated, capable, experienced, decent, moral and ethical people just like your goodself. The reason we have no proper leadership is because these people, like yourself, stay very clear of politics. The reason why you stay clear of politics is because it is a dirty game run by dirty people. Only when people like yourself enter the game, clean it up, completely sanitize it and change the unholy system which encourages all the corruption and immorality, will we be able to have a decent proper Government, of The People, by The People and for The People. At the moment we have a circus dominated by clowns and this will continue to be our fate until the system is changed and the caliber of the participants is changed. The day after the next elections it will be possible to say with conviction, "nothing new under the sun", unless people like you take the reins. Critisizing is not the solution. Words are cheap, Actions are the only solution.
5. Apology
Guy ,   Israel   (04.30.07)
I never liked Golda, I lived and fought all during her long political carrer from the fifties and before. I never liked her because she was the archtypical political manipulator and in fact she herself was manipulated into the office of PM. I never liked her but I certainly respected her for her decision to resign. It was the noble and correct action to take. Olmert is neither noble nor correct, with him it will not happen.
6. amen #4
oritush   (04.30.07)
i too want to believe and even reasure myself that there r honest, straight shooters with noble convictions out there! question is: if and when they will have the balls to come out of shadows and try to take over the reigns--r we the ppl smart enough to recognize them? or r we too-so tired and blinded and overfed that all we care for is "a bit of quet...at least for the next few months"? Do we-the ppl-have the balls to boycot, to stop participating, to strike and to call to arms? i agree with #4-but i do wonder about our own convictions...
7. The God (G-d) bless HER SOUL
King of Israel   (04.30.07)
I like what She done for her people. look like, there is no BRAVE MOTHER in Holy Land, anymore. They must be too busy in kitchens. Mothers..Mothers :) You dont even know what power you have against to all bad people. RULE YOUR SONS & HUSBUNDS INTO BEEN A MAN LIKE MAN. WHEN MOTHERS TAKE THEIR HANDS FROM THE RESPONSIBILITY OF THIS CRAZY WORLD, WHO WILL HELP ? Selfish weak mothers. Look at Mrs. Golda Mair. She also was a mother. wake up. DO NOT GIVE YOUR BABIES TO WOLVES. love Atilla Karagözoğlu A son of a Mother
8. #4 Guy - Excellent Post
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (04.30.07)
You summarized the current situation here in Israel up very clear and eloquent. How do you raise a new leadership when people are too ashamed to go into politics...?
9. # 8 Esther
Guy ,   Israel   (04.30.07)
Thank you. It would give me great pleasure if Dr. Hasdai and others like him were to admit and compound what I have said. It would also give the People some hope. I have watched the decent "upstarts" , the parvenus come and go, churned up and out by the system. Yigael Yadin and Amnon Rubinstein just to mention two.
10. Not true
Itzik ,   Haifa   (04.30.07)
Golda left for one and only one reason: she was very, very ill. She absolutely had no choice. Dayan wanted to stay and said again and again that he was cleared. Please do not rewrite the history.
11. sapir? giant?
yored ,   texas   (04.30.07)
of what? communism? corruption?
12. Golda's resignation
Helen` ,   Maalot   (04.30.07)
Bring back Benny Begin.
13. Israeli mythology regarding Alon, Dayan, & especially Rabin.
sk ,   USA   (04.30.07)
Please consult Uri Milstein's work, particularly regarding Rabin, but also the Palmach. A historian should know better.
14. Politicians become corrupt when they believe in nothing
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (04.30.07)
The reason that Israel's early leaders were not corrupt (relatively speaking because all power corrupts a little) was that they believed in something. They believed in zionism and a strong israel. They were proud of their country and glad to serve it and had grand dreams about its future. Even Rabin in his second term, as horrible a PM as he was, was not corrupt, because he was chasing his misguided dream of peace with all his heart. He had no time or desire for corruption because he had a dream of destroying the settlements and melting araft's heart with his love for the Palestinians. Again a foolish dream, but a dream none the less. Peretz, for the same reason, is very unlikely to be corrupt; he is too busy persecuting the settlers to have time for corruption. But olmer and Livni have no dream, no vision. They believe that the struggle for survival is ended and that Israel neither need nor deserves a better position in the world than the international doormat. They don't care about rocket attacks or gathering Islamist armies on their border, or this whole "running a state" thing. All they care about is their own advancement. That's why they're corrupt.
15. Olmert
ira jaffe ,   usa   (04.30.07)
Never make a lawyer a Prime Minister. Lawyers always wait for the jury to render a verdict.. If they dont like verdict...they appeal it. its never ending.
16. Lebanon war ≠ Yom Kippur; the former is bigger "victory"
observer   (04.30.07)
17. Yaakov Hasdai: Golda's noble behavior
Beersheba, Israel   (04.30.07)
I don't agree that Golda had 'noble motives' when she resigned after the Yom Kippur War. She had no intention of resigning and continued after the war with 'business as usual' until she was forced out of office. Because the Agranant Report only examined the first few days of the war, its conclusions didn't reflect the true progress nor the outcome of the war. Chief of Staff David Elazar was made the scapegoat of boh Gold Meir and Moshe Dayan when he actually was the hero who ensured the army's motivation and function high. Both Golda and Moshe Dayan only resigned when forced to. There was nothing noble about their behavior at all.
18. BRAVO!!
Arik ,   NY, NY   (04.30.07)
Long gone are the days of Golda Meir, Begin, Rabin and even Peres. What made Israel special in those days, was that it's leaders although carefully aware of world opinion and U.S. pressure, did what was necessary to do for Israel and it's people. They had a greater love for Israel than for themselves.
19. Bottom line is they resigned.
Navi ,   Montreal, Canada   (04.30.07)
I wasn't alive during the Yom Kippur war, so I can't say for sure if they resigned out of nobility or because they were forced to. But when it came down to it, they resigned! No one in Israel or the diaspora believes in the current government. Does someone really need to physically drag Olmert from office for him to get the picture?
20. Create A CONSTITUTION for ISRAEL !!!
RCA ,   USA   (05.01.07)
It is long overdue. Israel would not be in it's present predicament with A CONSTITUTION modeled on one of the Best, such as The United States Constitution. Creating one will be no easy task, but one customized for Israel, will eliminate many, many problems.
21. School of Government
D ,   Belgium   (05.01.07)
Israel needs to build a school of government to create a new generation of leaders. There is no leader in the government really for the people, only for themselves and their chairs. It wouldn't hurt to also have severe laws that puts corupt politicians in jail like the ENRON guys!
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