Countdown has begun
Orly Azoulay
Published: 29.04.07, 16:18
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Ilana ,   Israel   (04.29.07)
2. US expect ....
liliane   (04.29.07)
And our irresponsible P.M. might volunteer for the job ! Why ? Because he is ruthless ! He might [God forbid] try to find a way of survival by lauching his stupid idea of ten missiles in ten days [God forbid again] .... Have you seen the last episode of "Eretz Nehederet" ? ...... It gives the horrible scenario in such a case .....
3. How ironic
Abdullah ,   EuMe   (04.29.07)
it would be if prime minister olmert is the prime minister who "saves" the state of israil from the "great islamic threat" (Iran). Perhaps after (if) Iran has been "sacrificed", the israili prime minister will finally have the mandate to make peace with the palistinians.
Michael ,   France   (04.29.07)
5. beloved iran
kutaiba ,   syria-iran   (04.29.07)
under troubled leaders like olmert and bush by their own people...both usa and israel can't launch any war against our beloved iran and ahamadnajad.
6. peace
ALI ,   LOBNAN   (04.29.07)
Iran wants a peaceful nuclear capacity ..and they are inviting the west (last week ) to build them . as far as the US and Israel threats..i call it a bluff.. i think MR BUSH will be impeached soon when the hearing about the IRAQ war starting very soon . Israel 's performance against part time libaneese fighters (700 of them )was dismal ,the fox are just not getting used to the idea that they are not a super power ..never been . we can kick their *** anytime .
7. don't bomb iran
J Brown ,   melbourne australia   (04.29.07)
sorry, although i am a zionist to the bone, israel should not under any circumstances strike iran first. although its true to say that israel cannot afford even one nuclear bomb going off, as extreme as iran is, it knows the reaction would be enormous and the country would be blown off the face of the planet. Enough talk about the hidden imam, the iranian regime does not believe the mass media hysteria and there are still too many moderates in iran to allow ahmedinejad to commit national suicide. in fact you can be sure that israel will not be wiped off the face of the planet should it be nuked. it would just strengthen the jews claim to the land of israel...perhaps for thousands of years, it will not be disturbed by pesky neighbours. in fact, you could say that just like the holocaust cemented the land of israel for the jews temporarily, a second holocaust would cement the land of israel for the jews for eternity
8. wait, wait, wait, NOW!
dan ,   gua   (04.29.07)
israel has to let them spend all their petrodollars first, them bomb them back to the stone age. in fact, why let the russians make all the profit? israel should be selling iran nuclear reactors half priced. what are you waiting for?
9. to 5 and 6
debi   (04.29.07)
israel dont it before. be afraid be very afraid. cos israel wont take this crap from no one specaly from iran
10. J Browne --
Shoshana   (04.29.07)
Are you saying we should let them develop the bomb, so they can bomb us? If this is your defense strategy, I recommend you review your morals.
11. to j. browne
moses ,   jew-estine   (04.29.07)
yes and jesus will come back on a white donkey....what are u smoking? sacrifice a million jews??
12. Iran is not the ennemy of Israel
avi   (04.29.07)
...won't even try to say why neither who is. Just hope we won't fire. Time to beg and pray HKBH.
13. ali #6 before you kik our arse again
mandi ,   israel   (04.29.07)
make sure you say thank you to the un who saved your arse the last time. what a shame to be saved by the un.
14. no shoshana
j Brown ,   melbourne   (04.29.07)
im saying that right wing jews should calm down, iran doesn't intend on invading israel...nor even bombing it. Yes we hear things about ahmedinejad making threats.... but you have to ask why he makes these threats and is he able to back them up? ....you will find the answer does not mean the destruction of israel...he is just galvanising islamic support for his crazy immoral regime. Shoshana, i'm saying that g-d forbid iran should nuke israel....it won't mean the end of israel (in fact it will just make it stronger)....but it will certainly mean the end of iran..before you could even snap your fingers. Iran's leadership is crazy like a fox...not crazy like lunatic. Don't forget the iranian's love their children too.
15. bye bye iran. 3 nukes will do the job better.
mandi ,   israel   (04.29.07)
Michael ,   France   (04.29.07)
17. Is it a gift or subcontracting?
Steve ,   USA   (04.29.07)
B"H Somehow those who criticize US military foreign aide to Israel see it as a gift. But this article reports that the armed force is in essence subcontracted. If the armed force is subcontracted, it makes sence to fully outfit those it is subcontracted to. If the United States really thinks this war is more capably fought by Israel, why is it not more sponsoring residence inside Israel for Americans to support the effort?
18. to J. Browne
Mikle White ,   Canada   (04.29.07)
I been reading your comments and I say to you that you are a naive fool. Israel should not live under existential threat if it has the power to prevent it. So, I have no doubt that this threat must and will be removed.
19. mandi
Ali ,   Lobnan   (04.29.07)
i usually don't do this back and forth ..but this is a must .. the UN had saved you ..we were willing to duck down ,and make it a long klasting ,another painfull war for you ..but unfortunatly you got saved by the bell ..may be next time . MR Olmert with his 3% approval rating ,i don't think he can tell his wife what to do ..let alone the generals in his army or the US officials .
20. J. Brow... They LOVE their children too ????
malcolm   (04.29.07)
You really need to bone up on what's going on in Iran. Read Kurtzweils artice and start you re-education here
21. countdown to political gains
gary   (04.29.07)
all for the politicians. how convenient.
22. how about a good old fashion Ultimatum
Takan ,   Eilat   (04.29.07)
They think we are bluffing. We think they are not. Best way to settle both is to give Iran an Ultimatum to come clean and drop terrorism, or we come and see for ourselves if they are bluffing or not. With all these talks of wiping us out, we simply and humanly cannot allow Iran to bluff on mass killing weapons. They already lied about their arsenal for 20 years to the world, but they never lied about their intentions. GIVE AN ULTIMATUM TO IRAN TODAY !
23. J Brown (might be the answer to what he smokes)
Takan ,   Eilat   (04.29.07)
If you have a neighbour that points a gun at you and curses at your every move, you would call the Police. If all your neighbours are pointing their guns and cursing at you, and the Police is too busy with traffic tickets, you arm yourself and you prepare for a fight. It's peacefull in Australia. We live in a different reality that you have forgotten. Wish us luck and watch the show on CNN.
24. J brown
David ,   Tel-Aviv   (04.29.07)
Maybe yoour scenerio is correct. Maybe the Iranians do love their children too. Maybe they won't nuke Israel. Maybe, Maybe, maybe........ Dear Mr. Brown maybe if you were living in Israel and not Australia you would have the right to gamble with your life on maybes. But those of us real zionist(down to the bone) who actually live in Israel don't want to risk our lives and our country on maybes!!
25. J. Brown Looking for "cement" in the wrong places
malcolm   (04.29.07)
You refer to cement twice. Obviously you believe in the Spiebergian School of Zionism..."Look world...see what you did to us?? You owe us! But when YOU decide we are behaving badly our "right to exist" ceases" So J. Brown suggests Israel take another Holocaust Hit to "cement" it's right to exist. But J. Brown just doesn't understand Jew Hate. It is a part of the fabric of life on the planet. Only when Jews are wallowing in agony will they get sympathy. But when they defend themselves they are "loathed" (to use a favorite British word when referring to Israel). Israel "exists" because after being torn from our land, JUDEA, by the Romans 2000 years ago ...we have returned to what is ours. So pissed off by our revolts, the Romans leveled our Temple, enslaved our survivors and changed the name JUDEA to "Palestine". Our amazing return and the stunning victories that followed were nothing short of miracles. Do the math. In 1967 it was 100 million berserk Arabs against the "shitty" little state of Israel. In fact this is what pisses the Arabs off more than anything else. How could their god let this happen??? The only answer they can come up with is Jews are tools of Satan. OUR CEMENT J. Brown…we don’t need your kind of inferior low grade cement. No, we have something far stronger. For many of us it is the words written in the Torah 3500 years ago. All you have to do is read and you will realize that no low life imam, sheik, ayatollah or mullah ranting and raving in front of a bunch of sexually repressed men in a mosque on a Friday morning issuing fatwas by the dozen….can alter the ETERNAL cement that we have with our God and OUR LAND!!!
26. Countdown has Begun
Gideon ,   Beirut, Lebanon   (04.29.07)
Funniest thing is the conclusion: The US is expecting Israel to do the Job. Hey guys wake up from your megalomaniac hallucinations. Last su,mmer Israel couldn't do nothing against Iran's croonies next door. Do you expect Israel to stand a chance against Iran???????
27. #5 Kidding?
Snelson ,   dallas USA   (04.29.07)
You have got to be kidding I don't know what propaganda you are fed , but the majority of Americans do see a nuclear Iran as a threat. Please don't delude yourself into believing we aren't capable of standing with our President if he decides to send a few you way on your nuke sites. We won't let you have them because of your nut job President and his idiotic threats to wipe the US and Israel off the map,. If I lived in your country I would be afraid....very afraid.
28. Bush doesn't need to declare war in order to bomb Iran
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.29.07)
In fact Bush doesn't need anything from anyone. If he decides to bomb Iran then the bombs will fall. No US President has declared a 'war' since WW2. Let's have less waffle and more info into these articles - please
29. #14 Ahmedinejad seeks Armageddon !
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.29.07)
this is not like the Russians in Cuba. Here you have a leader who has said he welcomes Armageddon and 'I don't mind losing 1/3 of the Iranian population'. Of course the 1/3 might not feel very good about this but they are not yet running the show. Let's hope that they will be soon.
30. #28
jan   (04.29.07)
You are absolutely right. The president doesn't have to declare war to do this. He might get crucified from the left if he did, but he doesn't have to.
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