Countdown has begun
Orly Azoulay
Published: 29.04.07, 16:18
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61. Countdown has begun
Lincoln ,   Perth, Australia   (05.01.07)
The only reason Israel did not finish the croonies next door is because they were not allowed, give them the green light and it's all over.
62. Those who live in glass houses dont throw stones!
Joshua ,   USA   (05.01.07)
Take it easy cowboys! Israelis live in a glass house...remember Lebanon? And that was only Iran's Jr. varsity team playing against IDF. So go ahead make their day :)
63. #62 (Joshua)
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (05.01.07)
well said.
george ,   usa   (05.02.07)
or more. george bush's oil buddies would love that - more moola in their pockets. SO GO AHEAD BOMB IRAN. let's start singing 'bomb bomb I bomb iran' and as for DUBYA, he is going to say 'my time is up, it has been fun screwing this country for the past 8 years.'
65. only a portion of the american public
doug ,   chicago   (05.02.07)
It is only a subset of the American public that sees Iran as a strategic threat to the United States. The majority of Americans really do not feel any strategic threat to the U.S. homeland from Iran, as there is none(at present). They percieve the threat as an economic one, and of the influence Iran has in the middle east, and of course, protecting our partner Israel. It is unfortunate to say, but the mass majority of americans have no hunger to confront Iran after the Iraq quagmire.
66. Laughable
Rod Miller-Boyer ,   Moreno Valley, USA   (05.02.07)
The American public, in overwhelming numbers, clearly views the Bush administration (not Iran) as a grave threat to our Constitutional order. As for your "new intelligence", just 3 words sum up its credibility here in America: Niger yellow cake.
67. Mandi #13
Tony ,   US   (05.02.07)
"what a shame to be saved by the un." The fact that over 100 UN resolutions against Israel's atrocities have been vetoed by the US makes no never mind to you. The day will come when Israel will lose it's strangle hold on the US and on that day, I bet the World will rejoice as the Zionist will fall.
68. WHAT intelligence ?
Gern ,   san marcos us   (05.02.07)
WHAT intelligence is this writer talking about? We have no embassy in Teheran, and what information the US gets is generally from exile groups, or people with very specific agendas. This smells like Niger "yellow cake uranium" all over again. And by the way, if such a strike were to be carried out, what will Russia and China do? Sit idly by, and do nothing? I don't think so.
69. To #22: Ultimatum for Iran?????
Drnassh ,   USA   (05.03.07)
You are referring to Israel when you said that they LIED about their weapons for 20 Years, Right????
70. Lebanon
Joseph ,   Auckland/ New Zealan   (05.03.07)
The only reason the UN had to intervene last year was the fact that Lebanon was winning. If it had of carried on Israel would be part of Lebanon now.
71. Propaganda Indeed, Fellas...
D. Smith ,   Dallas, USA   (05.03.07)
Indeed, this IS Niger Yellocake all over again — and worse. Until the author provides links to polls which back up the ridiculous assertion that a majority in the U.S. see Iran as a threat, his/her credibility is absolutely down the tubes. Israel's interests and the US' interests couldn't be further apart, although articles such as the current one would dilligently, Goebellianly have the world believe otherwise. This story is just another planted piece of propaganda. God save us all, if Netanyahu becomes PM after Olmert. BTW: Kudos to Gern, Rod, Doug, et al. Don't let the warmongering propagandists spread their dangerous lies unchecked.
72. RE: Tony #67
D. Smith ,   Dallas, USA   (05.03.07)
================ "The day will come when Israel will lose it's strangle hold on the US and on that day, I bet the World will rejoice as the Zionist will fall." ================ Kudos, bro. I couldn't have said it better. The traitorous, war-profiteering finks in Congress, The White House and The Pentagon will hang from the lamp posts before my generation rests.
73. you are right MR AZOULAY
sweden ,   lebanon/beirut   (05.03.07)
MR ORLY AZOULAY i want to thank you for what did you write but as our leader sayed NASSRULLAH said that we should sometimes respect the other even if he is a murder but i should thank you for using the word countdown which is describe israel country and not iran so MR ORALY you have to start thinking with ur people how to save israel and not how to bomb iran becz it is so simple iran and hizbullah they have 2 good boxers (SAYED NASSRULLAH and PRESIDENT AHMEDINAJJAD) they know how to play the game and they know how to win with knockout.
74. # 35, listen up
John Shepherd ,   Yokohama, Japan   (05.03.07)
You are making that statement foolishly and with absolutely zero perspective. Here is Israelology 101, the fundamentals. The first book of the bible, Genesis say in verse 12:3, God tells Abraham concerning his descendants, I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse those who curse you. Thats the basics, the 123 of anyones relationship with Israel. I urge you to reconsider your opinion. The next event on the horizon is Israel will be attacked from the north. Led by a group of nations including Iran and Russia, they are coming to destroy her. God will fight for Israel, and her enemies will fail. This is from Ezekiel chapter 38, the prophecy of Gog and Magog. You should check it out. How do I know that this is a valid prophecy? Read Ezekiel 37, the chapter before it. Its a prophecy of Israel becoming a nation again!! Ezekiel was written over 2500 years ago!! May 14th 1948, unparalleled in history, Israel rises from the dead, just as Jesus said would happen, just as the Old Testament time and again state. Make no mistake, Israel is God time piece, and its later now than its ever been.......
75. What intelligence?
Chase K ,   USA   (05.03.07)
Did you pull this information out of thin air? You have no proof, yet you call yourself a journalist.
76. re: US: We will independently impose sanctions on Iran
Dr. Richard Welser ,   Raliegh, NC   (05.03.07)
"The new intelligence" .... What 'new' intelligence. Anybody who believes either of these governments is seriously deluded.
77. Re: #72. RE: Tony #67
Dr. Richard Welser ,   Raliegh, NC   (05.03.07)
72. RE: Tony #67 ================ "The day will come when Israel will lose it's strangle hold on the US and on that day, I bet the World will rejoice as the Zionist will fall." ================ Kudos, bro. I couldn't have said it better. The traitorous, war-profiteering finks in Congress, The White House and The Pentagon will hang from the lamp posts before my generation rests. ----- Make sure you include elitists like D. Rockefeller and propagandists like R. Murdock.
78. What pipe are you smoking?
Ben ,   Dallas, USA   (05.04.07)
Let me give you some U.S. perspective. We hate our president. He is a treasonous, incompetent moron and a controlled puppet. Our country is so f*cking angry with the Bush regime and the international corporations that have purchased every fiber of our once-great country that we could all scream. The people of the U.S. will not stand for a war on Iran. Nobody wants it. But, our president continues to do and say as he pleases with no regard for public opinion or the rule of law. His approval ratings are below 25%. This leads one to conclude that he will be forced to incite a false-flag terror attack on his own country in order to generate the required support to fulfill his dream of crushing Ahmedinejad. This false-flag attack will probably be similar to 9/11, the only catch that it will likely be nuclear in nature. To this end, Bush and his cronies will manipulate (or create) intelligence as they see fit. To most of the world, it is clear that Ahmedinejad not only lacks the capability to muster nuclear arms, but I have yet to see any convincing evidence that he wants nuclear arms. This war is about sending Iraq and Iran back into the third world as quickly as possible and for as long as possible, so the U.S. can continue its conquest for empire unabated. But make no mistake... we will not support Bush's war, whether or Iraq, Iran, or anywhere else that did nothing to the U.S. (9/11 was an inside job, be not confused). The people of this country are crying for impeachment, but the Zionist puppet, Nancy Pelosi, continues to work in the interest of Isreal, so she has "taken impeachment off the table". Something will have to give sooner or later. My guess is that we will have some kind of a fake nuclear attack within the U.S. before August... to justify war with Iran. Hopefully the morons in my country wake-up and see the truth about the origin of the nuke.
79. IRAN
Ken Gourley ,   Surrey B.C. Canada   (05.09.07)
Given the USA'S history and record in the middle east, it is small wonder that it has taken so long for payback. If you torture and murder countries as the US. has done these last 60 years, you must expect some pay back. It is about time the general population in the US was made aware of the dirty criminal side of US foreign policy.
80. The Moslems already have nuclear weapons and have for many..
Rebecca Kmet ,   California, USA   (06.05.07)
years. Russian defector Colonel Stanislav Lunev said years ago in his book and lecture series for the Prophecy club of Topeka, Kansas, that many suitcase nukes were sold after the breakup of the old Soviet Union. The Moslems ALREADY HAVE NUCLEAR WEAPONS. That they have not used them is evidence they fear the consequences. Attacking and subduing Iran before it gets BIGGER nuclear weapons will result in the breaking of the notable horn of Daniel's prophecies. Alexander the Great was NOT the notable horn because he did not have airplanes and Greece was not the westernmost nation. That is happening now and the USA has to be the notable horn that will break after the ram with two horns (Media-Persia) which is Iraq and Iran is subdued. The hegoat is the UN or NATO.
81. Only hit nuclear weapon sites because...
Rebecca Kmet ,   California   (06.08.07)
the Moslems already have nuclear weapons and have for many, many years according to Russian defector Colonel Stanislav Lunev's book and lectures. The Russians sold suitcase nukes to the Moslems. Precision strikes on Iraq's nuclear weapon facilities in 1982 by Israel was successful.The problem with the USA attacking and subduing Iran is the Prophecies of Daniel in the Bible.The notable horn which could not have been Alexander the Great because Greece was not the westernmost nation, must be the USA. When the ram with two horns (Media-Persia or Iraq-Iran) are BOTH subdued, the notable horn breaks into four countries.To avoid that terrible consequence, only precision pinpoint bombing should be done in Iran. The Moslems who have nuclear weapons have not used them because the fear the consequences. Just do not let them get the big bombs. Stop the production of big bomb nuclear weapons in Iran like in Iraq long ago to protect the USA from collapsing. The breaking of the notable horn may be economic or civil war or foreign invasion or something else equally as catastrophic. Protect America so she can continue to help others.
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