Qassam lands near strategic facility in Ashkelon
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 29.04.07, 21:39
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1. For once take the PR initiative..
Tim - Brighton ,   UK   (04.29.07)
1. Debate the issue at the UN Security Council 2. Issue all the the worlds media press releases of details of the number of Kassams launched in the last 30 days. 3. Issue an ultimatum and deadline to Hamas and copy the worlds media. 4. Israel is open to any third party to attempt to get Hamas to stop. 5. If Kassams attacks continue Israel to finally launch a ferocious counter air and missile strike in retaliation
2. What happens when a Kassam actually blows up Ashk strategic
target ,   Alan Sa   (04.29.07)
3. You are damn right no 1
Y ,   N   (04.30.07)
When will Israel start their Pr campaign. The only way to win the war against your enemies is to win the world oppinion. And that takes time and comittment. So come on Israel. Show the world the true face of the palis .
4. #1 and #3 - So right!
World opinion DOES count and it would serve us arrogant Israeli's well to realize this. This has always been our weak spot. After all: we have right on our side - the right to exist and the right to a peaceful and safe life for ourselves and our children . . . . We need ambassadors who can speak understandable English, who are knowledgable and eloquent and who can represent our country with confidence and passion. And, of course, we need to find the strong leadership we so desperately need here, at home.
5. Only way
Daniel ,   Israel   (04.30.07)
Only way is to control northern Gaza to stop approach of militants to the fire range.
6. Arrogant and a liar
Lila ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (04.30.07)
The FIRST rocket fired after the cease-fire should have been the cause of Israeli retaliation - that's what a LEADER who cares about the citizens of his country should do. Olmert lies when he says we can't ignore the rockets - he's ignored more than 200 already! And the fact that he's arrogant should be obvious to everyone.
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