'Peace closer than ever'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 29.04.07, 23:03
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1. Abe,if IL lets in 5 Million Pals every Arab Country will mak
peace&sing Hatikvah ,   Alan Sa   (04.29.07)
2. more delusional babblings from the Oslo-gang
3. lock the traiter up
elchonon ,   jerusalem   (04.29.07)
Natan is a traiter, he should be jailed!
4. Peace closer than ever?
Guy ,   Israel   (04.29.07)
Is it me, or is someone here absolutely retarded? C'mon, which reality are you living in?
5. Directly responsible for Egypt attack in 1973
John ,   Frisco, USA   (04.29.07)
Egyptions told me that A. Natan has directly influenced Egypt and Syria to attack Israel in 1973. He more or less suggested to them that Israel was weak and they just had to make a move to peace. They made a move in October 1973, on Yom Kippur.
6. Natan has gone from Fantasy Island to senility
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.30.07)
7. export beilin to jenin!
beilin = traitor ,   usa   (04.30.07)
8. How does Beilin know there won't be a war?
Matt ,   UK   (04.30.07)
If Yossi and his Euro-funded surrender fetishists say peace is close and there won't be a war, you know to lock and load.
9. "All of the Arab countries are willing to make peace"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (04.30.07)
Either Yossi Beilin is a freaking retard, or he is being paid by the EU to puke this crap. I say both.
10. Only Natan and Meretz believe this חרא
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.30.07),7340,L-3393559,00.html
11. Beilin is a fool.
David Stoler   (04.30.07)
Beilin says, "All of the Arab countries are willing to make peace with us," Beilin said. "Peace is within touching distance." Yes, they are willing to make peace with u, when their are 2 Palestinian states. Beilin, Peres and Nathan believe giving away Israel will lead to peace.
12. How much blood is on his hands
Mordechai ,   Boca Raton Fl   (04.30.07)
I love how the left defended his ship but shut down Arutz Sheva for doing the same thing. Peace is only closer is one believes Israels destruction will bring peace.
13. All right, at 80 he has every right to be deluded
AK   (04.30.07)
Peres is another geriatric prize. Peres told Natan. 'You showed us what one man can do alone. ..' Right, and over a thousand were murdered, tens of thousand maimed and internationally recognized and supported 'palestinian' terrorist 'government' that rains missiles on israel every single day. Proud achievement, indeed. Beilin is not over 80, what his excuse for being delusional?
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