Mashaal: If Israel doesn't yield we will kidnap again
Ali Waked
Published: 30.04.07, 02:35
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1. Mashaal of course the world is not interested
in having your terrorists hovering all over the place
MASHAAL YOU THE BEST ,   GAME PLAYER.......D9   (04.30.07)
3. Hamas admits they have Schalit
Reality Check ,   BaGolan   (04.30.07)
And olmert fiddles away
4. Yield to Demands? What demand, Die?
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill NJ USA   (04.30.07)
Mashaal, Abu Marzook. Criminals indicted in the United States. Mashaal looks like a homeless guy or a Warewolf. Hairy evil bastard.
5. Start going after their leaders again
RA   (04.30.07)
It seems to be one of the most effective ways of dealing with terrorists.
6. Yield???
jack bauer ,   superpower   (04.30.07)
To what should the Israelis yield? If they do yield at all it will encourage the kidnapping of more in the future! Instead, they should kidnap the hamas leaders and not release them until and unless shalit is returned! If hamas choose to kill shalit, they in turn should be tried and then executed themselves!
7. Israel is trapped
Shoshana   (04.30.07)
Hamas pushing is leaving Israel with no way to go through an exchange like this. Something will have to change now. My insights at:
8. as someone said the best defence is offence
lakshmi   (04.30.07)
These guys know what they are doing.With Israel being the world's greatest Terrorist, it's no wonder the Gazans will have to plan a strategy. Best route for Israel is now to release all the prisoners on the Hamas list,come to the table, and negotiate,forget its plans to hold on to Palestinians' land and stop its evil ways.
9. Spoken like a criminal !
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (04.30.07)
"Mashaal: If Israel doesn't yield we will kidnap again" So out of touch with today's reality ! Doesn't see that these are the words of a criminal and not a politician !
10. Which "Wing" of Hamas spoke?
deadman ,   USA   (04.30.07)
Was it the partner-for-peace political wing or the tiny fringe minority militant offshoot? Or will the international media just take the standard PA line that the threat was taken out of context? Remember, nothing - even acts of war - must be allowed to stand in the way of peace _process_
11. This comes out of the mouth of the person who is really
Reuven Feldstein ,   Israel   (04.30.07)
behind the Hamas government "we shall abduct more soldiers", and he and his government want Israel to allow funds to move in the direction of his government, and want the international community to end its boycott of the Palestinian Authority, the one hoping to abduct more people from sovereign Israeli soil.
12. Let the World SEE
ben ,   singapore   (04.30.07)
I think we can put this Marshaal's face and his criminal action on every train, buses for advertisement. Btw the boys and girls who join the IDF must be trained to accept the risk of being kidnapped when they serve in the IDF. In future these Hamas should not manipulate with kidnappings .NO MORE ! And the Arabs are saying peace between Israel and Pal is near ??? Gabi will you please take over the parliament and you now send in the military to give these hamas a lesson.It has been a long time since they got some real IDF treatment ! By now these Marshaal , Nasrallah should be burried already !
13. Politically "incorrect"
Nemesis   (04.30.07)
Target the leaders..meshal,zahar,haniyeh,abbas...all of the them..the world will scream,but they scream now..who cares..the only way to stop this bs.
14. Hamas are highly reliable communicators; they mean what they
Uzi ,   Haifa   (04.30.07)
say and say what they mean. What they actually do is a different story.
15. By the threatening rhetoric Hamas demonstrate distress
Uzi ,   Haifa   (04.30.07)
about their prisoners in Israeli jails.
16. The weak spot of the Arabs is their prisoners in Israel.
Uzi ,   Haifa   (04.30.07)
The way to free Shalit and discourage similar abductions is to step up the accumulation of as many Palestinean prisoners as possible.
17. Shalit fellow
Aflatoon ,   Any   (04.30.07)
Shalit in the first place should be treated as a female prisoner.
18. So open and frank
Daniel ,   Israel   (04.30.07)
"Mashaal: If Israel doesn't yield we will kidnap again" What a public figure? (And there are so many there!) Open and very frank, What I like about Palestinian leaders is; they say what they feel and whatever they think. And I like world leaders; who listen to them and do nothing! As far as our leadership is concerned, Olmert is busy saving his chair; so is Amir Peres, others are not concerned; it is not their jurisdiction. So; it seems Gilad will be staying in Palestinian “Hotel” for a long time.
19. Mashal
Michael Anbar ,   USA   (04.30.07)
Appeasement calls for more and more aggression. Audacity must be met with resolve. Mashal is trying out the limits of Israel's weakness. The answer should now be very simple: If you TRY again, there will be no Gaza city left worth speaking of. If this threat results in a mass exodus from Gaza to Egypt, so be it. It is more likely to result in toppling of the Arab arch-terrists so as to appease a furious Israel. Fool me once shame on you; fool me twice shame on me. No Arab terrorist should be released by Israel untill complete and PERMANENT end of hostilities just as has been custimary in any previous war.
20. Time to send Mashaal to his 72 virgins!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (04.30.07)
21. releasing terrorists will gilad back but other will be taken
zionist forever   (04.30.07)
This is issue is bigger than Gilad Shalit or any palestian prisoners, allthough hamas have said they will kidnap more people unless Israel gives into their demands and releases all the prisoners does anybody really think that once all the prisoners are free they wont kidnap more soilders or civilians whenever they want something else it could be over prisoners, politcal or anything. What if they say we kidnap soilders and we keep kidnaping untill the US starts giving us money again.. Israel wants its people back then it must be paid for with international aid money and if the money stops we go after more Israelis. Also these men are not going to go home to their family and say I have turned over a new leaf from now on I am going to campaign for non violent resistance Ghandi is my new hero. Free these terrorists and it will lead to more terror attacks by the people who have been set free and its letting the genie out of the bottle and things will only get worse from then on and nobody will be safe anywhere in Israel.
22. Mashaal strikes again!
Sammy ,   Newcastle, UK   (04.30.07)
Mashaal IS AN INSULT to the Palestinian cause. Hes a total rabid and greedy fraud whos as transparent as glass. EVERYONE (except Mashaal) can see through his antics. The sight of him getting fatter by the day, his suits smarter, his coiffered hair and eyebrows neater, his expensive shoes - WHO APPOINTED that joker to represent the Palestinain people anyway? We need to purge these people from the political elite - people like Haniyeh and most of all Mashaal. They are nothing but leeches and con men sucking our lifeblood for their own benefit.
23. All Pal "sympathisers" now understand they R a HOODLUM Gang
Alan ,   SA   (04.30.07)
24. Allah is very busy so he subcontract work in Gaza to Hamas
Alan ,   SA   (04.30.07)
25. Mashaal: This time No more anti-dote for you
john ,   nz   (04.30.07)
26. JohnNZ-K. Hussein insisted M get Antidote.Now K Abdullah bes
friends with Mashaal ,   Alan SA   (04.30.07)
Atilla karagözoğlu   (04.30.07)
Stop raping the honesty and the minds. what a happy who have HONOR in His/Her life. Long live HONOR, live as Man, Die as Man. Walk The Line love Atilla Karagözoğlu
28. #24 Allah can't handle the pressure-he's having a meltdown.
29. Kidnappings by Maashal
Brod ,   USA   (04.30.07)
Israel should go after the the masterminds of the kidnappings. Maashal is the Bin Laden in the Middle East and should be treated as such.
30. I say Mashal good for jews.
Rehavam ,   Israel   (04.30.07)
Mashal make us remember who we are. Mashal make us value each other and unite. No matter yeki, parsi, rusi etc. Mashal doesnt let our corrupt goverments to experiment on israelis with another SUICIDAL BEACE process. Moral value of Mashal supercide over real danger this roach represent.
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