Olmert, Peretz receive war report
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 30.04.07, 16:55
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1. Olmert Must Resign
David L.   (04.30.07)
Olmert has no choice but to resign. What is the point of attempting to lead a contry in which your approval rating is less than 5%? During the war, it's still unclear what he did wrong, but he certainly didn't do anything right. And only for that, he must resign. I have some questions, however: why exactly are people angry at Olmert? What has he done wrong? What should have been done? Push harder on Lebanon? Would that have really helped? I personally think that, no matter the leader, Hezbollah could not have been defeated by the IDF. The next leader of Israel must come forward with creative, practical and efficient solutions to Hezbollah and other security matters (including Iran, Syria and Gaza). Olmert is certainly not that person. But who else? So far I've seen no one really answering this question..
2. Blah Blah Bl;ah...Talk all you want the damage done
Al   (04.30.07)
over the past 5 years with Sharon and Olmert is leading Israel to a painful slow death. No amount of wishful thinking is changing that. Witness the alienation of the national religious from military service. Notice the rapid increase in the pop of Arabs and other Goyim. Notice how your young people are so brain dead that they run around the shit holes of the world looking for adventure. In some cases only to meet their death. Solution..1) Get to work. Get rid of the social safety net and dole out only to those who have given to your society. I will bet you the Arabs and the lazy buggers amongst you will leave in droves. 2) Reward work and get rid of nepotism. 3) Take pride in your culture and religion for without religion you simply have no excuse to be there. 4) Stop playing the victim. Having your wounded travel about like some kind of freak show trying to shnorrer funds does a great disservice to you as a people as well as to those very individuals. 5) Take pride in your nation and finally show thanks to all those who wish you well. Being an ingrate simply buries you.
3. I received the Winograd report
Ehud olmert ,   Gaza City   (04.30.07)
And i must say my shredder works quite well thanks
4. War Report
Jeremy ,   Hula Valley   (04.30.07)
It doesn't matter if Olmert stays or goes because eventually they all go. However, the faster we get rid of Peretz the Putz the better.
5. Olmert is responsible for the death of 116 Israeli Soldiers
Eran ,   Holon   (04.30.07)
and 43 civilians. Olmert is also responsible for the death of many Lebanese children and cilvilians.
6. winograd and now what?
francois ,   tel aviv israel   (04.30.07)
The sadest in all this, is the number of qualified people who continue to serve and support as nothing bad realy happend. Of course they are hundreds of excuses to make up now for the failures of last summer, of course not everybody is going to pay a proportionate price. I don't condamn these people from HQ officers to PM for what happend then but for pretending they are qualified for fixing because they failed. New heads, please no matter how much better they truly are, it's only legitimate for us subordenees.
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