Israeli kidnaps Thai elephant
Itamar Eichner
Published: 01.05.07, 17:03
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1. Yeah Right ! white elephant and this is news !
ben ,   singapore   (05.01.07)
Ben Hur ,   Manhattan, USA   (05.01.07)
3. if they can steal a land they can steal everything....
4. The unbridled ignorance of some people
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (05.01.07)
never cease to amaze me
5. All he paid was a $15 fine???
Antonio ,   Haifa   (05.01.07)
What's wrong with the Thai people? They should've slammed him with a $1500 fine at the least, and make him pay for all the damages.
6. When your parents tell you to get a life, this is what they
are talking about. A walking disgrace to Israel is what this idiot is. I woulod have chosen a Giraffe myself.
7. loooool Great #3
ME   (05.01.07)
8. How do you kidnap a baby elephant?
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.01.07)
A baby elephant at birth weighs between 50 to 117 kilos? Is Ben Hamo the Israeli weight lifting champion?
9. Dumbo?
Josh   (05.01.07)
I have see a bird fly, and a house fly, hect I even seen a TNA wrestler fly, butI aint never seen an elephant kidnapping Israeli story fly. What a "pil" to swallow.
10. to kidnap an elephant, you get $15 out
to kidnap a country, you get billions in
11. #8 the elephant has lost appetite since it swallowed.....
a Ben-Hamo's fellow citizen .
12. even the elephants .... seams it's part of your culture .
13. #8 you open the frigerator, put in the baby elephant
Josh   (05.01.07)
How do you put an baby elphant into a refrigerator? "Open the refrigerator, put in the baby elephant and close the door." How do you put a giraffe into a refrigerator? Open the refrigerator, take out the baby elephant, put in the giraffe and close the door." An Israeli drunkard in Thailand is hosting an animal party. All the animals attend, except one. Which animal does not attend? Don't say the elepant, cause we know trourist Israelis like little the little guy. That's right the giraffe doesn't go because he is still in the refrigerator. Next question. There is an escape route and you fleeing from the police, but the route is inhabitted by police checkpoints. How do you manage it? Dont say the police are at the party or swim the river cause the the aligators are at the party too. That's right you kidnap a baby elephant from the party. His mother is probably drunk and wont notice. besides its only a $15 fine. Hope this answers your questions. Note to self: Don't kidnapp the giraffe when fleeing. We don't know what the fine is and getting a knife to his neck is really hard. So I would assume.
14. Thailand tourism will peak....
JP   (05.01.07)
Fame, booze, pils פיל, cigarrettes, and affordable overnight accomodations, just $15.
15. Give it a rest. Get a life. Grow up.
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (05.01.07)
I don't know who's the bigger schmuck. That drunken, poor excuse of an Israeli, or those like #3, #10 and #12 who want to smear an entire nation based on the actions of one. You sit by your keyboards waiting to pounce on any story that confirms your hatred and grievance. Grow up!
16. I'll bet his parents are PROUD.
Adam Adamati ,   Israel   (05.01.07)
He made the news, got away with only a $15.00 fine, he'll have stories to tell... OH, that he is a criminal, shhh.... just like most of the government and all of the histadrut.
17. #6 & 13 Try being a doctor - criminal you are not
Anonymous   (05.01.07)
You parants, like mine, will be soarly disappointed if you try to kidnap a giraffe. Not to boast but I, being the of the criminal mind, would surley kidnap a lizard instead. Its the simple logistics of kidnapping animals for your freedom; dudes. Remebering how hard it is to run with a blow-up doll and image how much harder it is to run carrying a baby giraffe? Those lanky legs will trip you up. I went through many patch kits like this. Image running throujgh the doorway and BAM...the legs hang up on the door flys up and a hoof splits you lip. The lizard.. now that's the capper of the century. The tensile tail allows the lizard to hold on so your hands are free to bum a cigarrette from the coppers without letting down your guard..could save you 15 bucks. By the way smarty pants #13 you can't fit a giraffe in the frigerator, but a lizard..well you know. The benifit is you don't have to take the elephant out first...fits right in there. can write me at my place of residence, just address it to county lockup.
18. Thanks #15
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.01.07)
Took the words right out of my mouth (or make that hands)
19. article about Yoram Ben Hamo
DaivdBH ,   Miami, Florida   (05.07.07)
We are looking for Yoram and feel he is in danger or injured. Is there any way to post his picture on a blog or something for help in finding him? He did not return to Israel and has been missing for almost 1 week.
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