Bishara suspected of aiding Hizbullah for money
Efrat Weiss
Published: 02.05.07, 14:35
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31. TO #17
Atheist ,   WeedLand   (05.02.07)
Please contact me, i need what you smoking, i want to feel happy too! :) im fucking serious
32. In Israel's good days he would hang for his treason
shelby ,   Chicago   (05.02.07)
33. maybe he needed a brand new car!
henry royce XVI   (05.02.07)
34. #26 (Ready and Willing)
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (05.02.07)
When: Next time you dare attacking my country. Where: South Lebanon, and particularly Maroun El Rass, the closest hill over viewing the occupied land. Note: The 72 Virgin broken record became old now, its time to find a new one, i thought jews are a bit innovative.
35. The real story is why was he allowed to leave
Tracy W   (05.02.07)
Bishara might have implicated OTHERS. Somebody, somewhere, decided to protect those 'others'. He is being accused because nobody could keep his treason a secret any more. But there were other important people implicated with him we don't yet know about. A deal will be made in exchange for his silence. More important than Bishara right now is to investigate why was he let go and by whom and who gave the orders, all the way up.
36. # 34
Ready and Willing   (05.02.07)
Now telling you the when would just take all of fun out of it. But thanks for the general area of the where.
37. Bribes and treason
A.D. Weiss   (05.02.07)
Considering the delicate situation of Israel surrounded by enemies always working on its destruction, shouldn't there be a law forcing all public servants to disclose any attempt at bribery or blackmail?
38. #35 that is right. I agree. If Shin Bet wanted to get him
Poor followers of B ,   USA   (05.02.07)
it would. Plus if he becomes a fugitive he would not have a good day or night in his remaining miserable life despite the women, cars or money. Poor man! He used to be intelligent and faithful to his people. He has abandoned them just like any other Arab loud mouth in Israel would when caught with evidence.
39. Bishara facts on CNN article
Tracy W   (05.02.07)
I find the references to Supreme Court decisions rather interesting. "Bishara's views have repeatedly gotten him into trouble with authorities. Following a 2001 visit to Syria, where he spoke at a memorial ceremony for Syrian President Hafez Assad, Israeli lawmakers took the unprecedented step of lifting his parliamentary immunity. He was then charged with inciting violence and supporting Hezbollah. Israel's Supreme Court later restored his immunity and dismissed the criminal charges. Then Israel's Central Elections Committee tried to disqualify Bishara and his party from running in the 2003 parliamentary election on the grounds that the party sought to destroy the Jewish character of the state and supported the armed struggle against it. The Supreme Court overturned that ruling, too." Sorry, no link. I already got censored because of it, but this is on today's CNN on line.
40. Bishara(outdated Israeli citizenship)
unpainted   (05.02.07)
Helping a terrorist organization like Hizbullah makes him a terrorist as well.
41. Atheist in Weedland # 31
Isragirl   (05.03.07)
It's called "brain chemistry imbalance", you have to be born with it or you can hit your head real hard against something sturdy. You can't buy this stuff, this is for real...
42. to #21
Niki   (05.03.07)
and how do you know that Rami? your talkbacks are usually more reasonable than this one...
43. #31
#41 is right. The guy is not "well".
44. #34 is threatening #26.....
AJ ,   Washington DC   (05.03.07)
with an Israeli missle up #34's own tuchus!!!! Gotta love that brave suicidal menatlity of yours, Wissam.
45. Bashara
Renate Baramy ,   Ramat Hasharon   (06.18.07)
I don't think any other country besides Israel has members of parliament that sympathize with the enemies of their country. When Dr. Bashara appeared on TV I always thought of him as an interesting man, but once he joined the Knesset he became more militant.
46. Sharon, Livni & Olmert aid the enemy for money-US money.
Whosa Traitor ,   Israel   (04.01.08)
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