Bishara recommended that Hizbullah attack south of Haifa
Ron Ben Yishai
Published: 03.05.07, 02:54
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1. This is no Katsav-style weak accusation
Steve ,   USA   (05.03.07)
B"H This accusation looks like it has detailed substance too it, with dates and times. I suspect this does not look good for Bishara's innocence, especially since he skipped the country Israel. It is not just his ideas of a, "Country for all of its Citizens". The problem is that this was a country for Bishara to fill his pockets by supporting Israel's enemies with details on how to attack it. I cannot see him facing these charges unless forced to. At least one traitor has been expelled. How about the rest?
NooodNik   (05.03.07)
ROBIN ,   MIAMI   (05.03.07)
4. War in Lebanon?
Stacie ,   Canada   (05.03.07)
War usually implies that the other side is fighting back. Lebanon fell victim to an air attack which inflicted horror on the people of Lebanon and nothing on the 'terrorists' Israel was 'allegedly' at war with. CNN showed the destruction in Lebanon and it was nothing near the pot holes in sand dunes caused by terrorist Katyushas.
5. with a PM like Olmert, who needs Bishara
masrallah   (05.03.07)
6. #4 - can i have some of what you are smoking?
7. HA all the voters for bishara are surprised!!!
someone ,   somewhere   (05.03.07)
israel would be a safer place if it stops the obsession to be democrat. that day the cult of hate would know that act more responsible
8. How Dumb To have Let Him Leave
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (05.03.07)
How dumb that Israel let him leave. I am sure that a Judge would have allowed an arrest after seeing the evidence. There is no immunity for treason.
9. Sorry Number 4
jackiekc ,   Florida   (05.03.07)
You are wrong about rockets hitting only sand dunes, I have been in Israel right after the war and saw the damage in Sfat, where homes were damaged and people killed. And then there were the rockets that hit near Haifa. Have you ever been to Israel. The north, where Hizbollah aimed its rockets, is the most highly developed part of the country with rich farms and thriving industry and Sfat is one of the oldest centres of Jewish culture. Do not write out of hatred when you do not know or worse, ignore the facts.
10. #4 Stacie, in case you forgot, Lebanon started the war
AK   (05.03.07)
and those rockets raining on Haifa, Kiryat Shmona and Safed and Tiberius all came from the territory of Lebanon. And why all that was going on Lebanese PM was traveling around the Arab countries to garner support for Hezbollah and accusing Israel. Sorry, but as far as I am concerned, Lebanon wasn't destroyed enough. And you should watch more than CNN. Why not trying getting info from the Israeli side, for change, and I don't mean Haaretz. You can always visit Little Green Footballs on the net, they always have reliable news. And please keep in mind there are no sand dunes in the Galilee.
11. Bishara's corruption and traitrous wrongs were known...
Nannette ,   London, UK   (05.03.07)
His activities calling for the destruction of Israel were known a few years ago, but the government still let him stay. It's all on video, in TV interviews, private interviews, etc... but he still stayed as MK! What would it take to get rid of a traitor in Israel??? Why are only Jewish patriots jailed???
12. #5 - Jewish self-hate is the fundamental problem.
Observer ,   Europe   (05.03.07)
13. #4 can anyone be more dumb than you
Takan ,   Eilat   (05.03.07)
Hezbollah even calls it a war and they brag about winning it. You cry and weep for the winners? What kind of humanitarian are you? Hezbollah is tolerated by Lebanese and even had ministers in government (until they realized Politics was not as fun as terrorizing the Israeli state). Get on with your life and don't believe everything you read. Blind uninformed idealists like you are not helping the situation. Come to Lebanon and rebuild it if you believe it deserves better. Come to Gaza and teach love to the kids if you think they have a future. Criticizing Israel's means of survival in the Middle-East from your homely living-room back in Canada is really weak. Hezbollah itself has stated they have started the war. They acknowledged they miscalculated Israel's response (a RESPONSE, Stacie, not the senseless aggression you are talking about). How can U stand being so brainless, ignorant and arrogant? Did your parents raise you to base your life on lies and dreams? Do facts and reality mean nothing to people like you anymore? Stop the nonsense.
14. Is anyone surprised ? shocked ?
rh ,   Moddiin Israel   (05.03.07)
No did not think so. No one except Lieberman is even trying to find solutions to the issue. A large portion of Israel's Arabs would like to see the Jews go.
15. i know bishmara is innocent believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.03.07)
he never give nothing to hizbullah and the zionist just balme him for nothing, also hizbullah is not the enemy they are our friends and hizbullah means the party of god, believe me i know so a party of god canot be bad bishmara is an arab and a man so he will never tell a lie, believe me, only thruth pass his lips and there is nothing wrong with earning extran money on the side
16. Why was he allowed to leave?
freejay ,   Israel   (05.03.07)
The article doesnt explain why he was allowed to leave??? Especially after he told them his intentions????Surely an explanation is needed. Anyone would realise
17. meretz
moshe ,   israel   (05.03.07)
Can someone please explain the mind of meretz mks saying that they have lost a great politician?
18. LOOL .. See how idiots u are some of you are still buying
fadi ,   lebanon   (05.03.07)
this!!! i guess the Winograd commission should have blamed war failures on Bishara not on Olmert and the rest !!! Well as long as you're going to tackle the issue this way ... its sounds very promising for the next war !!! LOOOOL ... idiots !
19. #4-#6-#9-#13
Wissam ,   Beirut / Lebanon   (05.03.07)
We have been in conflict with "Israel" for a very long time around 25 years, and you attack Ms. Stacie with these arguments? Ms. stacie, nowadays people have access to any information they need, google what you are interested in and read as much as you can from all different sources and build up your opinion without letting me as a lebanese, or them (as "Israelis") to interfere with your analysis. Have a good day Stacie.
20. #4: Commie jerks again
Lednah ,   Europe   (05.03.07)
The terror is the commies beloved action
21. Bishara the Israeli Arab
Walldizo ,   Damas   (05.03.07)
Isaeli Government must be joking to fabricate this outragious fanacy. The only crime Bishara may be accused of is that of being an Arab who happens to live among Zionists hideously plotting to expell all Arabs from their territories.Hezbollah's military capabilities have proven an exceptional performance which exceeds the Israeli claim against Bishara. It seems that Israel is trying to shift blame for its defeat, to Bishara's pseudo-remark to Hezbollah. This fantasmic Jewish discourse must be abolished so that peace can have a chance.
22. The Waemongering Israel
Walldizo ,   Damas   (05.03.07)
Hey #10 you seem to be out of touch with realities.Its no longer a secret that Israel was planning for a preemptive attack against Hezbollah.luckily, Israel's dumd policy alerted Hezbollah into reacting with proper resonse. Remember #10, this is not the first victory for Hezbollah, its the fifth and if such unrealistic rhetoric is to prevail, then a sixth war is on the making.Israel will no longer be the safe refuge for the Jews. My honost suggestion is to take Ahmedinijad's advice and to start filing your claim against Europe for a proper piece of land in either in Europe or the US where you have your fellow citizens. Palestine is no longer the land of milk and honey.
23. pot holes #4 ???
shandy ,   eilat   (05.03.07)
the only pot holes are the ones that are in your brain!!!!!!!!
24. If the situation were reversed
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.03.07)
If this were a Jew in an Arab country giving information to Israel, he would be shot!!!
25. Bishara is no HERO to Arab Israelis
Sammy ,   Newcastle, UK   (05.03.07)
Lets get one thing clear. With Bishara directing missiles to Haifa and N Israel HE MUST HAVE KNOWN that it would kill and injure Arab Israelis too. Such a person deserves ONLY CONTEMPT
26. If this is true....
Daniel ,   Israel   (05.03.07)
If this is true; Bishara and his supporters should be expelled from the country.
27. This guy may be "useful" after all
Maybe Shin Bet is better off pumping him for info. about Hezzie activities and whereabouts of Nasrallah. Give him some immunity from prosecuation if he'll cooperate. He obviously has no shame, no morals and no patriotism (unless money is involved.)
28. Walldildo's talking about fantasies?
David ,   Rehovot   (05.03.07)
Transcripts of conversations. Tapes of police interviews with him. Money transfers. Most importantly, Bishara never fleeing for the admitted "talking to an enemy" charge but running very fast from "aiding." "plotting to expell". Gosh, such a plot. Enormous growth of the Arab Israeli population in the last 59 years is such awesome "proof". Right... No, the expelling that exists isn't a plot, it's the open claim from you Arabs (and other Muslims) that you wish to wipe Israel off the map and drive the Jews into the sea. "shift blame". Another funny one. Gee, just how many times did Winograd mention Bishara? What does Bishara giving info to Hizbullah have to do with the bad condition the IDF was in or the bad political decisions? Unlike you jihadists, we can look at two issues separately.
29. sorry for my previous comment
fadi ,   lebanon   (05.03.07)
i missed my today's medicine portion. i'm a schidzo by the way.
30. #18 Fadi your bull is not going to work
rachel ,   usa   (05.03.07)
everyone can see through you are transparent
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