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Kosher conference decides fate of shrimp, vodka
Neta Sela
Published: 05.05.07, 18:57
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1. Even they admit it
Josh   (05.05.07)
“more based on truth, and less based on business”. So it is based on business! Read the Torah Israel and hear the words of G-d in the same way they should have listened in Gan Eden. Enough of this out of context foolery and cursed path that the leaders are taking us on. Return to the truth of Torah and let the root of Israel grow to become a glorious tree and light to all nations.
2. Kashrut
Joe ,   Israel   (05.05.07)
One of the major problems is the infighting between the organizations themselves. For example, members of the "Badatz" claim that items approved for kashrut by the Israeli Chief rabbinate are not kosher at all. On the other hand, I know of instances where the "Badatz" is merely interested in getting paid for their "Approval." As several store owners have told me, "The Badatz inspector comes around once a year to get his money. Thereafter, I do not see him again until the next payment. Inspectors of the chief rabbinate, however, come in unannounced - and often." In addition, why are "Badatz" approved products much more expensive that those approved by the chief rabbinate of Israel?
3. What exactly is kosher?
Gentile ,   American   (05.06.07)
I know that kosher means Jewish dietary laws applied to meat and dairy. I also understand that the dietary laws don't apply to salads because lettuce is grown from soil but does it include candy, drinks? And why is shrimp not kosher? I admire people who eat according to kosher dietary laws because it must be tough to travel and keep kosher.
4. What is the Bracha on Shrimp?
Alan ,   SA   (05.06.07)
5. Poor mans shrimp
Dave ,   Australia   (05.06.07)
Shrimps are not kosher, they do not have scales and fins. The 'poor mans shrimp' is not a shrimp it is a fish that was cheap and given that name. Just as vegetarians call mushrooms the vegetarians meat, because it contains elements that is not found in other veg (strictly speaking it is a fungi) but is an essential found in meat.
6. What??
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.06.07)
I thought worms in tequila was bad enough, but horse milk in vodka? That does it! It's not just a danger. It's a travesty! (Who's the nutball going around milking horses, anyway?? Sounds like something a Frenchman would do, hehehehe)
7. #3, excellent questions, here are a couple answers...
Sam ,   Virginia, USA   (05.06.07)
Shrimp is not kosher because the Book of Leviticus stipulates that animals caught taken from the sea for food must have fins and scales, which rules out shellfish such as shrimp. As for candy, drinks and even salads, we have kosher examination and certification for pretty much everything because the complexities of modern food processing mean that a non-kosher ingredient may have accidentally mixed with the food somehow in either the factory or kitchen. Thank you for asking; most Jews are always happy to answer questions.
8. #6
mark ,   ca   (05.06.07)
Actualy, horse milk consumed by millions of people. For example in Mongolia,Kirgizia,Kazahstan and many more.
9. Thanks for answering my questions Sam.
Gentile ,   American   (05.06.07)
I'll definately keep asking questions about Judaism because I find it fascinating.
10. To #8
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.06.07)
Ok, I'll confess: I've eaten horse meat in France, although that was prior to having heard the expression, ".... and the horse you rode in on," or I might have had second thoughts about whom I was depriving of transportation. In light of the countries you mention, maybe that horse milk-vodka combination isn't far-fetched, at all. Can I just have orange juice, please? (And I don't want to hear one peep about any roadkill baking in my oven; kosher or otherwise!!! )
11. #6 -Tequila..a little correction
Tequila is a mezcal however, it is the only mezcal WITHOUT the worm added. Overseas you see low qualitiy tequila with worms (not even the agave worm!) put in as a marketing gimmick
12. YOU Boody fools are so interested at eating...
ben ,   singapore   (05.06.07)
those shell fish kind that you open the doors with the "pseudo shrimp" Idiots put the tree up wards and see where these shell fishes levels. Consumer Power or not you keep the Kosher Diet and the Khasrut Law. Eat CORRECTLY to nourish the body that stores the SOUL. Kosher os good for the JEWISH SOUL.KEEP IT BOYS !
13. #6 You seem quite in the dark about what is happening here
Israel   (05.06.07)
The FRENCH? Not even a little funny. Think for a minute - from what region of the world does most vodka come? The issue about milk in alcohol is just one example of the aggressive deterioration of the Israeli culture by immigrants like our tax money, but who couldn't care less about health or Judaism. Just look up the real reason for chicken being separated from milk in kosher food preparation, instead of just beef.
14. desperate farmers
hanina   (05.06.07)
who has time to milk a horse? What horse will stand and allow a farmer to attach the mechanical devices used for cows? Are they that desperate?
15. Gentile, American
Ben Wolf ,   USA   (05.06.07)
You can also find clear information at the website Judaism 101 at
16. Look
ben ,   singapore   (05.07.07)
You gentiles eat what ever you like, we jews will keep to our dietry laws. Please help us to keep our observations. This is on eof the burdens that came with the choseness.It is a joyful demand and not at all a burden for our minds. You gentile are more burdened over issues that should not bother yourselves.I urge you gentiles to open more Kosher Shops and enjoy the eating business in accordance with the Halaka. Mark me you all will ecperience the goodness in Kosher dietery hiden Hashem wisdom, rules and principals.
17. #16 Pretty arogant concept
Josh   (05.07.07)
Do you think Kosher food will protect you from breaking Torah in other areas. G-d doesn't want empty practices. This is how you describe this. You should be encouraging the gentile to learn about Hashem not telling them how superior you diet is. Misplaced values has never saved the Jews from the rules of Torah. Besides the Rabbis have contributed to breaking Torah and exagerating the rules of Kashrut for personal gain. The Hebrews fleeing egypt did not Kosher meat and they ate deer shot with bows, etc. You have Torah yet you refuse to see the descrepancies. No better than a Catholic not reading the Old Testament. Eat what you will, if your going to ignore learning and teaching love for Hashem. Shmah Israel with all your "heart"!
18. Why can't we eat chicken and milk ?
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (05.07.07)
Why do they not discuss real issues ? They are to scared to make a really significant decision because any digression from pat thinking is seen as to radical. Someone explain it to me
19. Thanks for the link Ben!
Gentile ,   American   (05.07.07)
I will read everything on the website. It looks so interesting. Shalom!
20. #18 Because
Josh   (05.07.07)
Rabbis took the saying "al tivashel gedi b'halav emo" and came to the following conclusion: tivashel (boil) really means eating gedi (kid goat) really means all meat halav emo (his mothers milk) really means the milk of a chicken. Wise men we follow. You shall not add or take a word away from Torah! See my post #1
21. Josh , your # 20
charles ,   petach tikva   (05.07.07)
Is this front page news ? : the milk of a chicken . Are you so confused ? well , let's hope for you , that in your kitchen you act differently ! [ i do not reproach you this error . Who stays silent , can't write errors ] I always reread my tb's , it's maybe a good advice to you , and all the others .
22. Kosher has a totally new meaning
CC ,   USA   (05.08.07)
You do not need to add or take away one word of Torah. Challenge you to watch reality of life and still call it Kosher regardless of what is being said. When you have the stomach to watch this miserable planet and what we have made of it - the words Kosher and Kashrut convention disappear like snow in the sun.
23. 22# thank you for that movie
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.08.07)
24. #18 - I think the Karites, do.
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (05.08.07)
They take the line about calf and mother's milk literally, and the last time I checked, poultry were not mammals.
25. If someone is really observant, s/he should need
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (05.08.07)
Faux Treif. An observant coworker of mine says the "shrimp" are "marit ayain" and won't touch them.
26. #24 and 18 Your joke is better than mine
Josh   (05.08.07)
This proves my point. Any person can figure out that the rabbis are wrong. Milk of chiken! Hmm. better let Josh know they don't give milk. Many thanks. If you were paying attention I said the Rabbis think this. It was a joke and a slam on the lack of wisdom. Even a christian who doesn't pay attention to the context of messiah prophecies and the words of the new testament that states Jesus came to bring war, not peace like the messiah. Who came to collect the fallen and burn the chaf. Yet the fallen follow him anyway. Thanks charles. As far as context or considering the possibilities that Moses really meant dont eat meat in milk, I would have to disrespect Moses and G-d by taking it to mean anything else than what is clearly expressed. Remeber that Moses was the greatest prophet and G-d is just. What if Adam and Eve didn't take the literal meaning to heart. ....Oh yeah they didn't...lesson learned. Oldest trick in the book. Literally! To not take it literally, still requires you use all the words in the sentance for your simili. Its Mothers milk, boil, kid, etc. Lets try it in reverse. Today I went to lunch and boiled (ate) a baby elepehant.(meat) I sat down in a resturant and fried (ate) so much rhinocerous (meat)I thought I could cook (eat) no more. So I waited six hours so I could have baked (eat) Kid's Mothers milk (cow milk) ice cream. After they washed the dishes, I told them to keep the dry plates with the kids mothers milk away from the goat forks. Don't take it literally but its BS that Moses, hiired to deliver Torah, would write one thing when he means another.
27. Re #3 What exactly is kosher?
Baruch ,   Israel   (01.12.08)
Shrimp is a bottom fish(scavenger), does not qualify as it does not have scales or fins. Lettuce in & of itself is kosehr but the bugs that are in it are not. The lettuce has to thorughly & mean thoroughly cleaned through soaking & inspection that it is now bug-free. Candies contain colorations that are not kosher, gelatin comes from non-kosher pork or beef bones. Contact the KTK organization for more information.
28. Re#4 Bracha for shrimp -
Baruch ,   Israel   (01.12.08)
Your joke is about as funny as apartheid is to the people of SA.
29. Re: #18 Why can't we eat ckn & milk?
Baruch ,   Israel   (01.12.08)
I would like to refer you to Yeshivat Aish HaTorah in the Old City. One can not stand on one foot explaining you all of the concepts but you have to been willing to come in and learn the concepts.
30. #17
I totally agree with you. I grew up in different religions...which is why I don't like them. All they do is separate people, and cause them to pass judgement on one another. I eat Kosher now because I have always believed in G-d and It makes perfect sense to eat this way.
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