The world salutes four Israeli scientists
Yaffa Shir-Raz
Published: 05.05.07, 22:04
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1. Congratulations to the award winners!
Tracy W   (05.05.07)
And also to all Israelis endeavoring to contribute to the benefit of all humankind. Your acts speak better than words about what Israel means to the world.
2. Scientific American
sk ,   USA   (05.05.07)
"'Scientific American’ is recognized as the most prestigious scientific publication ... " Uh, no. Scientific American is a science journal for the nonscientist. Thinking of the journal _Science_?
3. Israëli scientists
peter ,   amsterdam, NL   (05.05.07)
Dr. Eyal Gur , Dr. Hossam Haick, Dr. Shulamit Levenberg and Dr. Lior Gepstein are to be commended on their work. Well done! You make us proud.
4. Reading this article makes all of us proud!
Caroline ,   Israel   (05.05.07)
5. To #2
Iossef ,   J'lem, Israel   (05.06.07)
Scientific American is a real scientific journal, even if it is turned also to non profesional redears. I you have some doubt, try to publish there :-) Good luck my friend ! I publish in professional journal and I published once in such a journal "La Recherche", a french equivalent to SC, it is not so easy believe me...
6. One wonders why the Arabs want Israel to be eliminated!
Is it JEALOUSY?? ,   Alan SA   (05.06.07)
7. to number 6
Palestinian ,   Refugeee camp!   (05.06.07)
Because we want to back home! That is it!
8. to no. 7
sara ,   ny ny   (05.06.07)
most "palestinians" come from syria jordan egypt-
9. #8
Yacov ,   US   (05.06.07)
and where do the jews come from? ancient Egypt? btw, one of the scientists is an Arab
10. Stop it
CDS ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.07)
Guys stop with the conflict! Science is for all humanity, whoever achieves these goals is a hero for humanity and we will all benefit. Both israelis and palestinians should be proud of these men, stop talikng in terms of "enemy" all the time, peace begins with you.
11. "Yacov" or Ahmed; Jews came from Israel.
Palestiniansareamyth ,   USA   (05.06.07)
Stop reading Arab propaganda and learn the truth.
12. Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Barbara Frank ,   Yoqneam, Israel   (05.06.07)
Please note that 3 of the 4 scientists are from Technion-Israel Institute of Technology.
13. Yet British Medical Association wants to Boycott Israel
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (05.06.07)
14. Yacov US
charles ,   petach tikva   (05.06.07)
Well if one of those is an Israeli Arab , this only proves that Israeli Arabs can also study and achieve great advances in science . And looking at Shulamit Levenberg , you can say that Jewish Orthodox women can also achieve something great . Kol Hakavod to all four
15. Bravo and the world salute you..
Woody ,   Malaysia   (07.03.08)
I was brought up in a country, we were indoctrinated to hate Jews. Until I met a few that really change my perception about Jew, especially those in science and technology. Their experience to me has been much more than inspiration but something I hope my kids will become one day. Salute all the scientists listed here, bit by bit, inch by inch , you always make the world a better place,you are my hero.
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