Virtual coexistance
Niv Lillian
Published: 05.05.07, 12:42
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1. tell the Pal Arabs to stop the firing of the rockets
John ,   USA   (05.05.07)
that would be cooperation. Why do the Jews cooperate with those who want them dead?
2. I'm sure the Palestinian version has a self-destruct button.
Jewish Guy   (05.05.07)
3. disgust me!
Ramzi Sfeir ,   Bethlehem,Palestine   (05.05.07)
First of all, this article talks about an operating system, not about don't bring war in here! You dont want to respect us, don't! it's your choice, don't be surprised when we don't respect you back! Israelis and Palestinians don't need any of your advices...Go and take a look at the current state of your dear country the USA , our problems are not your business!
4. to John #1 you are not a briliant advisor
Sabra   (05.05.07)
Israel came to the Midle East to integrate in the region and not to stay in an eternal war with its neibors..cooperation and mutuel respect leads to Peace ...if you served in the army and have been in south Lebanon in the last war .. you will never say what you sead
5. User Friendly...
Pam ,   Arizona USA   (05.05.07)
Keep it advertising free, and many of us will happily pay to subscribe.
6. To John #1
Reuven Carmel ,   Jerusalem, ISRAEL   (05.05.07)
As an Israeli from Jerusalem, I am hereby agreeing with Ramzi from Bethlehem, who lives just a few minutes away from me. There are so few bright spots in Israeli-Palestinian relations. This is one. Thank God for it. Now go tinkle on somebody else's campfire, please.
7. tell the Isr Jews to stop the dropping of the bombs
George ,   USA   (05.05.07)
that would be cooperation. Why do the Arabs cooperate with those who have killed so many of them.
8. #1 John, I agree
Tracy W   (05.05.07)
Cooperation and mutual respect are impossible when somebody is aiming a gun at you. Palestinian Media Watch ( reports on an article that appeared on a Hamas newspaper that calls for the extermination of all Jews. "The extermination of Jews is Allah’s will and is for the benefit of all humanity, according to an article in the Hamas paper, Al-Risalah. The author of the article, Kan'an Ubayd, explains that the suicide operations carried out by Hamas are being committed solely to fulfill Allah’s wishes. Furthermore, Allah demanded this action, because “the extermination of the Jews is good for the inhabitants of the worlds.” The killing of innocent Jews by terrorist attacks is portrayed as Allah’s plan for the benefit of humanity." It's unwise to cooperate with people who share such an ideology. Israel has tried to appease the Palestinians from day one. What's the result? Unending aggression and hatred. When will the Left understand that acts of friendship and cooperation are regarded with total contempt by the enemy? The Arabs want the Jews out of the Middle East. Nothing else will satisfy them.
9. I tried it
Zvi   (05.05.07)
while this is interesting + potentially useful for some (many?) people who travel a lot, the claim that it will "replace Windows" is silly hype. THIS IS NOT AN OS. It is a desktop. The computer from which it is accessed must still run an OS and browser. If they claim to COMMODITIZE OS's, that is a very different claim. I would not use this for info security reasons. Unless, of course, it runs on palmtop browsers. Then it might be worth my consideration ;-)
10. Education is an amazing thing....
Jessica ,   USA   (05.05.07)
Now if all school children could be taught peace & coexistence what a better world this would be.
11. #1 John
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.05.07)
Something tells me that Palestinian entrepreuners who are working with Israelis on operating systems are not terrorists.
12. Good luck
Peace ,   Ramallah   (05.05.07)
If politicians are not successful in cooperation building bridges so lets try it with business and technology. Good luck
13. #11 - They are not terrorists, but what's the use?
Kevin G ,   Oregon   (05.05.07)
You can get along with a few dozen Palestinians who are attracted by the possible earnings of joint ventures (it was a Jewish idea they are taking advantage of), but the large majority, 99.999 % of them, consider you an occupier and want you out of Israel. Ask for something in return. Such as a change in the education curriculum, filled with hatred for all Jews.
14. this junk will never fly
Alex ,   TA   (05.05.07)
15. Linux, BSD
peter ,   amsterdam, NL   (05.05.07)
Agree with #9 Zvi, desktop applications are available from Google also. If you want to run your computer on a different, safer, more reliable Operating System you'll have to install one like a (free)Linux or BSD distribution instead of or next to Microsoft's Windows. That takes a bit of software savvy. Check out if you're tempted.
16. #7 Curious George
JB ,   Canada   (05.06.07)
George, you mean like those Kassams, you twit. Your Arab friends do cooperate ...with each other to exterminate the Jews and not just in Israel. And George, tell me what happened when they dropped bombs on Fort. Sumpter? Israelis have every right to lives umfettered by the threat of extermination and every right to defend themselves in whatever way they see fit...and to cooperate with whomever is willing to cooperate with them. Why don't you complain about intra- Arab cooperation like Sunni vs Shia in Iraq. Try taking your head out of your ass!
17. coexistance
bachrach Andres ,   Kfar-saba   (05.06.07)
#8.dear mr.Tracy,you who are so worried for the benefit of the mankind,could you tell me, what would you and your allah-fearing people do after the day,of the annihilation of the jews? Andy mi ha kfar.
18. Hello from
ZviSchreiber ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.06.07)
Thanks to those who commented on the service. 1,2,7,8 take your mindless political arguments somewhere else. I would say that is in fact an operating system in that it has a desktop, file system, data sharing system, comms and more. The only think missing compared to an offline OS is the device drivers. provides a valuable service to those who want to be mobile, for example students who regularly use library computers. For them Windows and Linux is really not an option since it is tied to one machine. You need have no concern on data security. currently stores its data at where they keep at least 3 copies with 99.99% availability and some of the best security in the world. It should be considerable safer than on your PC at home. Anyway, the service is still in alpha - check back in a few weeks when the full beta shoudl be available and please keep constructive feedback coming. Zvi Schreiber CEO,
19. To #5 from
ZviSchreiber ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.06.07)
Actually we hope to keep it free and advertising free. We can make some money when you shop at Amazon or search Google via without it costing you anything! Zvi
20. #18: Mr. Schreiber thanks for your response
Zvi   (05.06.07)
I'll check back at that time. Perhaps I should have said it's not a "full operating system," since you have virtualized some of the OS components. Thanks for your correction. I did guess that your initial market would be the kiosk user, and as such, simply by grouping together a lot of rich internet applications, you will be doing a service to users who can't afford a private computer of their own, both in the west and in the developing world. If there is one computer in a village, everyone can still have his own completely private virtual computer. I am unlikely to use this, though, because I have my own real-world computer ;-) No comment on my phone remark? :-D
21. Good Step
Ahmad ,   Palestine   (05.06.07)
Really it is a very nice application. Regardless of the nationality of who did this system, I can say that it is very amazing to access my personal desktop and applications from anywhere. Just real applications should be installed. On the other hand, I appreciate the cooperation between the two groups (Palestinians and Israelis) and I hope it will be a good sample for the politicians and closed minded people from both sides
22. Brilliant idea
Abdullah ,   EuMe   (05.06.07)
With lots of potential:-).
23. I want my data to coexist with my hardware
David ,   Israel   (05.06.07)
Sorry, but virtual computers while useful when traveling and as a back-up, are not what I'm looking for. I want my data on my box where it isn't dependent on internet connectivity, bandwidth, automated billing systems, hardware I don't have access to, and server and network admins who may or may not know what they are doing.
24. Excellent initiative!!
Kader ,   Göteborg, Sweden   (05.07.07)
25. You teckies have a one-track mind
Elaine ,   Indianapolis, USA   (05.08.07)
So you fail to see that this cooperation, where you supply the know-how and the Arabs supply the money, is one where they are simply using you and laughing at you. I've got news for you: they don't love you now and they will never love you. No matter what you do, how much you give to them, they will forever be calling for your destruction. You are like a battered wife who blames herself for the violence.
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