Shin Bet uses torture regularly, B'Tselem report says
Published: 06.05.07, 10:10
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1. Left wing bullshit again
Nachash Tsefah ,   Tel Aviv   (05.06.07)
If anything we play too soft. Kol ha kavod to IDF / SHABAK / Mossad. Do your job.
2. Is this the same way they found out how much of
Ma'ale Adummim is built on land legally owned by Israeli's?
3. B'Tselem cowards wouldn't dare challenge abuses by Arabs.
Observer ,   Europe   (05.06.07)
B'Tselem and Peace Now - Israel's supposed do-gooders - would be too scared to challenge the profligate abuses by the Arabs. Palestinian Media Watch and Likud are the only bodies with the courage to report the truth about the Nazis on Israel's doorstep.
4. Israel SHOULD torture terrorists if it saves lives
James Meeker ,   USA   (05.06.07)
Remember- these terrorists don't have any problems with murdering or hurting innocent people. Israel owes them nothing.
5. OK, give them pie and ice cream. Oh, 72 virgins to boot.
Stewart ,   USA   (05.06.07)
6. When it comes to obtaining information that will save lives
Jake T ,   Alaska   (05.06.07)
I don't think that subjecting those detainees to discomfort and isolation is such a bad thing. The acts listed by this organization don't sound like torture, not by world standards, anyway. Their situation is not Club Med, I agree, but any Arab country is guilty of true horrors in their treatment of detainees. Why doesn't B'Tselem pay them a visit in order to get a more balanced view.
7. Detainees
Joe ,   Israel   (05.06.07)
Why is it that only Israel is singled out for condemnation. Why haven't the "Palestinians" with their continued unprovoked attacks against civilian targets in Israel been condemned in at least a similar manner. Could there possibly be a double standard that is being employed here?
8. "Israel" Depends on physical, psycho Torture to Exist
Hani ,   Palestinian Vagabond   (05.06.07)
It will go down history books as another failed state, like RSA, North Korea, Fascist Italy, etc. Let me guess - anti-semitism?
9. really, btzelem of what?
dovie ,   usa, ny   (05.06.07)
since those arabs do not play by the rules, do not follow geneva convention and kill women and kids, they deserve to be squeezed and sucked out of any secrets by any means possible. we have to try to survive in this hostile middle east territory surrounded by 7th century barbarians who cut of hands and heads. let btzelem do report on treatment of prisoners in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, then Israeli treatment of arab terrorists will be club med vacation in comparison.
10. Re #3: B'Tselem is an ISRAELI Human Rights Org
Eyal ,   Rehovot   (05.06.07)
B'Tselem is an Israeli Human Rights organization, which has a mandate to monitor Israel's human rights violations. It is not a Middle East monitor. Moreover, what relevance is there to we Israelis of what types of human rights abuses occur elsewhere? Human Rights are objective rights, not comparative rights. Our compliance with those rights is an objective measure of our humanity and ethics. Do not dare to attempt to legitimize our barbarisms by measuring them against the barbarisms of others. That is a slippery slope that can only hurt the whole of our society.
11. Not a "Human Rights Organization"
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.06.07)
This organization's only interest is to make Israel and Jews look bad in the eyes of the world. Do not be fooled. These people are not motivated by some altruistic ideal. They are motivated only by showing that we, the holy Jewish people, are no better than the worst of the Gentiles and we, too, can be cruel and intolerant. Of such people our Sages have already established the prayer: V'Lamalsheenim Al Tihi Sikvah - "and may slanderers have no hope".
12. and therefore what B'tselem?
Niki ,   usa   (05.06.07)
you have nothing better to do in life than to protect terrorists, you pathetic people, self hating individuals, ha?? get a life , will you!
13. i agree with number 1
tom h   (05.06.07)
14. #10: Israel's friends are sick of its "humanity and ethics"
Observer ,   Europe   (05.06.07)
... we would rather see its survival.
15. stupid leftists! don't use words like "torture" so easily...
stephane ,   france   (05.06.07)
if you want to know exactly what is " torture "; go to irak and look at the bodies of shiies fond evryday in the streets of baghdad after they were tortured and executed by terrorists! go to china, or ask chinese people who lives in europe and were in jail in china! ask people of darfur who are everyday raped, tortured, and killed by the arab militias!!!
16. Torture is illegal under Israeli legislation.
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, Basque   (05.06.07)
Torture is illegal under Israeli legislation and responsible for torture must be dealt with. As simple as that. And pleae, those defending torture- you're talkimg BABLA"T- there is no case for torture in Israel, even if somebody thinks lives are endangered. Iniaki, the right wing Jewish Basque.
17. and Gilad Shalit? how are his conditions?
18. their time would be much better spent in DARFUR, SAUDI ....
abc ,   abc   (05.06.07)
19. a shame we don't torture b'tzelem
20. YNet & NY Times have 1 thing in common
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.07)
Both anti-Semitic, but YNet are self-hating Jews.
21. #10 - What about Jewish human rights?
Judy Y ,   Los Angeles   (05.06.07)
What is that organization's record in protecting the rights of Jews in Israel in situations including but not limited to the following? - suicide bombers - rocket attacks on civilian populations - illegal Arab construction on Jewish land - Uprooting of trees planted by Jews - Unprovoked attacks on civilian men, women and children. - kidnapping of Jewish soldiers by Palestininians - All acts of violence, expressions of hatred, threats against Jewish people. - Relentless hatred campaign by Palestinian media, school books, madrassas. How can a person consider himself a moral person while turning a blind eye to the suffering of people just because they happen to be Jews?
22. umm, what were the PRISONERS' complaints, again?
Antonio ,   Haifa   (05.06.07)
Bad food? Being in prison? Ohhh, I'm so sorry!
23. Sounds like just another day in Gaza to me
Israel   (05.06.07)
24. Oh please!!!
Nothing will happen to you if you stay on YOUR side of the fence and do not attempt to enter Israel. We have every right to do whatever it takes to keep our country safe from these savages. I'm SURE if the boot was on the other foot, an Israeli being held captive by a Palestinian would have a much more brutal time. Stay the hell out and nothing will happen to you.
25. .......SO.........and?
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (05.06.07)
Show this complaint to the mother or father of a child killed in a terror attack!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Left wing self-hating Jewish traitors!
26. verbal abuse is a part of b'tselem's 'slippery slope'
b'tselem ,   are you kidding?   (05.06.07)
Terrorists don't want to give incriminating information. It's not a violation of civil rights to 'obtain information from them against their free will'. If trying to frighten criminals into confessing is illegal, then we might as well get rid of all police forces everywhere. Physical brutalization is, obviously, a horrible thing to do to someone. However, when swearing, sleep deprivation and isolation are listed as internationally-recognized torture in the same breath as physical brutalization such as stoning and water-torture (seen in other ME nations, not Israel), the international community needs to wake up and realize they must be more discerning with their standards. Look at the report: 67 percent of the 49 percent of detainees who claimed they were beaten may have sustained only one injury (that was the threshold). This implies, btw, that 43 percent of those 49 percent beaten detainees sustained no subsequent injuries (beaten = slapped, perhaps?) This is in the same category as being beaten with chains, having cigarettes put out on your body, etc as seen in Iraq. Are we kidding?! And this is even if we ignore the fact that the detainees' words were taken at face value by B'Tselem. (because clearly attempted suicide bombers are such upstanding, reliable people that we should trust everything they say). Such testimonies have been revealed as down right lies in the past.
27. Our FIRST Task Is To Protect Our Citizens.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.06.07)
"... Palestinian Arab detainees suffer physical, mental abuse during interrogations (by Shin Bet), ...". Physical abuse should not be used. Mental abuse is ALLOWED. THESE rascals, the Arab operatives, uses guns, rockets and bombs -- to terrorize the civil society in Israel. SO they, i.e. the Arab operatives, can use force -- but when Shin Bet uses FORCE on them -- then immediately they, i.e. the Arab operatives, CRY and scream. Our FIRST task is to protect our citizens -- and as a consequence of this, PUNISH the Arab operatives severely !!!! THE rule should be : the Arab operatives are using force -- so force SHOULD be used against them. This is NORMAL behaviour -- it is NOT called torture.
28. to#10 eyal
freejay ,   Israel   (05.06.07)
Eyal, have you even bothered to look into who runs and finances this Human Rights Organisation? They have no mandate like you claim and are financed by the saudies......if you dont believe me than go do your homework. If you did then i know you would have a different opinion.Why shouldnt Human rights be comparative? Did you make the rules? As far as i am concerned, trhese prisoners are treated to lightly. I am sure most of the claims are unfounded as we all know the lies and propaganda the pallies use. You are a fool Eyal to believe this crap. You know as well as i do that Israeli jails are like a holiday farm compared to arab jails so quit the leftie crap. To call it barbarism is an extreme overexageration amd i really feel that the actual reason you refuse to compare is because you know you dont have a case!. You never mentioned a word about the pallie informer killed yesterday without trial!!!!
29. This is not news
Still, it's good to see such reports, please keep them coming, maybe one day they will open the world's eyes
30. Human Rights Observer is talking BS
ben ,   singapore   (05.06.07)
What about the Qassams launched into Israel ? What the Human Rights Observers has to say ? Execute the Terrorist on the spot !
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