Debunking a Eurovision myth
Josh Hamerman
Published: 08.05.07, 11:52
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1. Never mind black and white
Freda ,   Israel   (05.08.07)
Eurovision was beautiful in those days. Pleasant, classy, elegant....How things change...
2. "EURO" vision, yes they did change...
Yani Palupos ,   Greece   (05.08.07)
it was no longer european when for some random reason some one decided and asian country should be in a european event... yes it hasnt been eurovision since that day
3. #2 - Yani
George ,   USA   (05.08.07)
The reason for the name "Middle East" is because it's in the middle between continents. Geographically, Israel is equally European, Asian and African. Culturally, Israel is more balanced between those regional influences than any other nation in the Middle East. Due to the Islamization of Europe, the Eurovision contest will undoubtedly be changing drastically over the next years, and Israel may soon appear more "European" than Greece!
4. A response to Yani Palupos - #2
Kate ,   London, UK   (05.08.07)
Greeks employed similar logic when they collaborated in their millions to help murder the vast majority of Jews in Greece.
5. to yani-i bet ilanit with her blue eyes and blond hair looks
mandi ,   israel   (05.08.07)
more european then you. most greeks look like arabs or turks.
6. Greece and the Holocaust
Sonny ,   USA   (05.08.07)
During WW2, more Jews were murdered per capita in Greece than in any other country in Europe. No other country was quite as successful in exterminating its Jewish population. Today, Greece's leading composer calls Israel the "root of all evil in the world". I have a feeling that Yani's despicable bigotry is alive and well among his countrymen. I wonder: Is poor Yani just afraid of competition?
7. Yani, you ain't no Zorba
that's for sure. You sound like a sad frustrated little fellow. Poor boy. Do you dance wearing one of those little skirts maybe? "The Greeks have a word for it", as the saying goes...
8. Ilanit in 1972 looks like Roni Superstar!!
song-watch ,   Haifa, IL   (05.09.07)
"the more things change, the more they stay the same"....
9. # 2 Yani
Avi ,   Israel   (05.09.07)
So many good and important things come out of ancient Greece like democracy and mathematics and knowledge and wisdom and many many many more things. How come the only thing that come out of Greece today are ignorant, narowminded, uneducated, racist prats such as yourself mmmmmm? tell me, what went wrong?
10. #8 in Haifa
Freda ,   TA   (05.09.07)
I repeat, ELEGANCE and CLASS !! Therein lies ALL the difference. I forgive you though, as you probably weren't around at that time. You (like my kids) probably dont even know what these attributes are. Things really have changed, sadly.
11. #8 Just compare the two names
Israeli ,   Israel   (05.09.07)
1. Ilanit 2. Ronnisuperstar. Does this second person have a real name? Maybe her own name is too Israeli for her ( like e.g. Ilanit)? That she needs this strange title tells it all. Just imagine 'Ilanit sooper star'!!! She, and we, would have laughed our heads off in those days. They have NOTHING in common. Ilanit never ever looked like just another ordinary little teenager.
12. To yani (not THAT Yanni)
meg ,   Israel   (05.11.07)
Yani, I feel you may still have some of ancient greece in your blood, but I dont mean the great culture...this has to do with the 'tutu's and pom poms!" WE all know how upset you were about
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