A new museum at Masada
Ilana Fischer
Published: 06.05.07, 15:01
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1. why
mary ,   jerusalem   (05.07.07)
i know that moses and the judism was at the same date of the furouni /but the last left too much remnents of their civilisation // nothing remained from the judism kingdoom /only the religion servive // why ... i do not know
2. #1 why
Ivri   (05.07.07)
Read about emperor Hadrian resolve to wipe out and erace all traces of our herritage and connection to the land( his Palestina creation replaced Judea,Illia Capitolina replaced Yrushalaim,and a temple for their gods replaced Beit Hamikdash). Having said that...i asume your question is indeed legitimate,and not the standard Muslim/Arab musings about us.
3. Masada
Asher Naim ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.12.07)
Is ther a hotel to stay for the night in Masada?
4. Not only a hotel...
Alon ,   Canada   (05.18.07)
but Christian tourists can also see a piece of the True Cross and other saint relics. Muslim tourists can admire a piece of a katyusha rocket. Something for everybody.
5. #3 a Place to sleep
Miri   (05.24.07)
There is the Masada Youth Hostel very nice and comfortable BB . and there is another one in Ein Gedi .I have been there and it is lovely. enjoy
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