Reservists: Next war we'll dodge draft
Miri Chason
Published: 06.05.07, 19:02
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1. Every Soldier
Kate ,   Jerusalem   (05.06.07)
Every Soldier is a human being and deserves recognition for their contribution to our survival. Every Soldiers life would be much better and richer if they didn't have to fight - or give time - or eat rations. And Every Soldier - whether in combat or in the kitchen keeps Israel alive for the next generation. 'Why should I ruin my life?'" asks the reserve soldier? To protect the lives of your children, grandchildren, neighbors, and loved ones. There is no greater reason.
2. Yes, the situation was terrible
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.06.07)
But that is no reason to want to get out of doing reserve duty. These guys deserve more respect. And more consideration and understanding from schools, employers, and families. How about a poster campaign: The Reserve Soldier: He is your husband; your worker; your employer, your student, your professor. Give him the respect due him!
3. Instead of eying the Women,Govofficials must replenish store
Alan ,   SA   (05.06.07)
4. Speaking For Themselves
David ,   Israel   (05.06.07)
Every reservist I know who was in lebanon is willing to go back. I don't know a single one who isn't willing. This is a vocal minority that speaks only for itself and not for all reservists, or even a majority of them.
5. Enough already!
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.06.07)
The government does not care about reservists anymore than they care about low wage workers or students. The reservist deserves the first place in line for a job,the best loans mortgage. The finest weapons,equipment and food. The best training. And honor.They are the reason we survive and not a draft dodger or some unkosher immigrant. And they are more important to us than the filth that sits in the government.
6. Looks like they dodged the protest lol!!
Gil ,   Tel Aviv   (05.06.07)
7. The Reservist needs military motivation :)
ben ,   singapore   (05.07.07)
Pavlon ! Pay them fairly :) What kind of pay is that ? $30 per day ? Come on IDF can do better :) Listen to their plight !
8. The Point Is...
Avi   (05.07.07)
Without BASIC equipment, you cannot expect any military unit to be effective or even have a high survivability. We don't have tens of millions of people to throw at the enemy as a human wall. No bullets, no night vision, no extra socks, no rations, not enough water. Yeah, people will fight, but alot will not and alot of others will not leave. Don't ANYONE blame a single soldier who refuses to muster at the next call up. The government has betrayed it's citizens and soldiers - who come from the entire range of society - ok, except for Tel Aviv elitists. Where the HELL has all the military spending gone. Every single issue cries out for a complete cleaning house of the government ministries. If you REALLY want to criticize those who don't want to show up, prove yourself and jump out of an airplane - not with a chute, but with a blanket, arguing that it will prove SOME drag and MIGHT slow your fall. Time is running out folks - resupply NOW and resupply FULLY. Accept NOTHING LESS.
9. an army marches on its stomach
andy ,   orlando,us.   (05.07.07)
an army marches on its stomach.
10. i guess guys like myself...
Greg ,   New York City   (05.07.07)
...Jews living in America (and the rest of the diaspora) will have to make Aliyah and the do the job that these guys won't do. G-d works in a strange way.
11. Hey Greg, we're waitin for ya'
JPS ,   Efrat   (05.07.07)
So give Nefesh b'Nefesh a call and get the ball rolling. You're invited over to my place for a festive bbq after you arrive!
12. More recognition for Reservists
Sarah ,   Israel   (05.07.07)
Everytime most reservists go on miluim, it affects their jobs, salaries, life in general. It would be ok if most of the country did miluim, but only a small percentage carry the load, and an even smaller percentage are combat soldiers. Give them a proper salary; equip them correctly; give them tax credits; and give their wifes (who turn into single-mothers for the duration); tax credits. Or set up a professional army.
13. #11
Greg ,   New York City   (05.07.07)
all in due time.
14. reservist demonstration
Terry ,   Purvis   (05.17.07)
These 15 are dishonoring the brave soldiers who put their lives on the line every day for their country's freedoms, including the freedom of these 15 weak little girls!
15. Reservists protest
Jonny ,   Modiin, Israel   (06.10.07)
After the last war, I came home and 30 days later lost my job and the job I was interviewing for. This is not the first time this has happened and does the law really protect people like me, of course not. When will I lose patience and stop going when the army calls me?
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