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Al-Qaeda: Hamas betrayed God
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 06.05.07, 22:33
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1. nothing is better than terrorists fighting each other
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.06.07)
get the popcorn and watch the ego-fest reach new depths.
2. Hamas is learning a lesson
David ,   Cambridge, MA, USA   (05.06.07)
Hamas is learning a lesson that so many others have learned throughout history--when you try to please both sides, you often please neither. It's feeble attempts to "govern" the territories while still remaining a terrorist organization have not made it any new friends and have alienated the few (i.e. other terrorists) that it used to have.
3. There's something about those Arabs that will never work out
Takan ,   Eilat   (05.07.07)
Al Quaida is blaming Hamas. Hezbollah is blaming the US and proposes a home for the "fighter Bishara". Lahoud, despite the clear UN resolutions, praises Hazbollah as a Lebanese national resistance army. Those guys are making it almost easy for us. Instead of training with guns, some of them should learn Chess and Stratego.
4. Al Qaeda should attack Hamas
RA   (05.07.07)
How dare those Zionist collaborators of Hamass stray from Islam!
5.  # 3 They are always angry about something
Barry ,   Tokyo   (05.07.07)
Somebody Pleeease! Teach these people tp play RISK or Monopoly! This would keep them indoors and out of the streets.They may indeed adcquire some new skills instead of stone and bomb throwing.
6. The choice for Hamas
Sam ,   Canada   (05.07.07)
Peace for Palestinians and a better life starting now or continued bloodshed in a war in which one can see no light at the end of the tunnel.
7. Disagree Mike
DavidE   (05.07.07)
Sometimes they engage in a rivalry to see who can be more destructive. If they were just fighting each other, then it would be good. But that's not what's happenning. Each tries to outdo the other.
8. Me against my brother; me and my brother against my cousin.
Jeff ,   Cherry Hill NJ USA   (05.07.07)
9. To Yahya al-Libi. While You Are STILL Engaged.
Maansingh ,   The Netherlands   (05.07.07)
You said :"They (i.e. Hamas) betrayed the dreams ...". You mean Hamas betrayed the dreams to make Gaza Strip into a Paradise ? NOT at all. THE building of Gaza Strip into Paradise can only START -- after the Gazans STOPS firing Kassam rockets into Israel. You can't create Paradise in Gaza Strip while you are STILL engaged in firing Kassam rockets into Israel. FIRING Kassam rockets into Israel does NOT help Gaza Strip to develop economically. OR, do you want the Gazans to live in caves also -- like your boss, Osama Bin Who, the cave-dweller ???
10. oooooh, please say al-queda does something
griff ,   tacoma   (05.07.07)
there's nothing i'd like more than to see al-queda attack hamas, i'm not saying that loss of life is funny, but seriously. in a world in which everything is supposedly israel's fault, i'd love to see the world's reaction to arabs bombing and killing each other, that, and the less terrorists in the world the better
11. #5 - Arabs always angry
Dr Freud   (05.07.07)
It must be some kind of sexual frustration. And no sense of humor whatsoever.
12. Who is killing Palestanians?
Daniel ,   Israel   (05.07.07)
Yahya al-Libi if you stop interfering in Palestinian affair; there will be less blood shed; with your presence I see nothing but red color every where. Its not Jews killing Palestinians; its you who is pushing them in front of Israeli guns. Russians; French and others, if you stop supplying arms and ammunitions to; And put strict restrictions on countries like Iran, Syria, Egypt and others; not to divert supply coming from your countries to these groups; there wont’ be al-Queida or Hamas. In spite of these groups highly dependent on supplies from you; see what respect these people have for you?
13. Hamas Taking Money from the Shiite Infidels Iran
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (05.07.07)
Here there is another reason to fight each other.
14. "Anyone who takes this path is bound to descend to hell"
Takan ,   Eilat   (05.07.07)
Al Quaida' hell must be pretty close to the Jews' Paradise. Are they really Evil, or just bad humans?
15. Classic eg. of Pot Calling Kettle Black
john ,   nz   (05.07.07)
Al Qaeda vs. Hamas : Sunni vs. Shite To us they are all the same. It's all about power play and control. Like everything else, they drag God into the equation.
16. For #3, not just Arabs
Sadhasiv ,   Washington DC, USA   (05.07.07)
This is a major problem with Muslims as a whole. One need only look at:
  1. 1971's "Operation Searchlight" (genocidal massacre of 2.3 million MUSLIM Bengalis by 90,000 MUSLIM Punjabis and mohajirs
  2. Current situation in Darfur, of MUSLIM Arab against MUSLIM Bantu/Nilotic
  3. Sunni-Shia communal troubles (long-running) in Iraq, Pakistan, etc
  4. Taliban atrocities against non-Pushtun minorities, and even devout Sunni Pushtuns
  5. also long-running communal troubles between Pushtun, mohajir and Punjabi currently raging in Pakistan
  6. recent troubles between Fatah and Hamas
17. LOL..
Scott ,   Saint Louis MO, USA   (05.07.07)
Is Al-Quaeda really arguing the point that Hamas hasn't killed enough people yet? Or are they bragging that they do it better?
18. #16 - Excellent website
Otter   (05.07.07)
An excellent website that keeps up with the latest outrage or violent event around the globe and that has a lot of background for those doing research is:
19. # 3, 5, 11, 16, 18
usa   (05.07.07)
Wow, you all are a bunch of ignorant Islamophobes. Do you really think that Muslims are more inclined to violence than other people? Do you not remember WWI or WWII, which were the deadliest wars in the history of the ENTIRE WORLD? Those wars were instigated and carried out by mainly WHITE EUROPEANS. This is not to mention the centuries of suffering Europeans and Americans imposed upon native populations around the world! European settlers would go out around the world trying to impose their "civilization" on native populations and in doing so slaughtered many many innocent peoples. In the US, American settlers slaughtered the native american population and then stuck them in reservations. Also, us American had our own civil war, where cousin would kill cousin. Again if I remember correctly it was two NON-MUSLIM countries which were responsible for the largest arms build-up in world history. Also, my American government supported and often put in power ruthless dictators all in the hopes of advancing our American interests. America has started pointless and terrible wars (Vietnam and Iraq) which have led to the deaths of millions of innocent civilians. So while the Muslim community has its own problems which they need to solve to end the deaths of innocents, we as White Americans/Europeans or even Israelis, have NO RIGHT to look down upon or think that we are better than Islamic societies. Yes certain people of the Islamic faith have much blood on their hands, but also certain people of the Christian and Jewish faiths have much blood on their hands as well. Americans, Europeans, and Israelis are really no better than Muslims.
20. #19 - Islamophobia means fear of Islam. Why not?
Otter   (05.08.07)
While you mention violence in the European and American past, those were power struggles that didn't have the implication of a takeover of the world and subjugation of non-Muslims as explicitly indicated by Islam leaders. If you wish to call us Islamophobics, meaning afraid of Islam, yes, we are afraid and extremely concerned of the way in which this ideology is expanding throughout the world, whether by immigration or by violence. You say we have "NO RIGHT to look down upon or think that we are better than Islamic societies", I say WHY NOT? Put them side by side and start comparing everything, from the standard of living, to individual freedoms, personal safety, educational levels, you name it, we're way ahead. As a woman I would much rather live in a Western country than in an Islamic one. As a Jew, I wouldn't even be allowed to live there. As a mother, I would have to watch my children being indoctrinated in hatred and violence. As a wife, I would have to fear my husband and relatives, lest they disapprove of me and decide to discipline me, to say nothing about my lack of rights to do very little beyond reproducing and serving the family. I gave the website The Religion Of Peace and I hope you have accessed it because it boggles the mind how much violence and suffering is being perpetrated all over the world in the name of this ideology.
21. To #19
Sadhasiv ,   Washington DC, USA   (05.08.07)
How much you obfuscate. There are some critical facts you cannot deny. (1) More Muslims were killed by Muslims between 1066 (Battle of Hastings, chosen for convenience) and 1966 (Tashkent Accord) than by non-Muslims. (2) More Muslims have been killed in communal violence IN KARACHI ALONE (one city in Pakistan) since 1985 than in ALL COMMUNAL VIOLENCE (J&K included) since 1951 (3) No other religion than Islam has ever done GENOCIDAL wars (specifically "Operation Searchlight", current Darfur happenings, Taliban atrocities) against its own adherents (4) Name any other religion which has claimed that "descendants of FORCED converts are heroes, while those of VOLUNTARY converts are cowards". Quote is from Robert S. Payne's "Massacre", which descxibes "Operation Searchlight"--and confirmed by one of my Bangla colleagues, a Muslim Chittagongite.
22. To #20
usa   (05.08.07)
What do you mean the European and American past of colonization was not an attempt to take over the world and subjugate other populations! Have you ever heard of "The White Man's Burden"? To go around the world to "civilize" and Christinize the native populations of the world. How is that not considered wanting to dominate the world? Colonialism was an attempt to take over and dominate the entire world and I don't think there is a way to disprove that. European and American powers went around the world trying to see how much land and how many resources they could control. And my problem is with what you term as Islam. Yes, I am afraid of al-Qaeda's version of Islam spreading around the world, but I have many, many Muslim friends who do not subscribe to al-Qaeda's views. So to point to Islam as an entire religion as the problem is rediculous. Finally, I was pointing more to the violence aspect when I was speaking of not looking down on Islam. I do not believe that Muslims are inherently more violent than people of any other faith. There are violent extremists in ANY religion, Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, even in Bhuddism! Yes, Islamic societies do have much work to do in terms of individual freedoms and equality, I do not deny that. What I do deny is that violently forcing equality and democracy on Islamic societies will never work. On an interesting sidenote Iran democratically elected a progressive PM in the 1950s. Sadly, the US and Britain overthrew Mossedegh, because he wanted to nationalize his country's oil. Then the US and Britain made the Iranians suffer under the rule of the Shah for the next 26 years! In terms of personal safety I feel much safer in a Muslim city of Cairo, Ramallah, Amman, or Jordan, than I do in NYC or DC. As for standard of living, there are many many variables that go into that and Islam is not a major variable in that. For instance, are Americans better than black Africans because we have a higher standard of living?? If "The Religion of Peace" website is the only exposure to Muslim societies you have than that is a very sad and unrealistic perspective on Muslims. I have traveled to many Muslim countries and have many Muslim friends. Perhaps you should travel to Muslim countries as well and realize that children are not indoctrinated to hate and that Muslims are not as bad as your website makes them out to be.
23. #22 Where are they?
DeAnna ,   USA   (05.09.07)
I myself also believe that not all muslims are violent......evil people. The problem is......everything that is going on and all the hate and evil we are seeing done by the extremist. What I dont understand is......why more muslims countries or peoples are not speaking up or trying to help put a stop to it?! I dont get why we have virtually not heard a positive voice out of the muslim community. Is it fear? As long as the extremist voices are all the world hears there is going to be a stereotype attached...anyone who DOESNT know a muslim only has what is going on to mold their views of islam. You cant deny that what is being really just NOT SO GOOD.
24. #22 - My response
Otter   (05.09.07)
Sorry, I sent you my response twice and got censored.
25. #22
Otter   (05.09.07)
My responses were detailed but I'll just give you my last point. It's rather a question: why would anyone think of using that ideology we were talking about as the only alternative to all the ills of the West. I'm not disputing that there is plenty to criticize in the history of the West. However, why choose that Eastern ideology, which limits personal and political freedom to such an extent, (and a lot worse that I'll self-censor) in order to fight against injustice. Let's use higher principles, aside from any religion to do our best, in a peaceful way and in a lawful way, to aim for a better life for all, a life with freedom for all and respect for those with different religions or points of view.
26. Al Oaeda's and Hamas GOD is SATAN
ben ,   singapore   (05.27.07)
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