Thousands of Israel supporters march in New York
Associated Press
Published: 07.05.07, 08:12
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1. OK now let's look at this again..
HJ ,   Israel / USA   (05.07.07)
I'm for Israel as a state...not necessarily a jewish state, as it is a democratic country. Right? But let's look at this march from a different view. Let's say Islamist wanted to march in the US for support if Iraq and do everything like the people who were a part of this article would NOT have been as positively received....not to mention the mayor of NY along with other politicians such as, Gov. Eliot Spitzer, Rep. Jerrold Nadler and Rep. Anthony Weiner would not be chanting from a bullhorn "Am Iraq Chai!" or "Long Live Iran!" The only truest statement from this article was "Nothing here to celebrate! Israel is a racist state!" Those who can see would know this!! The english site didn't show the video of Israeli drivers driving around a man who crashed his scooter near an intersection and the other Israeli drivers there just drove around him and let him die. This is how Israelis view themselves. You don't matter, get out of my way, I need to go. I ask all Israeli people to stop for a moment and reflect on how you view other people in the world and ask your Self.... how can I do more to treat people like I want to be treated!!?? Thanks and may peace be with you always!!!
2. HJ (#1) - Feel free to move to Iran!
YMBMY ,   Modiin, Israel   (05.07.07)
It's sad that people like HJ forget that while Arabs are allowed to be in the Knesset in Israel (and commit treason in certain cases), Jews in Arab countries are not even allowed be have a regular life. Heck, when the US sent troops to save Saudi Arabia from Iraq in the 1990's, the Saudis did not even want any Jews amongst the troops. It's incredible that all these nutcases blast Israel for defending itself from suicidal enemies, all the while knowing that they would not be able to live as Jews in the Medieval Arab countries, and that these countries continue to sponsor terrorism against the US. So HJ, before you go and criticize America's only friend in the Middle East, perhaps try living in Iran or Saudi Arabia. One last thing HJ - since you love these Arab countries so much - can you please go to Syria and: 1. Get Goldwasser and Regev 2. Get the other MIA's back 3. Have the Syrians stop diverting water from Israel 4. Have the Syrians return to Israel the body of Elie Cohn so he may be buried in his homeland. 5. Have the Syrians produce Alois Brunner , the Nazi mass murderer. 6. Get the Syrians to stop funding the Hezbollah terrorists. 7. Convince the Syrians to give up their aim of destroying Israel. After you get those 7 items done, I'll be happy to march with you. Until that point, stop being so self-hating.
3. to #1
John ,   Jerusalem   (05.07.07)
You're right, a parade promoting Iran or (insert name of extremist Muslim regime here) would not have been well received in the US, but it still would have happened. That's democracy. The politicians that participated in the march did so because they choose to support Israel, a fellow Western style democratic nation surrounded by terrorists that want to eradicate them. Seems like an easy choice to me, and I don't think too many politicians would be at your support Iran march. If you think that Israel is such a cruel and oppressive regime of "occupiers", etc, then I suggest you trying living in Iran for a day, just so you have a basis of comparison.
4. looks like gays parade
5. As usual the Palis show their hate along some self-hateful
Danny ,   USA   (05.07.07)
Jews! Who breeds the self-hateful Jews?
6. #2 well said.
and in addition: 96% of all terror attacks in the world are made by muslims. of course it wouldnt be recieved well to see muslims demonstrating or making a support-walk in a democratic country.
7. #1, We know the difference between you and Israel
AK   (05.07.07)
and we choose Israel every time. You don't understand it? I don't really expect you to, given your deranged sense of values. Except for the lunatic left, we've got your number --we also saw you dancing on 9/11, we saw you blow up children in a pizza parlors, shoot pregnant mothers and babies point blank. And now I will call my sen. Hillary to ask her if she attended Israeli parade, and if she didn't I let her know my mind.
8. hillary
new yorker   (05.07.07)
She goes every single year. At least every year since 2000 even before she got elected. look it up
9. #2 shut your beak. #7
AR ,   USA   (05.07.07)
First off the arabs who support terror against US and Israel have a legit beef. IE Israel and America occupy their land. (this is not up for debate kids check it yourself if you need to its common knowledge) If china built up a base in california and america didnt have such a powerful army dont you think americans would support terror against china. Anyways in iran for example jews live pretty much the same as everyone else (crappy but equaly crappy) Their are jews in the parliment and jews are protected by the gov. How succesfully they are protected is up for debate. Iran unlike israel dosnt occupy its neighbors land and bomb their children. Iran dosnt use the united states to impose sanctions on its enemies while protecting itself from any diplomatic response using america veto. If israel want to be treated like every one else allow others to deal with you through the UN dont go running to VETO USA because if you do how can others get what they want without attacking you? Im not saying they like your country but stop with this terrorist talk. If a palestinian is a terrorist then the Indians (both of them) were terrorist under occupation. Then the jews and french of were terrorist when they resisted German occupation and extermination. And please shut your trap about democracy. In america if you are succesful at showing people the palestinian plight you go to jail (sami el arian) You are talking about western democracy in the Middle east. These are totally different cultures. They dont want to be like you or me they got their own lives. Maybe if US would stop supporting the dictators and running all the democracies out of the ME we wouldnt be hated by all those people. Oh and #7 just so you know the FBI arrested some israeli Mossad on 9/11 who were seen video tapping and dancing on 9/11 when the WTC was hit. They were dancing on top of a van and giving each other high fives while americans were burning alive in those towers so check yourself. If i was a palestinian i wouldnt shed a tear for america when the bombs that destroy my home read made in USA. Your the lunitic.
10. Hey AR.
mb ,   NYC   (05.07.07)
Please when us know when the next Aryan Nation meeting is, okay? Oh, and it's your turn to bring clean sheets. Also, look up the proper way to use grammatical possessives. It'll help in our propaganda, brother.
11. AR, #9--typical stupid lying bigot
Phil ,   US   (05.07.07)
AR, you are incredible. First of all, your rant is full of lies and simplifications. Your description of Israeli agents celebrating after 9-11 only happened in your mind. Yeah, I know that you are going to quote some bigoted and lying source. Go ahead you lunatic (by the way that is the correct spelling of lunatic). According to your sick reasoning, 9-11 occured because the US occupied Arab land. Really? Tell me doofus, what Arab land did the US occupy prior to 9-11? People like AR are useful because their writings show how stupid, bigoted and dangerous they are.
JP   (05.08.07)
13. Pictures of the parade
Jacob Richman ,   Ma'aleh Adumim   (05.08.07)
Hi Everyone! A friend of mine was at the parade and sent me pictures. I posted his parade pictures at: Enjoy the pictures. Jacob
14. Answers.
AR ,   USA   (05.10.07)
The FBI arrested members of mossad. They were identified by witnesses as celebrating and the FBI also said they were mossad they even admitted it this is a fact its not really up for debate they did it. Im not saying mossad was responsible or anything but they were happy to see us get hit because they new what it meant israel would have a free pass against anyone deemed a terrorist. The united state was occupying Saudi Arabia AKA the holiest nation in all of islam. Doofus. 9/11 was a direct response to the way the us treated afghanistan after the soviets pulled out (we pretty much allowed a bunch of thugs with weapons go around killing everythin in sight) It happened because of the sanction we placed on Iraq (even after saddam had disarmed which he did cause we went to war to find those weapons and guess what they werent there) those sanctions killed over 1 million Iraqis most of them woman and children. At least half were children. The support of the US for Israel against the palestinians was also another reason for the attacks. (if you think it was because they hate us and our freedom your ignorant and naive) You think some arab guy on the other side of the planet gives a crap if we have premarital sex. They could care less. Im not saying they should have commited those acts but they had more of an excuse to attack us then we did when we attacked Iraq. We attacked Iraq for greed. Oil. They attacked us out of revenge. (our policies in the ME dating back decades).
15. Phil are you an adult?
AR ,   USA   (05.10.07)
If you are you should already know all of this.
16. Thanks for the great photos, Jacob!
Susie Q ,   Israel   (05.18.07)
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