Metal will bring peace
Ronen Tsumer
Published: 13.05.07, 15:45
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1. "common ground"
Mastodon ,   dubai, UAE   (05.13.07)
i am of syrian origin and like the mass majority in the arab world, i want peace. Dubai is a melting pot with people from all over the world living here side by side with absolutely no quarell. this beautiful fact was higlighted by the recent dubai desert rock festival where killer bands like mastodon, megadeth, in flames, machine head, etc...have rocked metal heads from the gulf arabs, to syrians, lebanese, french, british, americans, norwegians, sweedish, aussies and from all countries and religions. its really strange how music, especially heavy metal can scrap away all racial and ethnic differences in people, maybe because metal heads are a minority, hence we stick together. Word of advice or the israeili metal band, search well and you will find loads of syrian and lebanese metal bands who are willing to collaborate together on a song or sounds stupid but this can lead to good things
2. In support of the two bands, Mastadon, and normalization
Noam ,   Boca Raton, FL   (05.13.07)
This is a very impressive bond between two bands willing to put petty differences such as politics aside and unite on a common love of music. Music can serve that link between members of two opposing communities. I fully support Blood Ink and Seek Irony's collaboration. The ultimate goal should be for them to go on a ME tour- including playing gigs in Jerusalem, Beirut, Dubai, and Damascus. Let them show that us Jews and Arabs play the same guitars, listen to the same sounds, and dance to the same tunes, as we are all human beings with loves at the end of the day. And especially let those such as Nasrallah and his ilk, who represent hatred and division be compelled to listen to this heavily distorted, loud, rambling Metal and be thrown in a moshpit where we'll get to see just how brave Hizbullah really is.
3. Orphaned Land is also popular in the region
Logic ,   Israel   (05.14.07)
4. Seek Metal!
Jeff ,   Kansas City US AND A   (05.14.07)
Several years ago the Seek Irony gang came to a Hillel bowling and Shabbat dinner event I hosted... These guys are totally amazing people and full-blown butt kicking rockers... I was lucky enough to also catch their show up in Hollywood too - I just hope they can get a tour through the midwest sometime! Welcome to the wild world of Jewish Rockers! Population - KISS, ANTHRAX, RATM, RAMONES, T-REX, NOFX, Seek Irony and many more!
5. "Heavy Metal Will Bring Peace"
Dan Cohen ,   Ramat Gan Settlement   (05.14.07)
Yeah, the heavy metal of an F-16 missile on the heads of the leaders of Hamas will bring peace, I agree.
6. Metal brings peace
russel ,   Tlv   (05.14.07)
On a small scale, many of us were united by Metal in South Africa in the 80's.
7. Well, I don't know if peace will emerge from it but.........
Cameron ,   USA   (05.14.07)
it's always a good thing to rock! Zeppelin or death!!
8. Well, I generally hate rock music and am against peace, ...
sk ,   USA   (05.19.07)
but the Israeli rockers are really hot.
9. amazing song
taylor ,   usa   (12.24.07)
this is an amazing song. i love the message it is trying to send out. i honestly hope that things go well for all of you. congratulations on making it so far, and on everything you've accomplished
10. Everything we are
Shannon Magee ,   Texas, U.S.A.   (12.24.07)
This song is fantastic...what a clear message that we could all stand to learn from. The talent displayed is overwhelming. I hope Seek Irony goes on to do wonderful things with their music. We as young people need a new source of music that is not filled with hate but with peace. I think Seek Irony will change the face of rock music and some day be a huge part in bringing people together.
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