Peretz told war commission he thought army was prepared for war
Aviram Zino
Published: 10.05.07, 10:44
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1. Of course the IDF were trained.
David E. ,   Jerusalem   (05.10.07)
They trained themselves on those innocent 10,000 Jews they had just dragged out of their rightful homes. And that's why the defense minister had estimated that the whole campaign would not last mroe 10-14 days.
2. In other words he should have never taken
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.10.07)
the job as Minister of Defense.And olmert should be thrown in prison for appointing him.olmert is ready to sacrifice the sons of others while his were draft dodgers.
reuven ,   usa   (05.10.07)
4. What we all missed !
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.10.07)
The GOD (G-D) 's factor. *** He stays in everyheart. We dont do anything, He lets we do all in fact. *** ALL LOSINGS HAVE SOME WINNINGS ! SOMETHIMES WE LOSE !!! BUT IN DEEP, WE GOT A GREAT LESSON FROM THE GOD (G-D) *** Arabic or Israelies ; Most of them living out of THE FAITH. look at rich arabic countries ! how they stay out of the FAITH. Israelies !!! Go to Israel, go out night time !!! LOOK THE TORAH PEOPLE HOW FAST LIVES THEY HAVE. *** Those places suppos to be HOLY PLACES ! But, But : THE SOUL OF THE HOLY LANDS IS IN TORTURE BY ITS OWN BOTH PEOPLE. *** What to tell You more ? Nothing. I am same way as you are. No FAITH. This is wrong. I am a kind of Jerk but I never stop to advice. Atilla Karagözoğlu
5. Atilla
ben ,   singapore   (05.10.07)
Happy Birthday I didn not forget your 10th May ;) Cheers :)
stephane ,   france   (05.10.07)
how is it possible that the IDF is not "trained enough" for any war at anytime?? israelis are living for decades surrounded by ennemies who attack them all the time,so how can tsahal afford himself not to be ready?? those news are incredble...did olmert peretz thought that because we left lebanon in 2000 so it means we have peace with the nazislamists?? tembelim!
7. You are paid to do and check, not to think!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (05.10.07)
You should have checked. Who was the boss? You failed. Your incompetence has cost us lives, our reputation and worst of all, we STILL have not got Eldad Regev and Udi Golwasser back. You also contributed greatly to Hezbollah's propaganda machine. Mr. Peretz, have the decency to resign! Halutz, will all his faults, did the right thing. You MUST go!
8. Peretz good for Industry strike-NOT military strike
Alan ,   SA   (05.10.07)
9. Ben
My Big Brother, Ben :) Thanks. Tell Mom I love Her and Her Childreen. Atilla karagözoğlu
10. What a farce!
Ram ,   London   (05.10.07)
A defence minister that DOES NOT know if the army is ready and yet starts a war. A prime minister with unlimited powers to act that blames the IDF for a failure he incited. AND an IDF that is costing the state an arm and a leg and yet not prepared for combat? My feeling is that the IDF was restricted by Olmert and Peretz in its action and was forced to send young man to the slaughter instead of delivering devastating blows to the enemy. Why? So as to please the international Jew-haters.
11. +/- of dis engagement from Gaza
Jeff ,   New York   (05.10.07)
The "+" was thatt Sharon avoided the jail and came up very wery well; Olmert became welthier and PM; Livni became FM and are on the "Time" list of important people. The "-" are: many, many people are dead; Kassam rockets from Gaza.
12. dont take responsibility for failures but accept praise
zionist forever   (05.10.07)
He loves to go on about what a great defense minister he has been and how well he does the job but he says himself he thought the army were prepared for war but the reality is they were not. This is what you get when you make one of the founders of peace now the defense minister whose idea of taking a first strike is to stop working before you start asking for a pay increase. How did Israel ever end up with so many idiots and oportunists at once. Olmert Peretz Halutz Livni Now the other waste of time former primeminister Barak wants to replace Olmert next thing Yossi Belin will be after the top job. Need to get rid of the whole lot of them and then put copitent people in the right jobs and if somebody makes a mistake they say ok I am responsible I will resign make way for somebody else. The whole government is politicly corrupt
13. to think ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (05.10.07)
Peretz thought the army was ready . That was not enough , You had to be SURE that the army was ready .
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