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Halutz failed to deliver
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 10.05.07, 19:58
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1. Halutz failed to deliver my Pizza on time.....
Al   (05.10.07)
I want a refund. Seriously do you really expect there to be leadership when Israeli society in general has become the poor poor schnorrer in the family? Israel today is a shell of what it was and what it could have been. Enough said...I am tired.
2. The reason he was appointed - disengagement
Alex ,   LA, USA   (05.10.07)
This was one and the only reason he was appointed the Chief of Stuff. No other reasons. None. For the same reason Olmert got his job - disengagement. If not for disengagement Olmert would had been a deputy minister because he had 30+ place on the party list. Peretz got his job only because he was and is the symbol of the Labor Party, the most loved Labor leader, the first on their list. So don't blame these 3 people. They were doing what they were elected to do: give jobs to their friends.
3. Halutz - we don't have access to the censored material 1
redkmike ,   tel aviv - Israel   (05.10.07)
I am not a Halutz supporter and after he said 'my main concern during he war was that no Israeli soldiers would die', I posted various blogs saying 'anyone that says this is not fit to be the chief of staff'. However he is not the main culprit and he made the honorable decision and resigned. At the moment, I regard every article that attempts to deflect blame from Israel as 'suspect'. It is clear that Olmert and Peretz should resign so why is Ron Ben-Yishai trying to protect him. There are several journalists that I have already made a note of that are on my Olmert spin list - and Ron Ben-Yishai is now on my 'watch' list. Not yet a 'never read him again' but getting closer!
4. halutz
sas ,   israel   (05.11.07)
HE BELONGS HERE n NOT IN HARVARD due to all his FAILURES. Cut off his tuition and bring him home to face reality!
5. Bint Jbeil and Maron ar-ras were irrelevent
Danny   (05.11.07)
these weren't the start. Olmert and Peretz gave Hizbollah a "victory" when they made silly speeches about "destroying Hizbollah" and changing the "rules of the games" - now a title of a book in arabic on the 2nd Lebanon War available in Arab capitals, try and guess it's slant. Israel lost when it failed to manage the media war, when it's useless diplomats weren't able to sell it to our Western "allies" and when the media portrayed every single loss as some catastrophe - in fact it was Israel's easiest war from a casualty point of view, even Defensive Shield was more lethal. It was when MKs would come out of meetings and say completely different things, when Peretz et al would change his mind every 30 seconds about the post-war scenario. None of this has to do with the army.
6. Enough Blame To Go Around.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.11.07)
There is no point in trying to figure out who was most to blame - they all did a pretty lousy job. Their predecessors did their part as well. As a matter of fact, things have gone from bad to worse since Oslo. Our real problem is fixing our dysfunctional political system. We need accountability. MK's must be elected from districts where their performance can be scrutinized by their constituants. MK's should not be allowed to take ministerial positions. Our political elite needs to be reminded that they work for us. If they do a lousy job, they get fired.
7. halutz
sad ,   israel   (05.12.07)
only in israel does one fail and get promoted to harvard................ DISGUSTING.
8. halutz
SAD ,   israel   (05.12.07)
IF he failed - WHY Harvard??????? The 2 do not go together. I do not want to hear the word "tradtion". He screwed up in the war - he should not be given a reward.
9. halutz
joe ,   israel   (05.12.07)
does a low score in your psychometry get you into law school or medical school here or anyplace in the world. what is this TOTAL failure doing in Harvard?? Harvard - I would be embarrassed that he even appears on your student list. get rid of him. he has lots of questions to answer here in israel and really should be under house arrest or behind bars. he committed a war crimes. he certainly has destroyed many israeli families forever.
10. How did Halutz get his top job?
Andi ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.29.07)
How unqualified Halutz got his job as chief of staff of the IDF we all know. Ariel Sharon appointed him. If we accept Ben-Yishai's analysis, which makes sense to me, then we can point our finger at Ariel Sharon. In fact Sharon bears direct responsibility for at least one other disastrous decision, "disengagement" from Gaza. Anyone who keeps himself abreast of the overall goals of Palestinian society (ie, Destroy-Israel) could know what would happen when Gazans were left to their own devices. The proof is in the pudding.
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