Hamas kids' website incites against Israel
Published: 12.05.07, 20:42
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1. he looks nothing like mickey. his ears pulled back
oferdesade ,   israel   (05.12.07)
his ears are pulled back, he speaks arabic, he doesnt eat pork... i dont even think he wears white gloves.
2. Teaching children to hate
Edith ,   USA   (05.12.07)
Isn't that what Israel has done?... Is there a child in Israel who doesn't see a Palestinian child as his enemy ?. .Where Israeli girls signing missiles to bomb Lebanon children a sign of peace? Is it OK to teach Israeli children to 'hate'' Palestiniand and not acceptable for Palestinians to do the same?
3. 2 - Attempting equivalence? Some key differences you omitted
observer ,   USA   (05.12.07)
1) Is there an Israeli child who doesn't see a Palestinian child as his enemy? Yes, several! I guess you forgot the plethora of Israeli children encouraged to take part in programs such as 'Seeds for Peace', Meretz Youth, etc - all programs with huge numbers of members, whose purpose is to encourage dialogue with and understanding of Palestinians, promote humanitarian values and the two-state solution, etc. 2) The Israeli children with the bombs: Leaving aside the fact that this was a staged photo at the request of the photographer, there are still two important points. a) There were at least TWO documented forms of anti-Israeli incitement by Hamas in the past week alone. Meanwhile, people like you have been bringing up the ONE incident of the missile signing from almost a year ago over and over as the 'glaring example' of Israeli hate. 2) the girls wrote messages TO NASRALLAH, not to Lebanese in general - aka, an example of discerning between a violent leader and Lebanese civilians. The Hamas program talks of the 'Jewish enemy'. They're not even discerning enough to distinguish between Israeli Jews and other Jews. 3) It is unacceptable to teach children to hate. The State of Israel doesn't do this. I won't deny that there may be hatred taught to certain children in Israel, but it IS NOT done so in a government or party-sponsored manner (recall, when there was one Israeli party calling for a transfer of Arabs (Kach) that party was disbanded and outlawed). It is certainly not done in an organized, propogandized manner in Israeli media and party-affiliated websites. In contrast, Hamas - one of the key parties in power - is inciting children in this case. And though other parties speak out against this, they do nothing to stop it. That is tantamount to government-subsidized hatespeech and hate-teaching. So you attempt to imply some sort of equivalence between the Israeli leadership and Hamas leadership? Only this week, Livni spoke of a two-state solution while Hamas still refuses to recognize Israel and refused to review its Mickey Mouse incitement, saying it had an 'important educational message'. So please, who are you kidding?
4. Mickey Mouse article
Chuck Tannenbaum ,   USA   (05.12.07)
Living in the US, some would say this is none of my business, but it does seem odd to me that currently on this site directly above the Mickey Mouse article is another aritcle in which Tzipi Livni says "I believe I represent most Israelis and I can confirm that Gaza is not the last move"
5. Aside from the obvious reactions
Tracy W   (05.12.07)
I can't help but notice the total absence of creativity in the great minds of the PA, who couldn't even come up with their own children's character and had to borrow from the West - as usual - this time our own beloved Mickey Mouse. I think that the real Mickey should speak up - repeatedly and forcefully - to the children of the world, and send them a message of peace and tolerance and warn them about the impostor and murderous Farfur. Of course a well-publicized lawsuit would do very nicely too.
6. And this is one of the mildest cases of incitement
Tracy W   (05.12.07)
involving Palestinian children. See what's on
7. edith, logic???
ash ,   gush etzion   (05.12.07)
that is really convoulted logic you are using. where are israeli children taught to hate. your assumption is that palestinian children are taught to hate so israeli children must be. your ONLY evidence is the actions of a few idiots who wrote messages to hizbullah, not children, who were bombing and killing them. how is this the same as the established leadership calling and preaching hate to children? you have to show like for like and i challenge you to find anything state sponsored which teaches young children that arabs deserve to die? i await your answer.......
8. what is it with the american soldiers.i cant stop crying.
mandi ,   israel   (05.12.07)
we must all pray for them. what a sad day. may god protect them.
9. #4 What's your point?
10. Hello Disney???
Jake T ,   Alaska   (05.12.07)
Do you have the balls to take on Hamas TV? We're waiting......
11. Edith!
uzil ,   U.S.A.   (05.12.07)
Please keep your mouth obviously don't know what your talking about. Observer...right on!
12. #3 is one of the best responses I have.....
Adam ,   Manchester   (05.12.07)
...ever seen to a posting that contained little thought and and even less substance. (number 2)
13. #2 Teaching children to hate Edith
Lina ,   USA   (05.13.07)
The Oslo Accords required Israel and the Palestinians to include peace language in their text books. I don't know of any examples of non-compliance by Israel. Edith, If you have information to the contrary, present it now. You use this isolated incident of the young girls signing missiles for a photo shoot. The fact that these little girls had been holed up in bomb shelters during the war, hoping not to become victims of terror, doesn't phase you in the least. And since you consider this a significant example of Israeli hate, please post what the girls wrote to Nasrallah, the evil man trying to kill them. It was written in Hebrew. Do you read Hebrew? The Palestinians are dumbing their children down by feeding them lessons of hate and ignorance. These children learn that the way to achieve their goals is through violence and force, not through creativity, innovation and intelligence. This is not an example of Islamic superiority. It is an example of primitive, short-sighted behavior.
14. OK we got it, enough Farfur
;)   (05.13.07)
Looks like this is the best argument Israel can bring up these days.
15. My point for #9
Chuck Tannenbaum ,   USA   (05.13.07)
My point is that with Hamas TV programs like Mickey Mouse (and other incitement documented by MEMRI and PMW), it seems to me that there is no partner for peace. I thought there would be criticism of Livni's remarks and indeed now another YNET article at,7340,L-3398916,00.html shows this to be the case.
16. Gee, and after all you've done for them. What ungrateful
Aparthied ,   Boston USA   (05.13.07)
17.  Hamas LEARN HUMILITY throw away the ANIMAL in YOU !
ben ,   singapore   (05.13.07)
Humility is crucial in healthy bonding. Arrogance divides people. Preoccupation with your own desires and needs separates you from others. Humility allows you to appreciate another person and bond with him. Bonding that is just an extension of your own needs is only bonding tighter with yourself. Healthy bonding is the union of two distinct people, with independent personalities, who join for a higher purpose than satisfying their own needs. True humility comes from recognizing and acknowledging G-d in your life. Am I aware of the third partner - G-d - in bonding? And that this partner gives me the capacity to unite with another, despite our distinctions. Exercise for the day: When praying acknowledge G-d specifically for helping you bond with others.Be HUMAN, BE KIND !
18. #16 Hatred is expected, but not child suicide
David ,   San Francisco   (05.13.07)
As #16 says, it's pretty stupid to expect Palestinians not to hate us or "incite," as they like to say in Israel. A headline like "Hamas Teaching Hate" gets a "duh" reaction from me. But encouraging their children to commit suicide to "annihilate the Jews" is something different.
19. #16
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.13.07)
Teaching little children to hate a whole people is never justified, ever. If they grow up and they end up in incidents with IDF soldiers and then their hatred grows that's a different story. But that's not how it works in Palestinian society. And BTW, considering that during the late 60s and 70s Israel was actually building universities in the region and improving the area economically until the pointless and extreme intifada, I would say it actually is ungrateful. Israel treats injured Palestinians (injured by their own side or just in accidents) in its hospitals only to have those patients return as suicide bombers and try to blow up the hospital. Every misfortune and humiliation is a direct result of some Hamas stratagem- whether it be using a pregnant women to bypass a security check and let a bomb go through, or smuggle weapons in tunnels underneath homes. With programs and television like this it's obvious that scorn for the Zionist "monsters" is a fabricated hatred which uses religious extremism as a rallying call and poverty by PA negligence as a catalyst. This programs is NOT justified...and if you watch the whole thing, Israel is not the only "topic" featured on the show. Global theocratic dominance is also supported. You're an idiot.
20. #10 , they didi but it's to dangerous.
jason ,   usa   (05.13.07)
it was in the newspaper.
21. CNN's Ben Wiedermann reported that before the show there was
lakshmi   (05.13.07)
a video showing the massacre of an entire family of 7 on the beach by the IDF.Only a young girl survived.Israel may or may not show TV programs about killing children but it sure does the real thing!
22. A CNN news item appeared at the noon hour on the very day
Vijaya   (05.13.07)
that the Mickey Mouse show aired,where it was reported that Memri which does translations of the Arab programs had mistranslated some of the messages in the show.
23. The future in a terrorist factory.
unpainted   (05.13.07)
Hamas got so much to give children-so much hate and destruction.
24. It's endemic child abuse.
Micha   (05.13.07)
There needs to be a human rights group in gaza and west bank immediately to figure this out. And abuse of women is also rife. Please tell lakshmi to go into the area and solve this. She seems to have all the solutions.
25. #2 Edith
Margaret   (05.13.07)
There are unfortunately a minority of Israelis that do hate the Arabs,but it is mainly out of fear and anger because of the suicide bombings and other terrorist acts, and as a result they teach their children to hate and be prejudice against Arabs. That is sad and regrettable,but the kind of racism and hatred against Jews is much worse in the Palestinian society. Most of the schools,mosques,teachers and relgious leaders constantly teach the Arab children the Jews aren't even human and should be exterminated.In one televised documentary from Gaza, the Arabs children all referred to the Jews as pigs and they talked about how much they wanted to kill Jews. Last year,a Muslim religious leader even referred to the Jews as the "Aid's Virus" and said they should be exterminated off the face of the earth.
26. #21
the entire world knows about this incident. it was shown on every tv and news media source around the world......the palis blames israel. guess what! it was not israel. it was staged by the palis to blame israel. it was proven and israel was exhonerated. you are either misinformed or a very big stupid liar. there was a huge investigation about this incident and israel was not found at frault. so, go on dreaming. israel was not at fault either during the lebanon war massacre. remember that one....all a big lie by hizbullah. big guy, you should have seen a movie an israeli dron camera took last year about a funeral procession in jenin. there was an islamist terrorist on a stretcher full of blood, being carried by his friends with thousands of people whailing and crying. very convincing in front of the many media journalists and their cameras who were filming this big joke of an event. the minute there were no more cameras and the stretcher turned the corner on a side street, the drone took a photo showing the "dead man jumping off the stretcher and leaving the scene". this was in fact doccumented in the news last year and shown all over. i guess you have been sleeping or you conveniently watch the most twisted arab lies on tv ever existed. then again, no one trusts arab tv. we all think it is a joke!
27. 26 Don't stop now. I'm sure you have an entertaining explai
Arpartheid ,   Boston USA   (05.13.07)
explaination for every one of the 600+ Palestinians killed last year. How about the little girl who shot herself eight times? The family that called in a tank barrage on their own home. The child who detonated a stun grenade next to her own head. Don't forget the wounded girl who threatened to kill the Palestinian ambulance personnel so she could be left alone to bleed to death and so embarrass Israel.
28. as the French state Viva La Difference RIGHT ???
M. segal ,   Mpls America   (05.14.07)
The words civilian and so children both start end with letters C N as does civilization conservation etc point is there fore what difference does it make what television states it throws no rocks shoots no ak 47 assault rifles fires no quassams soldiers are not children this is real life am aware seeing the opposite only makes or should make Israelis Jews realize just how isolated a minority we are I belong to many christian chat rooms am isolated etc for being Jewish this Micky Mouse thing is no different than what we face every day to me RIGHT ??? THANK YOU... M. Segal
29. For the two ignorant authors of posts #21 and #27
ArcBlatt ,   USA   (05.14.07)
First to #21, get your facts straight. An investigation, which was not given any light by the mainstream media proved that there was no Israeli involvement in the deaths of that family. Please visit and get some perspective. A one news outlet solution will never be enough. For #27, please visit the link above and start swallowing your apartheid mentality up. By the way, the word apartheid is spelled as I am currently using it in this message. Based on the type of posting that you have presented, it is doubtful that you even have a clue of what the word means or how it can be even applied to an open society as Israel happens to have. There have been deaths on both sides of the Israeli-Philistinian conflict. Yet, you dare only present a one sided worldview that was most likely thought of by someone else. There is always brutality when there is conflict. However you want to look at it, Israel is talking about a two state (suicidal) solution while the other side of the bargaining table remains empty. That is the bottom-line.
30. Hamas and Israel
Pat Blair ,   USA   (06.22.07)
Perhaps a take on what Israel does to incite hate toward the Palestinians by Jewish children, would be appropriate, too. Or could we just focus on Israel ending its illegal occupation of Palestine and what positive results could follow?
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