More than half of Jews willing to divide Jerusalem
Lilach Shoval
Published: 13.05.07, 02:25
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1. YOU freaking wish !!!!
2. Where's the disconnect?
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.13.07)
16/21% believe there'll never be peace with the Palis, but 58% want to make concessions with respect to Jerusalem. If the chances for peace are so slim, why make concessions?
3. Why would they want to agree to divide?
jack bauer ,   USA   (05.13.07)
Excatly what could Israel expect in return for dividing its capital? In my humble opinion nothing but future violence and continued problems. Showing weakness and rewarding terror can only encourage the perception that Israelis are gullible and that continued aggression will ultimatly be rewarded. What peace is the one being offered? -the peace of the dead- and their bones would probably feel uncomfortable with it as well
4. Being sacarstic
ben ,   singapore   (05.13.07)
Jerusalem for more dividing I thought Jerusalem was alread divided long ago through out the crusade, islamic invation bla, bla blaaaa :)
5. But you must give up the Temple Mount
Mike ,   Atlanta USA   (05.13.07)
So what % agrees with that? And what do the rest of World Jewry believe? After all, Israelis may not have the ability to concede any part of Jerusalem.
6. Dividing Jerusalem
Menorah ,   USA   (05.13.07)
Sure, give the Arabs half of Jerusalem and then they will be back for the other half.
ISRAELIS NOT THAT ,   STUPID........DACON9   (05.13.07)
8. The Jews are very impatient while the Arabs are patient
Roger ,   USA   (05.13.07)
Patience will decide the outcome of the conflict.
9. Why is it I don't trust this poll
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (05.13.07)
Why is it I don't trust this poll
10. 58% stand for nothing
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.13.07)
You believe in nothing and so you are quite willing to surrender anything and everything for nothing but lies in return. The Faithless 58 % will get neither peace or security. You encourage those who seek to exterminate you by your weak and cowardly appeasment .
11. More and more jews starting to support arab demands
zionist forever   (05.13.07)
Zionism and the will to fight in Israel are dying today its the easy way out that a growing majority are looking for .. mainly because the dominante left wing brought up on oslo and all the other peace plans. Jerusalem officialy became a red line never to be crossed whan Barak offered it to Arafat now its officialy on the table and Olmert has publicly supported dividing the city. Even the refugee issue has become a pink line that the left wing politicians are looking to find a compromise on rather than simply saying no deal no compromise like they once did. Succesive governments have also cutting the millitary budget more and more while the arabs and Iran are spending more on their millitary over the past 10 years than they have in decades. The arabs are also getting smarter politcly with their plan that says Israel gives up everything in exchange for alot of arab promises .. the tables are slowly starting to be turned in favour of the arabs and Israels left wing politicians like Olmert and Livni are all in favour of it. Also as a result of the Iraq war the US are now more willing to put preasure on Israel to make concesions in a hope that it will help stabilise Iraq. Israel is loosing its strengh and influence in the region
12. Tragic Mistake
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.13.07)
I think, Israel just about guaranteed its eventual demise by granting Israeli citizenship to non-Jews.
13. Call for Elections
Abe ,   Brooklyn, USA   (05.13.07)
Let's take a REAL poll. These poll results are quite suspect. We know their agenda, let's see how the people really feel!
14. Divide J'lem? NEVER
Hinda Blas ,   San Francisco   (05.13.07)
The Israeli of today is not the Israeli of 40 years ago when a miracle occurred. I do not trust the poll nor would I trust the agency that reported it as appeasement is very ripe within the Israeli government as well as in the views of the "lawmakers."
15. In exchange for "peace"
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (05.13.07)
How about in exchange for a pizza? At least you can eat a pizza.
16. dividing Jerusalem...
Connie ,   VA, USA   (05.13.07)
would be a mistake. For one, God has warned that anyone who messes with His city is trouble. Secondly, I agree with talkback no. 6 that peace would only last long enough for them to demand the other half.
17. from a very sad new olah
Meira Marks ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.13.07)
No. Never. Jerusalem is the ETERNAL and UNDIVIDED capital of the Jewish State of Israel. As a new olah, who made aliyah in January 2004, I just don't get it. I have watched Jews expel other Jews from their homes in Gush Katif, only to have those very homes become launching pads for terrorists to fire qassams at Israeli cities. Communities were destroyed, synagogues were descecrated, the hi-tech greenhouses ruined, thousands of Jews made homeless. For what? Has this brought Peace? I have cringed watching pictures of police mounted on horseback run other Jews out of their homes. I have seen the Pulitzer prize winning photograph of one lone 16-year old standing up against the forces of those who would expel her from her home. Now, FM Livni says we are willing to give up more of Judea and Samaria for "Peace." This so-called poll says that over 1/2 of Israeli Jews are willing to see Jerusalem divided. Something is VERY WRONG HERE. When will these people ever get it. When will they understand that "Land for Peace" is a MYTH? It is Land for Land. It is Land for PIECE. Give us More and More Land... Will we give you NO Peace... Instead we will demand yet another PIECE. Who was it who said words to the effect that insanity is repeating the same mistake over and over and over again and expecting a different result? When will we EVER LEARN???
18. 8
zionist forever   (05.13.07)
The problem is the arabs have plenty of patients and a willingness to hold out whilst Israelis dont. I sadly cant see Israel being willing to hold out 40 years to get a state in all the land captured from Jordan & Egypt including Jerusalem and Temple Mount the arabs have that will to wait decades. Time to admit that sometimes its the arabs who have the right idea having patients that doesnt exist in Israel.
19. #11 - The public supporting Arab demands? It seems that way
Otter ,   Canada   (05.13.07)
But I'd rather not believe that it is so. 1) This poll, like all polls, is supect. We don't know the actual questions, or who were those polled. 2) Yes, the government makes too many concessions but we don't know for sure whether the public actually supports those concessions. I doubt it very much. The unpopularity rate of Olmert is one indication. Although I don't have first-hand knowledge, it seems to me that the Left continues to lose credibility. I hope I'm not just making assumptions based on my own wishful thinking, but maybe if there were elections today, the Left would be wiped out except for a small percentage of loyalists plus the Arab vote.
20. 5
zionist forever   (05.13.07)
Mike Dividing the city may not be in Israels best interests but with Temple Mount some kind of responsible international body should be created and given responsibility over it. It cant be given to the palestians the jews would never see the place again and it would be wrong. Leave it in Israels hands and the weak politicians are going to let the arabs carry on with illigal constructuion, destruction of archeology and an attempt to keep jews away. An international body can make sure that everybody has a right to go there and will stop illigal construction and archeological destruction.
21. They wont stop until israel dead - expansion only way
Andrew ,   Miami,FL   (05.13.07)
22. Change Head Line to : ONLY 15% BELIEVE THERE COULD BE PEACE
YB ,   NJ   (05.13.07)
Miriam ,   ISRAEL   (05.13.07)
Both the Jerusalem Post and Ha'aretz have articles about polls regarding dividing Jerusalem, peace with the arabs and giving up land with totally different results. Most DO NOT want to give up Jerusalem. Get your facts straight!
24. #17- Most normal Jews would agree with you
Otter ,   Canada   (05.13.07)
Maybe they didn't at the start of the Disengagement, but they do now. So where is the problem? Maybe it's in who is giving the orders in Israel. Not the Israeli public, that's for sure. It's the US/Saudi conspiracy to defeat Israel through sheer bullying.
25. Jerusalem is not for sale!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (05.13.07)
This poll is 100% B.S.
26. I don't trust this poll either.
Tracy W   (05.13.07)
27. 25?
then why do people buy land and houses in jerusalem?
28. YAH, WHERE DID you take the poll...Tel Aviv? Haifa?
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (05.13.07)
This type of thinking will only contribute to our continued punishment from the Heavens for our lack of faith and forgetting who we are as Jews.
29. Ignorant Americans
Adam ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.13.07)
The Temple Mount is Judaism's holiest site. Would the Muslims give up Mecca under ANY circumsances? Just cause they built mosques there and have called it their third holiest site since the early 20th century, doesn't mean that it's theirs. Jerusalem is the holiest site to Jews and Christians. It is NOTHING to Muslims.
ami ,   USA   (05.13.07)
I guess you don't consider the Old Testatment, I guess you don't care about the Lord G-d of Israel, who is your landlord. Since He's your landlord, He didn't give you the permission to divide Jerusalem. You are actually pokin' in His eyes. You are inviting curses on your heads!!!! Keep jerusalem and the land of Israel (including West Bank, Gaza and Golan Height) INTACTED!
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