Lod residents protest Arab neighbors
Eli Senyor
Published: 13.05.07, 03:46
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61. Story a lil backwards
cody ,   baton rouge   (05.16.07)
Just like we don’t go live in their neighborhoods, they shouldn’t come live in our neighborhoods."??????? you are already in their neighbourhoods, unlawfully i might add
62. Racism ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (05.16.07)
if in other countries this would be called racism , here it's another problem : SECURITY . That's the difference . Sure that not all Israeli Arabs are terrorist , maybe some can support this . But safety first . Regarding their claim on this country , most of them , i'm talking about the past generations of them , came here only AFTER the Jewish settlements in the 1880's . Before this date the then called Palestine was not so full of them . They came to find work [ better conditions than with their arab bosses ] to make a living . Now they claim that this country belongs to them , they never did something for it . Till 1948 , during the british mandate , what did they built ? Schools ? hospitals ? labor organisations ? sick funds ? Universities ? No nothing was built by them , contrary to the Jewish inhabitants . If you don't devellop a country , you can't have any claims on this .
63. Lol, all the comments justifying racism are pricelss...
some guy ,   Montreal   (05.16.07)
of course we can't have arab neighbours, they're terrorists. Or how about the guy who compares legally purchasing a house from somoene with trying to justify illegal settlement activity. Or how about the ultra-childish, "we have no problem with arabs, but they better stay out of our neighbourhoods." Israel has been a spectacular failure precisely because of this kind of coginitive dissonance. Good luck with that.
64. even in the islamic republic of iran
Mary ,   Bethesda, MD   (05.16.07)
Even in the Islamic Republic of Iran, which many people consider to be less democratic and free than Israel, many Christians, Jews, and Muslims live side by side in the neighborhoods of Tehran. There is no excuse for this behavior. It's overt discrimination based on nothing more than overblown stereotypes of an entire ethnicity. This is not an issue of Muslims v. Jews, as Arabs can be Christian, Muslims, Jewish, or any other religion. This is an issue of Israeli Jews failing to accept Israeli Arabs as citizens and equals.
65. Mary
charles ,   petach tilva ,   (05.17.07)
It's possible , but they have no interior security problems , those neighboors are no potential killers .
66. speechless
randomlurker ,   you ess of A   (06.07.07)
i am utterly appalled and mortified by this behavior. i'd use stronger language but even that is eluding me in light of this absolutely inane situation. did any of these people consider their actions, oh i don't know, racist? my goodness, if i could have five minutes alone with the ringleader...
67. hello bigots :) !
Laila ,   Palisrael,Haifa lol   (01.14.08)
im a half palestinian and half israeli syrian. Jewish mother, christian arab father. so that makes me arab and jewish too. So? am i excluded from this just jew neighbourhood crap arent i a fellow jew or being an arab means im not welcome . GO TO HELL RACISTS!!!!! ur just as bad as the arabs who r jew haters. thinking arabs arent worthy enough to live in ur neighbourhood is racist. u ppl who think this is good thing to do, SHAME ON U!!!
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