Sderot residents call for action in Gaza
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 13.05.07, 04:59
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1. Petertz
ben ,   singapore   (05.13.07)
and his political leg and diiplomatic leg . Kick him out by his ass ! and Petertz want to be finance minister ? he has the cheek ! Kick him out . I say with the other two !
2. How dare they make demands
Ehud Olmert ,   Dubai   (05.13.07)
The residents of sderot have no right to make demands of me, or Tzipi. we have our rights too. How are we supposed to make ourselves loog good to our Arab friends and the Emir if you keep making stupid demands like "the government has an obligation to protect its citizens." The only obligation I have is to build my new gorgeous sea-front villa in Dubai. And as long as the residents of Sderot keep whining, the Emir gets antsy. If they don't like the qassams, they can always move. I understand there is cheap land available in Baghdad!
3. Would someone explain that 22% for either Barak or Ayalon?
Joel ,   NY   (05.13.07)
12% for Barak and 10% for Ayalon. Why? It seems rather odd. Who are those Sderot residents?
4. #3
Marcell ,   Israel   (05.13.07)
Symptomatic of the underlying problem: no strong leaders to be had in Israel at a most crucial point in her history . . . we all fear the worst, as we have been weakened from within.
5. #2, Olmert- You're doing fine, my boy
K. Abdullah ,   S. Arabia   (05.13.07)
I'm proud of you. We appreciate all your efforts and those of your close allies, dear Livni, and dear Peretz, oh, what a wonderful boy he is too. Please carry on, you're doing wonderful while your citizens suspect nothing. Oh, so very clever of you. Just keep on conferencing with dear Condi, another one of my dearest friends, and she will pass on to you my instructions. Please follow them to the letter, as usual. I think we have a good thing going, George, Condi, and me. And ah, yes, and you too, of course. What would we do without you, dear Ehud. Well, I've got to go now. Hang on to your job. We are counting on you. There's so much to do, so much land to be given to the poor Palestinian people, so much money to be raised for their rightful resistance, ah, I mean for Abbas police forces. Bye bye, dear boy. Sleep well. They suspect nothing, heh! heh!.... Just keep on telling them is all for the sake of peace with the Palestinians. They'll buy it! Hee, hee!!!
6. Impossible to believe that Peretz has 30% support in Sderot
redkmike ,   tel aviv - Israel   (05.13.07)
'Seventy percent said that they felt Defense Minister Amir Peretz should resign for the same reasons'. I would like to know what the question was that was asked. I would imagine that Peretz has only the support of his family in Sderot ! The question was probably only related to Winograd and didn't ask 'do you think that Peretz should resign?.
7. Wasn't moo-faz the minister of defense
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.13.07)
when the army did not train for war and the warehouses ran out of supplies? What about the murder of our soldiers on the no.border on his watch? I think the kassams have rattled the brains of the residents of Sderot! Some want barak?ayalon?
8. Will 1000 Rockets Be Needed Soon?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA. USA   (05.16.07)
"Don't tread on me", should be Israel's permanent policy towards the Arab militants and the Hamas gov't. It's obvious that Hamas and Islamic Jihad and Hezbollah, are taking themselves too seriously. They believe, and why not, they are on a par with the Jewish state. It aint' so. BUT, ISRAEL'S ACTIONS ARE FUELING THEIR PASSIONS AND BOLDNESS. Just read some posts to understand Arab delusions about their power. Israel defeated 5 Arab armies, then Egypt and Syria and Iraq. 100 Syrian jets were shot down. Egypts armies were near destruction until Russia intervened. The Canal was Israels until Eisenhower got involved (a bad mistake). Within 24hrs, Israel can destroy Hamas and Hezbollah. Mofaz for defense, okay,'s the P.M. that counts. One suggestion: bomb Damascus and Aleppo..then the Syrian-Lebanese border, on the Syrian side with incendiaries, maybe a few bunker busters. Taking out Syria will end this thing once and for all. Tell Egypt to mind it's own business..send those 1,000 missiles to Iran for 10 days each if they pursue those nukes.
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