Police: TA murder nationalistic
Avi Cohen
Published: 14.05.07, 21:51
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1. What will happen?
EM ,   Ra'anana   (05.14.07)
If we find out that the taxi driver was killed because he was an Arab, in other words, for nationalistic reasons, will the authorities to raze the French immigrants apartment?
2. Why Do Two Young Men Invite A Male Stranger Into Their Home?
David ,   Marietta USA   (05.14.07)
There is more here than meets the eye; that or these 2 guys are absolute psychopaths.
3. #2 stop pissing all over yourself..there is much much more
Jamie   (05.14.07)
to the story than what the "POLICE" in Israel are saying. They have a history of making it up as they go along. They have redefined the word "LAZY" and "STUPID". Dont read too much into what they have to say!
4. To #2
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.14.07)
It doesn't diminish the inexcusable crime those two committed, but what's even more puzzling is why this cab driver went with them.
5. What will happen? will IAF bomb Tel Aviv?
Salameh ,   Gaza, palestine   (05.14.07)
6. and it had been Russian immigrants
stam ehad   (05.14.07)
I wonder if i'll see here tens of talkbacks like "send them back to France", "whom do we bring here", and so on. I am sure that if the murderers have been russians the talkbacks ( at least at hebrew) would have been different)
7. # 2 in order 2 kill him
Tareq ,   Jerusalem   (05.14.07)
8. nationalistically motivated murder
observer   (05.14.07)
nationalism ! , that's what is truely called anti-semitism, idiot !
9. to EM #1
yoni ,   jerusalem, Israel   (05.14.07)
nationalistic murders happen all the time. there has never been a policy to raize the houses of all nationalistic motivated murderers. if that was the case there would be alot less arab houses in israel. the policy has been terrorists houses. terrorism includes suicide/homicide bombers who target mass civilians and try to harm state security. nice try
10. ###1,9 Israel has to level their house to the ground
observer   (05.14.07)
it takes how many to kill "nationalistically" to be considered terroristic act. Next time, the perpetrator has to take his ownlife ! Leveling their house is the least Israel can do, especially because the killer has no familly living in the house to worry about ! That's the rule of the game put by Israel.
11. Can you imagine
Steve ,   Isael   (05.14.07)
One can only imaginethe outcry if a jew was slaughtered like this in France. Disgrace that sick racist vermin are allowed to mix in our midst. Just last week a Jew was murdered in St Petersburg for antisemitic reasons - these men are no better than the neo-nazi from St Petersburg and once again it is in the guise of religion as as in the Goldstein travesty we witness such a facist murder. I dont remember such a dispical act being performed by those nasty radical secular lefties. SHAME on all of us
12. Nationalist or Crimial
EM ,   Ra'anana   (05.14.07)
Yoni...nationalistic murders do NOT happen all the time....and there is absolutely a policy to destroy the homes of convicted terrorists...whose actions are deemed nationalist in or to distinguish them from "criminal" acts of placing bombs in gangsters cars.
13. have we already forgotten what they did to us?
jj ,   TA   (05.14.07)
all the murders and bombings. i heard that every time a bus blew up in TA. the east jerusalem arabs would celebrate with parties.
14. shame! lock them up! i feel bad for the poor person
cohen ,   Israel   (05.14.07)
15. stop the murders, stop the hating..please..arabs and jews
jewish   (05.14.07)
16. to #9
amazed ,   israel   (05.14.07)
Hey wake up I didnt see the arch terrorist and suicide shooter Baruch Goldsteins house being raized. Open your eyes to where you live before yo give your smug answers
17. Murder is murder
Steve ,   USA   (05.14.07)
B"H I always wonder when I hear "nationalistically-motivated murder" what that can possibly mean. When a nation decides to kill in its defense, that is war. When an individual decides to murder an investigation needs to be completed and the individual needs to be brought to proper justice. Enough of this "nationalistic murder". Murder is murder and it needs to be dealt with. Right now that is not by the standards of Torah Law, so let I see the consequence.
18. By the way
EM ,   Ra'anana   (05.14.07)
Just to be clear...I do not not believe that the apartment of the French immigrants should be destroyed, as I don't believe the homes of terrorists should be destroyed.
19. Crime
Iossef ,   J'lem, Israel   (05.14.07)
The crimes from arabs againt jews do not justify crimes from jews against arabs. They must be judged and condamed for their crime. That's it. Justice must justice for all of us, the same.
20. Remember
Avraham ,   NYC   (05.14.07)
Death of any innocent person - irregardless of his ethnicity - is sad and must be condemned. However, lets not villify the Jewish people here. Such murders of Arabs by Jews happen VERY rarely. Do you remember what the French Arabs and blacks did to Ilan, the French Jew they tortured for three weeks and who died of his wounds? Was there mass condemnation from the Arab sector back then?
21. There's bound to be psychos intent on starting a civil war
Otter   (05.14.07)
Arabs suspect these two are psychopaths. I hope both are dealt with as harshly as the law permits it.
22. to 9
So how many people do you have to murder to be called a terrorist??
23. Let Me Repeat: Why Invite A Male Stranger Home With You?
Davd ,   Marietta USA   (05.14.07)
I don't question the nasty nature of the crime. But most people hell bent on killing people don't do it in their own living room! As I said, there is much more here than meets the eye. Police inventing stories as they go along? I never put that past police, Jewish or Goyish. Hate crime? I'm sure it played some role, but why make such a mess in your own home? Someone has to clean up the blood! As for #7, let me repeat yet again: you don't invite strange men into your home with the idea of cutting his throat on the livingroom floor unless you are an absolute psychopath. I don't doubt the murder intention, just the location. If you want to commit a "hate crime", whatever that might actually be in the real world, I'm sure there is a more convenient back alley somewhere in Tel Aviv to do it. I hope someone has the sense to call in the vice squad, at least for some questioning. As presented, this story has a lot of earmarks of a sex crime in addition to murder. Inspector Poirot, anyone?
24. Destroying the house
Way to think it thru ,   Jerusalem   (05.14.07)
If we would all take a look at the reason Israel destroys the house of a terrorist it is not an idea thought up by Israel. It is the historical law of the land that predates the establishment of the State. Now, if you would like to consider yourselves to be "progressive" and say Israel has no right to be in Gaza etc... international law dictates that when land is taken in time of war, the original laws of the land apply. Thereby, in places where it was previously existing law, the rule of destroying the house of a terrorist is carried out. In other cases, this is not the policy of Israel as, once again, Israel did not create this policy. So if Israel were alowed by international law to institute it's own policy, it would probably look slightly different. As it stands, a terrorist in the territories does not get to keep those four walls. Oh, and I guess it would only really be fair to take down these brothers' house if the French government were going to supply them with some sort of gift reward in cash for killing an Arab as Arab governments do for acts of terror. Politically correct is like being functionally retarded.
25. There is no justification for this!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.14.07)
This is murder - pure and simple!
26. If convicted let them rot in prison
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.14.07)
This is just outright murder and cannot be tolerated. Just like those Bedouins who went around on a rape-spree, these immigrants, however they may have suffered from Arabs in France, have no right to lure random Arabs and brutally murder them. This has nothing to do with politics this is about pure criminality. I'm also "nationalist" and I'm not going to go around murderring people out of 'nationalistic motivation" and call that an excuse. There is NO justification for this whatseoever.
27. to#9
Jim ,   NYC   (05.14.07)
"terrorism includes suicide/homicide bombers who target mass civilians and try to harm state security". That's exactly what Israelies have been doing to the Palestinians for over 60 years
28. # 23 ???
MK ,   USA   (05.14.07)
Are you stupid or something ? They invited the male stranger you idiot TO KILL HIM. I cannot believe how the reviewers try to find justification for this ugly murder. This is really too much. Why are you trying to justify this killing by mentioning what the other side does ???? Two wrongs do not make things right. Seriously, do you guys have a modicum of common sense or something ??? The hatred that is inside you is beyond comprehension.
29. #23 don't worry about the blood, it's good for matzah, but
observer   (05.14.07)
the question is; why an immigrant would do it ? I assume that every immigrant has to "prove himself' as demanded by those who are to take care of them; the real psychopathetics.
30. #23 don't worry about the blood, it's good for matzah, but
observer   (05.14.07)
the question is; why an immigrant would do it ? I assume that every immigrant has to "prove himself' as demanded by those who are to take care of them; the real psychopath.
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