Police taking TA murder case 'very seriously'
Ali Waked
Published: 15.05.07, 00:51
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1. No free meals in some prison.
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.15.07)
These guys should be made to work for the rest of their sorry lives to support the dead man's wife and children.
dovie ,   us, ny   (05.15.07)
The arab racism and hatred have coused this murder and the rivers of blood flowing in the Middle East and across the world. the arab MKs are the culprits in this murder, since their actions and words generate encitement.
3. Chutzpa
Phil ,   US   (05.15.07)
The cold-blooded murder of an Arab is deplorable and the murderer should spend the rest of his life in prison. However, for the Arab MK's to moan about Jewish incitement against Arabs is the height of hypocrisy. Palestinian proppaganda against Jews and Israelis is now comparable to the nazi propaganda of the 1930's and 40's. Jews are portrayed as either subhuman or all-powerful. Religious leaders call for the extermination of the Jews and even Micky Mouse like cartoons are used to incite children to become suicide bombers. All of this propaganda is condoned by Arab governments. Israel does not sponser such disgusting racism and the murder of the Arab was a story only because it happens so infrequently.
4. They murdered - they get punished.
Scooby ,   Ramat Gan   (05.15.07)
There should be no difference in the punishment just because the victim was Arab. These two need locking away for a VERY long time with no excuses. Preferably life.
5. I'm so sure...
Daniel ,   Columbia, USA   (05.15.07)
That Arab MKs calling for the destruction of Israel, and their open visits to Arab Muslim states at war with Israel had absolutely NOTHING to do with this! Not to mention the Pro-Palestinian marches in support of Azmi "007" Bishara just recently. The Time for Transfer has come!
6. racism
Avi ,   ny   (05.15.07)
Bigotry between Arabs and Jews is neither racism nor antisemitism. Both are semites and of the casucasion race. Get your definitions down before using them inapprpriately. Racism is a form of bigotry not a synonym.
7. Terrible act
Dan   (05.15.07)
This is probably cold-blooded murder and if found guilty, the purp's should be given life. As for those traitor Arab MK's expressing their outrage - tell somebody who cares. These scumbags have incited so much violence and caused so much death in Israel. They should also be on trial.
8. The Arab Mk's
ben ,   singapore   (05.15.07)
This bunch of Arab MK Polititians been supporting the Arab Terrorist who have been killing Jews all these years. In actual fact it is the Arabs who stired up Racial Tensions and now the reap what the sow. Bad seed bad tree, bad fruit . Thats ALL. As for the Police, they should have napped the murder suspect by now.I susupect it could me their own taxi drivers gang !
Arthur ,   S Francisco   (05.15.07)
10. yes Dont Rush, eventually the murderer will be caught...
ben ,   singapore   (05.15.07)
might even be the imigrants, tax services is relative !
11. terrible crime is result of incessant arab attacks
dante ,   uk   (05.15.07)
the crime is the work of a criminal. though it is premature to describe the factors that influenced the perpetrator, one need no further than the arab/muslim war against the Jews. there is no anti-arab agitation in Israel. hamas, fath, hizb, kassem, bishara, tibi, etc. are more than enough to explain any reaction by Jews. OF COURSE, IT COMES AS NO SURPRISE THAT THE CORRUPT POLTIICIANS REFUSE TO ACCEPT ANY RESPONSIBILITY.
12. No Sympathy For Rabble Rouser MKs
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (05.15.07)
In fact, this Arab MK is just proving again, the nature of the 5th column within Israel. To lump every Israeli into this stew is absurd, and also dangerous. All he is doing is inflaming passions. I would ask him about the rhetoric that came recently from that cleric on PA TV, or the leader of the Islamic movement to the north. These people, from an American perspective, are really beyond the pale. Murder is not to be condoned, but incitement to hatred should also be a crime, for which these Arab MKs out to be thrown out of the Knesset. The hatred is palpable in Israel...and will lead to disaster for all if it continues.
13. Arab MK's
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (05.15.07)
They talk about rising ethnic hatred...they must be reading the Islamofascist press.
14. taxi driver slay
i think he should be allowed to fight in the IDF since he did such a good job as a private citizen. i mean after all we are at war with these people and they do blow us jews up, frankly he should make a good soilder and get a medal for his efforts
15. More empathy in Hebrew Ynet
Isragirl   (05.15.07)
I would like to mention, that unlike here, the Hebrew website is full of messages of condolences for the victim's family and utter disrespect for the murderers. I don't know who are the people from USA, UK, Singapore whatever that can't show compassion for the victim of this terrible crime, yet another result of the senseless tragedy of our region. It's obvious that regular Israelis, who endure this pain every day and not just read about it online, understand this for what it is - a cruel, unnecessary murder of an innocent civilian, a father and a provider for a family with 5 children. May he rest in peace.
16. Image what we, the jews, feel when around Arabs
G ,   Israel   (05.15.07)
Murder is murder. Yes Mr Tibi - its deplorable. But maybe you could be so vocal when your brothers and friends kill innocent people of another religion!! HYPOCRITE! You are very selective about whose lives are worth something.
18. a dog bites a man story.
now, if it was an arab murdering a jew, it would merit but a short mention, but not much of an outrage -- far too common -- daily, in fact. lets face it, jews are being attacked daily with a varied rate of success, but that only gets a paragraph in print ... or nothing at all.
19. #14
So you mean that every Arab murderer deserve to serve the IDF instead of going to prison?
20. #14 - You are mentally sick in the head
Israel   (05.15.07)
21. Destroy the murderer house
Khaled ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.07)
22. no, i am not mentally sick the head # 20
i am correct that is all. why dont people see how all is fair in war as arabs have done this to our people. the real problem as i see it is we need to get rid of all arabs to make a truly free andsafe land for our people. SA and 22 other nations do not allow for a multicultural land and the arabs will never repsect us until we can show them that we can be just like they are. do not hold us to a higher standard then they have because they do not understand nor do they respect that. they see it is a weakness...our citizens get stabbed all the time and they can not even catch the perps. eye for an eye and tooth for a tooth.
23. stop
debbie ,   NOLA   (05.15.07)
come on guys- yes,terrorists do shed blood and we know this.But to just kill Palestinians and try to justify murder is exactly on their level.We must always remember that we are civilized people and as human beings, murder is wrong on every possible level.Never lose your humanity.
24. Israel must be CLEAR OF THE ARABS
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.15.07)
this case is an ordinary crime. The Taxi Driver ! why he went that place ? A stupid act. I am sory for His Childreen and Family. *** in a few 100 years, THE MIDDLE EAST WILL BE A FIRE BALL. There will be civil war in Israel. There will also be Arabic Hunting. THE ARABS AND ISRAELIES CANT STAY TOGETHER IN LONG RUN. *** What to do ? give them very good money ! send them where they want to go ! Help for anything they need. You can send them to ; Canada, America, Australia, Palestine, Iran....whereever they want ! FOR A NEW LIFE ! *** You can say that ; The Arabs are also the owners of where they live now ! Well it sounds nice. But they will never feel that. Its better to leave. *** RADICAL ACTS MUST BE TAKEN IN ISRAEL. EVERY ARAB IN ISRAEL IS FUTURE DANGER OF ISRAEL. THEY MUST HATE ISRAEL. THIS IS REALITY. DONT CLOSE YOUR EYES TO THE REALITY. DEMOCRACY !!! HUMAN RIGHTS !!! THESE ARE BOTH DEAD. FUTURE IS TOO BAD, TOO BLOODY. BETTER TO PREPARE FOR IT. sorry Atilla Karagözoğlu
25. The racist tibi...
linda   (05.15.07)
Well well mister tibi speaks again! If the taxi driver had been a Jew and the killers arab we would not have heard one word from you mister rasist himself. but you know tibi, alla knowes best and alla was on our side long before your people found a g-d!
26. taxi driver
Me ,   here & now   (05.15.07)
How sad for his family. Lots of press on this one. It was a terrible thing to do. But remember the MKs are the inciters. What a screwed up system.
27. Isragirl no. 15 thank you for saying it well (end)
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (05.15.07)
28. Arabs celebrate when they murder Jews
BigE ,   Israel   (05.15.07)
Why are we agonizing over this? Because Jews have a conscience. Because it's rudimentary in Judaism. It is written in our Torah and Talmud that murder is forbidden and wrong - unlike the Muslims who take the murderous passages of the Koran literally and who are propagandized from infancy to hate "Crusaders" and Jews and dedicate their lives to murdering them.
29. #15 Isragirl..
Lynne   (05.15.07)
Thank you.. I hope you're right about the fact that regular Israelis do not support such crimes that no sane human being could support.. some of those living in the US, UK and elsewhere find it very easy to incite hatred between Palestinians and Israelis since they never suffer from the aftermaths of this hatred..
30. R.I.P
Anon ,   Jo'burg   (05.15.07)
The Arab MK are causing hate, again. this is a once off incident which they hope for and dream about everyday, so they can infuriate the situation! The MK's are full of hate and are a cancer to Israel. they dont say a thing when its the other way around. May He rest in peace, and may we so no more useless hate in our small nation, MK's included
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