Travel  A Trip to the Past
Jerusalem in the 1920s
Nadav Man, Bitmuna
Published: 17.05.07, 00:52
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1. Thank you very much for these beautiful pictures
Roberto Gutierrez ,   Madrid, Spain   (05.17.07)
2. That shows Jeruslam as an Arab and Islamic city.
Jamal ,   Ramallah   (05.17.07)
3. thanks alot ynet
yossi ,   tel aviv   (05.17.07)
4. #2 Jamal is Hallucinating
Rafi   (05.17.07)
The sketches are of Jewish homes in Jerusalem, Rachel's Tomb, The Western Wall of the Temple, Hebrew University, Kibbutz Ramat Rachel - Just goes to show, a Muslim looking through a telescope at the Moon would swear to Allah he sees Arab Islamic cities, and camels eating the Moon's green cheese.
5. hallucination
Ali Ziad ,   Washington, DC   (05.17.07)
do we know for a fact the drawings themselves were hallucinations put on paper just yesterday?
6. looks like #2 is dead wrong!
Robert Goldman ,   cooper city Florida   (05.17.07)
from the cover alone you see the JEWISH area....... the Arab parts look to be in ruins....
7. another artist in Palestine in 1925
Sandy ,   Reno, NV   (05.18.07)
Water color sketches from Palestine in 1925...
8. Islamic ass. To Jamal et al:
Ed ,   New York   (05.18.07)
In the the delusional minds of Muslims, a violent conquest by Arabs from far-off Arabia in the 7th century justifies their possession and negates all others that came before. Until Islam learns to see others as something more than just prey for their predation, no peace is possible
9. Yeah right, since when did old Arab buildings have roofs?
Jake   (05.18.07)
And since when did traditional Arabs where wide brimmed hats and sport beards?
Avi Hadar ,   TA, ISRAEL   (05.18.07)
Arabs, who lived in Israel "for 20,000 years" did not build a single significant structure, nor developed a culture, nor land-projects, nor anything else worth mentioning... except excellent bomb-making. Truth is... arab lie, time for them to go home to Saudia.
11. beautiful
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.22.07)
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