'Iran could be year from nuke'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 16.05.07, 23:14
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1. When Is the Right Moment to Strike?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (05.17.07)
There is a film Deja Vu. Where have we heard all this before? Bibi has been warning the West for years, to no avail. Israel said that Iran would have the knowledge years before the West's and their pundits observations. So what to do is the real question? Iran has about 30 key locations, well guarded. There are 100s of other ancillary factories, and back-ups located underground and hidden. But taking out the 30 would set it back for a few years., to be bombed again and again and again, if need be. Satellites can pick up activity. Iran may tire., or change regimes. Israel may be forced to use it's own 400 nukes to flatten thse locations, Soviet advisers, missiles and all, unless the US acts. Should Israel be the world' policeman? All the M.E. is involved with the potential for a calamity beyond Hitler.
2. 'Iran could be year from nuke'
campbell ,   london   (05.17.07)
Warmonger,the same faith awaits all of u.from saddam to sharon to bush to Ahmadinejad.
3. Balance of Power needed
Roger ,   Los Angeles Californ   (05.17.07)
True strategic stability would result if Iran also had 400 nukes. Russia should give them 400 nukes to maintain a balance of power in the region.
4. Israeli politicians have no credibility
Mandy ,   Eretz Israel   (05.17.07)
Israeli officials have no record of credibility on middle east nuclear proliferation or weapons of mass destruction. The more warmongering they do, the less convincing they are. Question: Where are Saddam's weapons of mass destruction?
5. Iran
Robert ,   Lafayette,LA USA   (05.17.07)
The warmongers are in Iran, it's time to destroy them now! Why wait till they launch nukes?
6. Exhaustive CIA analysis says Iran at least 10 years away
Eric ,   San Diego   (05.17.07)
Quit the fear mongering. The world has grown tired of it.
7. #2 - to the morons in London whose public transportation....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.17.07)
will increasingly explode. Especially if you keep putting sadaam and ahmadinejad in the same category with Sharon and Bush.
8. bla bla bla yada yada yada .. boooooom
amnon ,   israel   (05.17.07)
9. Dave Levy
AR ,   USA   (05.17.07)
Your assesment of the situation is very niave. First of all their will be no such thing as just bombing Iran then waiting for them to rebuild them bombing them again. Their will be a war. And as Iraq has shown nothing in a war is sacred and wars are unpredictable. How do any of us know that china or russia wont intervene on Irans behalf? Even If they dont Israel cant defeat Iran (look at last summers war against Hez) and america will have a lot of problems especially with Iraq and afghanistan going the way they are. Maybe if US wasnt in Iraq an air war could be won by america but very unlikely right now. Iran wont tire. Iran wont have a regime change if war breaks out it will only give the mullahs another 3 decades to rule that country. I love how the nations of the ME are the bad guys when its European and American (western nations) that are going to war and taking over their countries. I dont remember the last time a ME nation attacked Europe or America. Dave how can you say israel can have and use nukes to prevent a signator of the NPT from building a (as far as anyone knows) nuclear powerplant. Dave show me the evidence that Iran is building nukes? Plus according to your logic Iran should build and use its nukes against Israel becuase israel built nukes.
10. nuclear camouflage
Larry Joyce ,   Tucson, Arizona U.S.   (05.17.07)
A small article on page A-10 of the Arizona Republic (the state's largest newspaper) seven years ago (Jan. 17, 2000) pointed out that the CIA was changing its estimate of whether Iran had nuclear weapons on the basis that Iran might have purchased such weapons or material on the black market. The likely source would be Russia. Since the origins of nuclear material can be traced following a nuclear detonation, we must consider the possibility that Iran's current nuclear program is nothing more than camouflage to cover up how it really got such weapons in the first place, should Iran choose to test (or use in war) a nuclear bomb. For the source of nuclear material for its present program, of course, is likewise Russia, and so Iran's current nuclear program could seem to explain where the Iranians got material from for their bomb. Fortunately, Ahmadinejad is in deep trouble politically at home, both from the poor (whose cause he championed in his successful campaign for president), and from the far-right mullahs, with whom he is closely allied. I strongly suspect that, if left alone, he will not be able to be reelected, and so the Iranian electorate themselves might effectuate "regime change" in Tehran for us. But if we attack now, Iranian moderates (of which there seem to be many) will be thrown straight into his arms. Under such circumstances, there are risks to both attacking and to not attacking. But given the prospects for peaceful change by the voters of Iran (and the terrible consequences of alienating those voters if they dislike Ahmadinejad strongly enough to throw him out), and given the fact that Iran's present nuclear program might be nothing more than camouflage (given the chance that Iran might be a nuclear power already anyhow, with several weapons available for use), I should think it would be best at this point to take a "wait and see" attitude, at least until after the voters of Iran have had their fair chance to deal Mr. Ahmadinejad's political aspirations (and messianic aspirations) a fatal blow. I would appreciate feedback on this point.
11. "Extensive CIA analysis"
Sam ,   Sunnyvale   (05.17.07)
That would be the same CIA that knew that Saddam had WMD just before Saddam was deposed, right? "Quit the fear mongering": similar things were said about those who wanted to confront the Nazis early, rather than late.
12. 'Chilling message' my tush
Richard Silverstein ,   Seattle, USA   (05.17.07)
This isn't chilling. It's boring. Same old same old Israeli fearmongering. Olmert tried it. Bibi tried it. But Israel's cried wolf too many times & no one's buying it any more. Zero credibility.
13. Iran Rights
yosi ,   jerusalem   (05.17.07)
what is wrong with this? Israel have nuklear wepons since 35 years, iran has a holy duty to develop its arms to defend itself and help to librate the holly places occupied by enemies.
14. poor iranian
hamed nasser ,   dubai   (05.17.07)
poor iranian. they have so many enemies.first of all, the mullas.they act like those who has conquered the iran.they force people to think and act the same way they like. they like people to go back 1400 years back. at the same time poor iranian are facing israel, us and kurds and armenians who want to establish thei big kurdistan or armenia at iran's territory.
15. wah wah - cry babies
vegan ,   naptown, usa   (05.17.07)
i'm way more worried about israel's WMD, and vast amount of such than Iran obtaining one or a few missiles. based on israel's track record, they are hte biggest threat to peace in the middle east. that's not even close to being debatable.
JP   (05.17.07)
17. To # 15
Smooth   (05.17.07)
Israel's the biggest threat? I would have felt better had you any guts to mention your recognition of the goals of Hizbullah as part of an axis of terror which also includes Syria, Iran and Hamas, to set the region in flames and dictate the Israeli-palestinian agenda. Apparently, you are too busy launching attacks and berating Israel and Jews for defending themselves against Arab/Muslim butchers to take much notice. The fact that Jews in the British Mandate have been attacked by Arabs since the early 1900's - was not because of any territorial dispute - but just because Jews existed. Maybe Islam is the root of the problem. The fact that currently there are 30 conflicts around the world and 25 of them involve Islam proves my point. Smooth Stone
18. # 9 AR; really, get your facts straight
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (05.17.07)
Yes we could bomb Iran to set them back a few years but at this point we still have options. As for your China/Russia intervention both would never risk a nuclear war with the USA. By contrast a country that supports suicide bombers poses a much greater risk to all free countries. The War last summer that Lebanon instigated could easily been a rout accept Israel was unwilling to use its full military power because Hezbo was using in my opinion willing human shields. Theystarted a War and immediately ran to the UN for help. They engaged in photo fraud to elicit world sympathy and at least with you AR went for it hook,line and sinker. ( scroll down to photo fraud /Lebanon ) Iran has admitted to the program and thats all the proof I need. take care Mark from Georgia
Matthew ,   NEW YORK   (05.17.07)
I pray we vote McCain or Rudy in...they wouldnt allow it to happen. Ultimately though,...there [from this article] seems to not even be enough time to wait for that.... I honestly think we may have no choice but to go to war. TO QUOTE JOHN MCCAIN: "THE ONLY THING THAT SCARES ME MORE THAN GOING TO WAR WITH IRAN - IS AN IRAN ARMED WITH A NUCLEAR WEAPON".
20. AR talks about being naive....funny!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.17.07)
You're right AR, no ME country has attacked the US or know why? They would be destroyed the very next day. They do however send planes into buildings, traina dn arm suicide bombers, hit train stations across Europe and riot in frnace. Your people are being indoctrinated to hate the West all the time, but we're the naive ones??? Iran is at the forefront of this ridiculous cultural war. They are leading the way in terms of arming terrorist groups and spreading hate. Isn't this the reason you live in the US...b/c in iran you would have no voice? People in Iran hate thier regime...hopefully it will fall soon, but we cannot risk a nuclear Islamic Jihadist regime...plain and simple.
21. Iran and the "Bomb"
fubar ,   ohio, usa   (05.17.07)
Of course you will have an Israeli saying that Iran is close to having enough materiel to make a nuke. The Zionist's in Israel want the U.S. to continue fighting their battles and dying for them. Israel has the bomb, why do they think that they should be allowed and not an Arab nation to have nukes? If they would stop killing the Palestinians maybe other Arab countries would find it easier to speak with them.
Dave ,   New York   (05.17.07)
The world at the present day is behaving in a way which is a very model of childishness. In school, when someone gives the word that the master has left the class, the mob of youngsters breaks loose, kicks up its heels, and goes wild. Each of them experiences the delights of escaping the pressure imposed by the master's presence; of throwing off the yoke of rule, of feeling himself the master of his fate. But as, once the plan which directed their occupations and tasks is suspended, the youthful mob has no formal occupation of its own, no task with a meaning, a continuity, and a purpose, it follows that it can only do one thing- stand on its head. The frivolous spectacle offered by the smaller nations to-day is deplorable. Because it is said that Europe is in decadence and has given over ruling, every tuppeny-ha'penny nation starts skipping, gesticulating, standing on its head or else struts around giving itself airs of a grown-up person who is the ruler of his own destinies. Hence the vibrionic panorama of "nationalisms" that meets our view everywhere.
23. #9 "Dave Levy"
SA ,   MI, USA   (05.17.07)
In response to "I don't remember the last time a ME nation attacked Europe or America". You must have a short term memory issue. How about these ME nations using their surrogates on 9/11, on England and Spanish Subways.
24. Iran
Truth ,   USA LA   (05.17.07)
Don't you think we are in enough war?
25. DR.................TRY AS YOU MAY..#20
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.17.07)
I do realise how hard you are trying to achieve theoratically what the Western countries have not been able to do so.What amazes me is you go like a pendelum...........people of Iran sometimes become good in your eyes..............sometimes the whole lot is abused.People in Iran DONT hate their regime.Majority know they have to face difficulties in order to achieve their goals.The artile suggesting that Iran can acquire bomb within a year is meant to keep the Iranian issue alive,DR.Dick Cheney's visit had to be followed with articles like these to add a little bit of lustre to his warning to Iran on board the aircraft carrier.Are you with me,DR?Some more is to Iran already has a small stockpile of nuclear weapons stollen at the time of Soviet Union breaking up...........we shall read it together,DR.
26. Mahmood, #25
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.17.07)
I, as well as most people in the US understand that the average person in Iran is a good person. We have no quarrels with Iran's is the regime that has to go and I'll bet that most iranians agree. They can see that this regime led by hamadinejad and the Ayatollahs is leading them in the worst direction possible. Who will suffer the most when all is said and done? The Average iranian will. I agree with you (to a minimum) that there is some premature panic in the west over this nuke program, BUT, I will always stick to the fact that this regime should not and will not acquire nuclear technology. We will indeed read this togehter in the near future.
27. #21...really?
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.17.07)
Israel has never attacked an Arab country, BUT if you read a little history you will see that it was attacked by seven of its "peaceful" neighbors all at once. This is the only thing you need to know to understand why Israel should have nukes and its neighbors shouldn't. Iran is run by radical religious freaks who are willing to sacrafice their people and themselves for an idea that may or may not be true. Are you willing to put a nuke in their are crazy if you are. The rest of the world is not that dumb!!!
MAHMOOD ,   LONDON-UK   (05.18.07)
I am afraid,DR, the last para of your talk-back will backfire if you now read the latest announcement by the IAEA representative.Yet,once again,Dick Cheney's favourites in Washington also confirm that the technological advances made by Iran in the nuclear field will NOT be a set back to Iran as such facilities can be existing in unknown areas in Iran.Sorry,DR,whichever way we look at's too late.What do we need to read together?Additional use of centrifuges......................presently there are 1300 according to IAEA.
29. Doe Gold and Iran's nuclear capabilities
peter kirsch, MD ,   cape town S. Africa   (05.19.07)
Dore Gold obviously hasn't studied nuclear physics - Iran would need 50,000 centrifuges to manufacture the uranium for a bomb - that is, in about eight years or so. He is simply an alarmist and, possibly, trying to entice Israel to strike Iran.
Chuck ,   Sylvania, OH USA   (05.19.07)
Hey fubar in Ohio, get a grip. Do you really expect Israel to stop defending itself from Palestinians when they send rockets into Israeli cities every day, and strap TNT on their kids so they can explode themselves next to Israeli children? Are you insane? Who do think is the aggressor? How would you feel if a group in Indiana continually sent rockets into your Ohio neighborhood? You would just allow them to keep doing it? Or, are you just another anti-semite? The government of Iran has vowed to "wipe Israel off the map." One thing Jews have learned over history; when a group says that they plan to "wipe out Jews," they usually mean it.
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