Negev school hit by rocket
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 17.05.07, 09:56
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1. in next elections, remember shas, labor and kadima DID ZILCH
aaron ,   ra'anana   (05.17.07)
2. recuperation; the same Nasser called Seuz Canal's immigrants
3. it takes another kidnapped soldier south & balance achieved
4. Terror at Sha-ar HaNegev
Marcell ,   Nir-Am   (05.17.07)
My 20 year-old daughter, who was lecturing at the school, called me a few minutes after the bomb had fallen. I could hear the hysterical screams of children in the background . . . it was terrible. This time, the classroom was empty.
5. the most effective solution
rushdi hasan ,   gaza   (05.17.07)
the most effective solution to stop these qassam rockets is to extend the Hodna to the west bank.
6. move them out
mordechai ,   jrerusalem   (05.17.07)
Who asked those messianic religious jews to move there anway. All they want is to antaganize the local arabs. Is that piece of land worth more than peace? Move them out. While we're at it, let's get rid of those fanatics who moved into southern Ashkelon. We can move them all into trailers which friends of Omri Sharon will be happy to sell to us for five times their retail valuer. Arik, King of Israel.
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.17.07)
it is. I can see that the rockets are their (Hamas) BEST TACTIC. Hamas brains know what they doing. *** Who can you blame on ? Israeli Goverment ? Is there Israeli Goverment ? Yes ? *** "....mother and her nine-year-old daughter suffer from shock ..." NOTHING WORTH TO KILL OR HURT CHILDREEN. *** Neighter Hamas or Olmert guys are FIGHTING IN CLEAN WAY. Everything is about Character. I am so sorry to say that NO CHARACTER IN ALL MIDDLE EAST. EVERY POLITICIAN CAN EASLY TAKE A DECISION TO HURT OTHERS CIVILIANS. Hamas Hizbullah Israeli Politicians Iranian Politicians The US 's ones ... ... NONE OF THEM HAVE A MERCY OR HONEST WAY OF FIGHT. THEY ALL FAILED IN THE HEART OF THE GOD (G-D) *** There are NO HEROS in todays world. No Hero No Hero Country No Hero Nation. Honor been RAPED BADLY in All Holy Grounds. *** I dont see any human deserves respect. I havent met. *** Nations histories must be clean. I just dont know. *** well everyone is bad. LOVELOVE AND RESPECT CANT LIVE IN AND RESPECT CANT LIVE IN THIS WORLD. JUST CANT. But, Lets keep talking about. Love Atilla Karagözoğlu
8. Terror creates Terror
every people have right to exist. every people must have a country, a land. NOTHING WRONG WITH THOSE. *** The God (G-d) said that ! The God (G-d) gave that ! The History says that, this ...!!! ALL THESE MEAN ENDLESS BLOOD. ENDLESS TERROR ENDLESS FAIL. *** No leader can find a solution for both sides . This is not about LEADERSHIP. Good Leaders bring VICTORIES. Victory means ONE PARTY LOSE. Damn this case is 100 % Dead-Lock. *** THERE IS NO WAY TO CHANGE BOTH HEARTS ! Maybe The Solution is THE THIRD PARTY. Some Party will come and take WHAT ALL YOU GUYS HAVE. than you guys stop to fight. I dont know Atilla Karagözoğlu
9. Olmert’s government overstayed mission.
H.H.M ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.17.07)
Mr. Olmert it is hope that this will be one of the last request / demands for you to resign! - The only declaration we expect form you claiming to be “ a man” is I AM COMPLETELY INCAPABLE TO HEAD THE STATE. Sderot is just a sample of you and your government incapability to govern, to protect, to decide, to carry out promises etc. Conclusion of this is you and your co-ministers who apparently vote for you without any objections to be awarded the “O R D E R O F T H E G R A N D B O O T” = OUT ALL OF YOU. AS BEING COLLECTIVELY RESPONSIBLE” Some 20 ,000 Sderot inhabitants are at the mercy of Qassams to hit them, governmental inability to provide for them shelters, possible temporary alternative places to live in relative security with governmental services. ALREADY WINOGRAD CERTIFIED YOU F A I L E D this for your governments failure in the belatedly declared Lebanese War some 11 months ago. You accepted these findings, you declared you will and insistence to repair! Gaydamak at that time evacuated, arranged for temporary roof over their head within 48 hours and this for several thousand people from the North and later from Sderot too! Now you as Prime Minister are “discussing” ways and means for those people in Sderot whilst the same private Oligarc again D I D arranged / carried out the action government should have been able to foresee and to have rectified at least after Winograd findings. NO MORE “EXPLANATIONS / EXCUSES ACCEPTABLE.” The “toothless Knesset” apparently does no longer the voter’s will, so that less than 2% of Israel’s population itself for your! Consequently immediate elections are to be held.
10. To number 5, Rushdi
Andi ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
Extend the Hudna to the West Bank would mean giving Hamas and friends time to rearm there also. The point is that without the rocket attacks, not only would there be a Hudna on the West Bank, but probably the present Israeli government that withdrew from Gaza would already have withdrawn from extensive parts of the West Bank. Unfortunately the Palestinians under Hamas have successfully acted to prolong the "Occupation". Hamas cannot be trusted to accept any Israeli concession as a chance for peace. Hamas views it as a chance to rearm.
11. to #1 Remember to vote for a party that
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.17.07)
will try and punish these cowardly dogs! And you forgot the pensioners' party,ma-gil.
12. to Rushdi 5
joe, former peacenik ,   usa   (05.17.07)
You may think this is true, but experience has unfortuantely shown that the Palestinians are unfit to rule over themselves, let alone maintian relations with their neighbors, let alone maintain peace. This whole sorry episode has demonstrated that the best bet for Israel is not to EVER withdraw from the West Bank. They tried in gaza, and look at what they got. Even to this moment the Gazans are blaming evryone but themselves. Well, the world sees it differntly. Very sad. They blew their chance to self govern.
13. Terror at Sha-ar HaNegev
Huysamer ,   South Africa   (05.17.07)
Send the children to Jerusalem. VASBYT!!
14. New Olmert Screwup Chance!
Lee ,   New Mexico, USA   (05.17.07)
15. Andi 10 is right
If Arafat had any brains he would have taken what was offered him and then resume war. He was no strategic genius. The right thing would have been to accept the land for his people and live in peace. Egypt and Jordan should engage Gaza and the West Bank, respectively, disarm them and allow them a certain amount of autonomy.
16. Cowardly Terrorists
Jerry Daniel ,   Charlotte, NC, USA   (05.19.07)
It is almost beyond comprehension that people can be such cowards as Islamic extremists. My heart goes out to Israel. But, the Lord God of Israel will not suffer His people to fall.
17. hit them even harder!!!!!!!!!!!
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