Gaza: 4 Palestinians killed in IDF strikes
Ynet reporters
Published: 17.05.07, 19:38
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1. Why now?
D ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
This is really isn't the right time for entering Gaza. Hamas and Fatah are fighting each other, let them continue! why call attention to ourselves now? Sderot has been suffering for many months ...we could have taken action then but yhy now? All the world is going to hear, see and be focussed on is that we entered Gaza. Couldn't be worse timing.
2. What "ceasefire"?
BigE ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
What is it with the media? You're all a bunch of parrots! One asshat stuck on stupid with the ceasefire thing and all the journos are stuck on stupid with the ceasefire thing. The NEVER was a ceasefire. The Paleos have been launching terror rockets the whole time. Didn't you notice? Or are you guys blind too?
3. for the interest of emerging Hero, Israel is completing job
observer   (05.17.07)
In the war on Lebanon, Israel could not stop the launching of rockets, especially short- and medium-range rockets. Even after starting the ground Israeli offense and in the last days of the war, rocket launching was doubled. The more offense, the more rockets Israel gets. Israel’s work is an excellent PR campaign for the emerging Hero; the ROCKET.
4. livni you fool
ezra   (05.17.07)
"Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni spoke with her German counterpart Thursday about the operation, and said that “in the absence of an effective plan by the international community to stop the rocket fire towards Sderot, Israel will act to end the attacks on its citizens,” “Israel expects the European Union to be involved in diplomatic efforts to stop Qassam fire,” Livni added, and demanded that Europe unequivocally condemn the rocket attacks." WAKE UP - Why do you expect EU to deal with gaza? Is hamas launching missles at the EU or Israel? Have some respect for yourself , for this country and for GOD. You chilonim have desecrated God's name.
5. They'll be the same sitting ducks they were in Lebanon last
General Alan ,   SA   (05.17.07)
The tank crews will sit around drinking Gasoz and smoking and they'll get hit by a $5 dollar scrap metal and fertilizer cocktail . Then 30 guys will be casualties. Tanks are used in fast foreward movement I think! Should I be demoted to the ranks ?
6. Shame on The US !
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.17.07)
The US suppost to be the leader of WORLD ! You dont even see them. Where are they and What they do. THEY always KEEP THE FIRE LIVE.
7. Remember the Left's arguement...
david neil ,   jerusalem   (05.17.07)
Remember the Left's arguement that we should withdraw and if the Arabs would attack even after withdrawing we would have the moral right to really attack them with force? They just proved to be the cowards they are. What putzes we have for leaders...
8. Resistance should be resumed, in ALL its forms
Hani ,   Palestine   (05.17.07)
Settlements should be targetted throughout the West Bank, kick out the ALIENS!
9. This drives me nuts!
Eric ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
Ok, forget the fact that I think attacking Gaza now is pointless. Look at the ridiculous stuff the government has sent the IDF to do! So far we have bombed empty fields, sent tanks a few meters into Gaza, bombed a building, and bombed a car. We are accomplishing absolutely nothing in terms of our security but rather are sitting and poking them. What's going to happen when the Palestinians respond? We'll say they are terrorists. There is absolutely no logical planning evident from our government. They have sent the army into Gaza to basically provoke the Palestinians further. Even the intelligence, according to the media, is saying that Hamas is just trying to drag us into what is fast becoming their civil war. You know why our country is lost? Not because of our enemies but because we truly believe that we can just do whatever we want and "itll all be ok in the end" because God is watching us.
ben ,   singapore   (05.17.07)
If all these years they keep shooting Qassams now let them have some Military Air Strike, Return 10 for every qassam . Israel HAVE THE RIGHT TO FIGHT GAZA TERRORIST. IDF TERRORISE THE TERRORIST !
11. a new policy ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.17.07)
The political leader learns that restraint is not working and so emabrks on a new policy of doing as little as possible so as not to achieve total victory and once and for all end the threat from Gaza. The new policy is the same old failed ,restrained and limited action because Israel is kept from defeating the Palestinians so as not to endanger President Bush's Road Map to a Palestinian state. How does it feel to be an enslaved people having only limited rights to defend yourselves under the lie of a phony peace process ?
12. #8, Hani....your people are doomed...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.17.07)
becuase of your attitude!!! Instead of working to alleviate hate and violence, you call for more? Palestinians have to stop killing each other first, buddy!!! What is wrong with your culture??? All you know is hate, violence and killing.
13. A question for all israelis who oppose gaza operation...
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.17.07)
If your neighbor (in the house next door) was fighting with his wife, but at the same time they would throw rocks at your house, hitting windows, injuring your family members etc. Would you sit there and do nothing??? How is this different. You expect Isarel's leaders to sit on thier hands while rockets rain on thier cities? What other country would do this? If this happened in the US, the response would be quick and harsh and there would be no more rockets to speak of. Israel needs to toughen up and show these terror scum that they mean business...only then will the fear of total annihilation set in on the Palestinians.
14. What I think we should do
Eric ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
I think we should do the following: 1) Explain thoroughly to the world that these latest missiles are simply to drag us into Gaza and to unite Fatah and Hamas against us 2) Have the Prime Minister explain in a press conference that we are not at war with the Palestinian people and this situation was not something we hoped for. However, regardless of how our mistakes in the past, this latest missile crisis has absolutely nothing to do with us and is really just an internal Palestinian issue and this we cannot accept. 3) Retake Northern Gaza 4) Propose trading Northern Gaza for a documented pledge between Israel, the PA, and perhaps the Quartet stating that the return of Northern Gaza will result in the end of the Qassam attacks 5) Agree to leave the tunnels intact if the Palestinians cease using them for weapons and instead begin to bring in food and medicine for their people. If they do that, I propose opening the embargo on Gaza and perhaps loosen up the sea trade embargo (with some initial joint monitoring perhaps) 6) Begin peace negotiations at this point. They have shown responsibility, we have shown our muscles as well as a sincere interest in ending all of this peacefully, and we have both defacto accepted each other's rights as humans. The above might help more then "they suck! Lets invade and then leave and hope they stop attacking" or "lets give them the west bank...surely they will stop immediately if we do that". Oh Israel....
15. Bravo, we're bombing empty buildings and fields again!
Gary A. MD ,   Boston USA   (05.17.07)
Looks like Hamas is really scared. The IDF is attacking fields and empty buildings with their million dollar weapons. Why not bomb the Red Sea too. Israel has become a joke.
16. 1 killed, 30 hurt
why didn't you just go down there and slap them on the wrists? A lot of manpower and ammo for what. This will have taught them NOTHING.
17. dont worry hani ya albi
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.17.07)
we are coming believe me soon you will be under our protection after we kick out this zionist and then you will get islamic law i am looking forward to that, be strong hani we are coming to save you inshala
18. Hey Eric from Israel
Avi ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
Do you know a guy called Michael Steiner? he used to live somewhere in Europe He had disapeared few weeks ago exactly when you came on board Funny but you do talk exactly like him, tell me, what have you done with Michael Steiner
19. "Resistance should be resumed"
Sam ,   Canada   (05.17.07)
Greater Palestinian resistance leads to a greater Israeli response which leads to a temporary halt in resistance as Palestinians beg other Arabs and the international community to make it stop. The only way out is an agreed upon "hudna" or peace but the Palestinians have to want it more than resistance.
20. Wrong target
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens,NYC   (05.17.07)
I thought that Khaled Mashaal's Hamas headquarters were in Damascus. Maybe the IAF should change its targets?
21. #13
Eric ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
I agree with you that if someone next door was throwing things at my house I would do something about it. However, we do not lives in a suburb and our world is not specific to our block, street, or apartment floor. Although your scenario and subsequent response is correct....we live in Israel, they live in Gaza, we are in the Middle East, and collectively we are part of Earth. Due to the above reasons, we can't just go and beat up our neighbors whenever we want. We need to take things into account such as yesterday, today, and what may come tomorrow. Knee-jerk responses on the part of both the Arabs and of Israel is what has led us here. Also, you said.... "If this happened in the US, the response would be quick and harsh and there would be no more rockets to speak of." I believe Iraq is a wonderful example of how outrageous that statement is. The world is much larger then black and white.
22. Ceasefire? What ceasefire...?!
enzo ,   london,uk   (05.17.07)
Dozens of missiles launched daily against Israel!!! Dozens of missiles launched on a daily basis against innocent citizens of Israel!!! That means that the ceasefire has been broken by the Palis, not by Israel!!! Does anyone mind if Israel will act now in order to protect the country from these continuous military attacks??? Goood...! I knew it you would understand!!!
23. DR, Florida USA
swiss   (05.17.07)
Couldnt said it better, i always like reading your post. The truth cant be hidden, we must act now before its too late.
24. #18....huh?
Eric ,   Israel   (05.17.07)
25. Is this good timing from Israels side?
Y ,   N   (05.17.07)
26. Short Term Thinking vs. Long term Thinking
Abdel ,   Nablus, Palestine   (05.17.07)
Going into Gaza now will only do one thing...gain Olmert and Peretz some populairty within the right wing....thats it . after you kill a couple of hundred people, even some of your own and leave. Then what ? rockets will land in Sederot within minutes. there is no gain out of this stuff other than punishing our population who are bunkered in their houses already afraid to be shot by our own people...... Wake up !!. there is no military solution for this. neither in gaza or the WB ....the rockets can only be stopped through coordinating with the palestinian side. enough dead on both sides already....and honestly speaking, your government should hire some advisors who know what the hell is going on, becasue they don't, and they are only thinking about their own personal interests...
27. IAF tacticians must have been trained by US
Too little ordinance and the rats get away to kill another day. Do you think injury or fear will "rehabilitate" them?
28. To #1
Erik   (05.17.07)
When would the timing be right, when Qassams aren't raining on Sderot? As for your glib statement that Sderot has been suffering for many months anyway, why don't you show some solidarity with your co-citizens and camp out there for awhile?
29. #21, are comparing apples and oranges
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.17.07)
First off, Iraq did not attack the US. We went in there to topple a mad man and avoid future conflicts like the 1st gulf war. I am talking about the USA's neigbors. What if a terror group in Mexico started firing missiles into Texas? You don't think the US would react? Israel is the only nation in the world that is fired upon and yet, is expected to do nothing in return. Name one other country in this situation??? This is hardly a knee-jerk reaction. Terrorists try to harm Israelis almost daliy ( that is when they are not killing each other). Look, we all want peace and harmony in the ME, but it is hard to achieve when all your neighbors want you dead. You cannot deny that the Arab/Muslim world trully hates israel. How can we sit and talk with these two-faced liars who say one thing and then do another???
30. Abdel in Nablus
Sam ,   Canada   (05.17.07)
Any Israeli government, left or right ,is going to respond if Palestinians try to kill Israelis. Israel offers a way out by proposing a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. Palestinians offer no way out by refusing to accept the Jewish state. Hamas has said resistance will continue. You leave Israel no choice . It's up to you.
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