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Land of hummus and pita
Shooky Galili
Published: 31.05.07, 12:51
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1. Gimme some hummus, Fool.
2. Toda rabba Ynet - nice article! I've always
wondered how chickpeas grew, now I know.
3. Hummus without the 'hum'
Imli ,   London   (05.31.07)
To stop the flatulence, add a pinch of asafoetida to your hummus, or any other pulses you cook.
4. This Palestinian dish. Israel stole the land and the food
cj ,   USA   (05.31.07)
5. I am confused
Khalid ,   The Netherlands   (05.31.07)
Let me ask the writer of this article to be consistent, one time he claims that hummus is the Israeli national dish, and at another place he states that no one prepares the hummus better than the Arabs (meaning the palestinians in Israel)? So what are you trying to tell me here? The official Zionist line is to deny any reference to the Palestinians or their culture,(they are just low class backward, uncivilized people, who came from Saudi Arabia to take the Israelis land ). I think what the author actually meant is that hummus was the national dish of the Magic kingdom 2800 years ago, then the barbarian Palestinians came from Saudi Arabia to steal it from them, and the meantime they became better than the Israelis in preparing it. Cut this crap Will you? and educate yourself before writing articles like this. The hummus, fool, (and all the related starters) enjoyed by Israelis are originally Arab and Palestinian dishes. Moreover, what I am sure of is that in the lands where most Israeli came from (russia, Romania, Poland, the ukraine, ...) hummus is unknown except in Arab restaurants.
6. copy cat losers - invent ur own recipes!
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (05.31.07)
7. #4 Land of Israel is 3000 Years Older than Arabia!
Avi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.31.07)
Actually, "religious" murderers and thieves from Arabia enslaved and massacred native populations like today in Sudan, stole their land outside of Arabia, and also stole food recipes from original inhabitants. Chumus is ancient food, popular thousands of years before Islam!
8. #4/Hummus
Jeff ,   Silver Spring, MD   (05.31.07)
Oh, so hummus is some Palestinian food.... The culinary world apparently regards it as simply of Middle Eastern origin, but if you want to claim it as strictly Palestinian, I am okay with it. How about you stop claiming the land and Jews stop eating hummus? Land for (Chick) Peas?
9. #4
Talula   (05.31.07)
And you stole the title of biggest Idiot from other Palestinians. Everyone's a winner!!
10. to #4
Alena ,   Praha, Czech Rep   (05.31.07)
Jesus Christ...
11. You rang, #10?
JC   (05.31.07)
12. #4: arab invention. But not palestinian
Tobias ,   Germany   (05.31.07)
Falaffel and Humus were invented long before Arabs used the term "Palestine". Even only 60 years ago, no arab claimed to be "Palestinian". And I guess that even at that time, already hundreds of thousands of Jews in the Middle East liked to eat fallafel and humus, as their arab neighbours did. 90 years ago, nobody imagined todays borders and cease-fire lines in the middle east, nobody imagined the partition in separate states and territories like Syria, Libanon, Jordan, Israel, Gaza and West Bank. No Arab at that time would have spoken about Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan etc.- these nations have been created later. 90 years ago, they were just Arabs. And I bet that even at that time, they already ate Humus and Falafel.
13. #8 - Jeff
Mikeytrix   (05.31.07)
No Deal. We'll keep the land and the Hummus. Listening to arabs get worked up over Israeli claims that hummus is theirs cracks me up. Although rumour has it, that the Coptics of Egypt introduced Hummus to the world.
14. #11
Alena ,   Praha, Czech Rep   (05.31.07)
Nah, just a little blasphemy for the Christ's followers... and a representation of my disbelief.
15. As an ashkenazie from Montreal Give me a smoked meat sndwich
Al   (05.31.07)
any day over this Ali Baba dreck.
16. Hummus is not Israeli....
Kevin ,   DC, USA   (05.31.07)
No matter how many stories you make up and no matter how many times you try to fool yourselves... Hummus is just another thing you stole from Palestinians. Oh... along with falafel and schwarma. While all these dishes are not specific to Palestine, but to the Arab world in general, certainly Israelis got these foods from the Palestinians. Saying that Hummus is native to the Israelis is just another lie to erase Israelis' memories of the people who's land they stole. The author was certainly right about one thing... Palestinian Hummus is the best Hummus!
17. Humus and Falafel are Israel's national food
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.31.07)
The origin is middle eastern, but in Israel we made it to a level of chef... there are some good Arab restaurants, that is Israeli arabs, not Palestinians, and some awesome Jewish-owned restautrants that brought the delicacy to perfection. Israel rulez.
18. Hummus is Arabic food! you thiefs!
Hummus Lover ,   Jaffa, Palestine   (05.31.07)
ahla hummus falasteeni ;-)
19. Since the "Palestinians" were created in the 1960s
Humus eater ,   Israel   (05.31.07)
How can humus be theirs?
20. Hummus is semetic!
me ,   Palestine   (05.31.07)
what do you think of this? Hummus is semetic!
21. #20 Hummus is definately semitic!
22. Ful Mesdames - someone give me phonetic prounciation please.
Foul Mesdammas - can someone tell me how to pronounce these words please? I see them on Lebanese menu. In English "Foul" means another thing.
23. did someone actually read the article?
idan ,   haifa,israel   (05.31.07)
Even inside the article they say that Arabs make better hummus, and even question israeli ownership over it. So instead of whining that we "stole" something from you why not get flattered by the fact that we like something that you made so much that we try to imitate it? is there anything in this world that doesn't piss you people off? seriously.
24. y y y!!
rachel ,   Jamaica   (05.31.07)
haha - that was pretty good indeed! good work. I like the "y y y" definition and also about wiping being all in the wrist. :)
25. #19 - thank you!
rachel ,   Jamaica   (05.31.07)
an intelligent response indeed!
26. WHOMUS - a racial thang?!
rachel ,   Jamaica mun!   (05.31.07)
Why does it always gotsta be a racial thang?! Furthermore, intellectual property doesn't apply for food (yet) - SO THERE!
27. hummus
benateed ,   w. galil   (05.31.07)
obviously, hummus, pita, ful, etc. are middle eastern foods ... we are part of the middle east whether arabs & left wing anti-semites like it or not. By the way, Israeli hummus is the best selling internationally.
28. No. 5 Khalid
NYC Girl   (05.31.07)
The reason you're confused is that you mistakenly believe that "the lands where most Israelis came from" are Russia, Romania, Poland, and the Ukraine, when the countries where most Israelis came from are actually Morocco, Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Iran, Yemen, etc. (not to mention all the native-born Israelis).
29. To #5, Khalid
Rachel ,   Jerusalem   (05.31.07)
Check your history books and you will find that Jews originated from the Middle East, and only then lived in Russia, Europe, Poland, Ukraine, IRAQ, YEMEN, MOROCCO, IRAN, (you conveniently forgot about those). Modern DNA tests prove that nearly all Jews - even European looking ones - trace back to a Semitic Middle Eastern group.
David ,   Los Angeles   (05.31.07)
So Israelis aren't allowed to like hummous without a bunch of idiots saying they 'stole' it? No-one said it's not an Arab food. Why don't you take it as a compliment that someone loves hummous so much? No-one's stopping you eating it, are they? It's one thing to say they took your land, another altogether to say they stole your recipe. No wonder you're not getting anywhere politically, if this kind of thing is your focus of complaint.
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