IDF tanks enter northern Strip
Ali Waked
Published: 17.05.07, 22:49
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1. Until,they stop trying to kill Israelis citizens
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (05.17.07)
Why should we worry about theirs. I know this sounds hard,but you have to do what you need to do to protect your citizens
2. Response to Doron in Nahal Oz
Moral Hawk ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.17.07)
It's easy for me to say far from Qassam range, unlike you, but I think it is important to differentiate between combatants and civilians. I'm all for responding with as much force as it takes to stop the Qassams and if it involves killing terrorists or destroying property that hides rockets, so be it. If civillians get killed because the terrorists are hiding weapons among them, that is on their conscience and we can't forfeit our right to defend ourselves because they disobey the laws of war. But if we were to start targetting their civilians the way they target ours, then we would become no better than they are. Stay safe and stay strong.
3. Retarded
Antonio ,   Haifa   (05.17.07)
They are shelling empty fields. It does nothing but make the Arabs laugh. And it wastes money. Such a stupid stupid thing to do.
4. Moral Hawk
Meni   (05.17.07)
Will become Nihilistic Pigeon if ramat gan becomes ramat qassam
5. #3 Antonio, my love, let's have a picnic there
Cleopatra   (05.18.07)
6. IDF
ben ,   singapore   (05.18.07)
Terrorise the Terorist !
7. To Don in Israel: Playing Hide and Seek
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (05.18.07)
Hey Don, many decades ago, I and my friends used to play hide and seek. This is what the Arabs are playing with Israel, but with dangerous implications. Hamas and others hide, while Israel seeks. It's always a losing game for the seeker. Israel is being duped. The Kassams are meant to irritate and kill. Then, the firing crews run for their lives, BEFORE, Israel can target them effectively. As in Lebanon, they seek shelter behind their woman's skirts and in mosques, schools, etc. Israel is restrainted logistically, and by the world's opinion stopping any massacre. As in Iraq, the enemy simply disappears. So what to do? Replacing Olmert won't work. He's not the problem. Bibi and Barak failed miserably to stop the conflict. The solution: send the IDF back, and slice the Strip in 3 parts. Keep Hamas on the run..not hide, but RUN. No settlements ever again, they are a burden. Firing shells or rockets into empty fields, just emboldens Hamas. Target Hamas more outdoor rallies, no outdoor funerals. Target them all. Otherwise, after Iran gets the "bomb", other problems will occur. Israel must decide what it's future will is the time to make a decision. Israel should bring down the Hamas govt.
8. civilian casualties
amy ,   usa   (05.18.07)
All of the Palestinian casualties are 'civilians'. When have they ever identified themselves as terrorists?
9. it is troubling
griff ,   tacoma   (05.18.07)
so obviously it's even easier for me to make a statement being in the states, but honestly, if canada attacked the states, we would hit them back, and if it lasted this long, then some citizens would make their own rockets and launch them back, i realize this is a bit weird, but the point i'm trying to make is that, the palestinians are almost always calling for death and destruction, so are they really going to care how they die, whether its by suicide bomb or artillery shell, they'll be dead, and they always say how great death is, i'm sidetracking again, but my point is that if they refuse to put a value on civilian life and constantly threaten the jews of the world, why should we put a value on their lives?
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