IDF vows to operate till Hamas surrenders
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 18.05.07, 00:13
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1. till Hamas surrenders, Or we finish
DEBRA ,   USA   (05.18.07)
3. One eye for one eye.
R.Brakarz ,   Brazil   (05.18.07)
They send Kasam, we shoul send backthe same.
4. IDF
ben ,   singapore   (05.18.07)
Terrorise the Terrorist !
5. Hamas Will Pay
Not Jewish ,   USA   (05.18.07)
All Hamas leaders and their thug minions are now in the cross hairs of the IDF. No nation on earth should tolerate terror groups like Hamas firing rockets at their cities and people. Israel will do what she must do, destroy Hamas from the top to the bottom. Long live Israel.
6. IDF will operate till Olmert surrenders
Frank ,   Canada   (05.18.07)
7. The Drunk and Backward Hamas
Rich ,   Jamaica   (05.18.07)
I do hope that the IDF wil go for it this time. Sane, honest people everywhere,will have to agree that anything short of the sustained and widespread slaughter of Hamas members, will not work. Hamas and others of such ilk, are drunk with the wine of needless violence. These are shameless beneficiaries of hundreds of millions of dollars, courtesy of the international comunity and all they have mamaged to produce in return, is jihad! No one anyhere, can point to any innovation to have emmanated from the violence and downright wretched minds of these backward numbskulls! Their bombastic and downright nonsensical pronouncements, like their Kassams make unwarranted and empty noises in the place, abd oly serve to repeatedly confirm how stupid and dangerous they are. They, like so much of the Islamic hordes, are anathema to any kind of improvement in the human condition. They are downright backward and are indeed out of sync, with the rest of humanity. These are people who are so low in conduct, that they will and often brainwash their own children to think nothing but extreme and grisley murder of inocents and when they suceed, they celebrate the occasion with candy. This is truly a disgusting lot!
8. brilyent idea
chabadnik ,   crown h /jeru   (05.18.07)
lets just do a nother expultion and give our enimeis more land and guns remeber the reebe mmh warnning giving away land [or eavin talking ubout it} is giving away lives
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee WI   (05.18.07)
They couldn't stop the qassams when IDF occupied Gaza and had tanks and troops on the ground everywhere. Who believes they can stop them now? All they'll do is cause deaths among Palestinian civilians and build up more hatred against Israel in the countries of the world who are watching. Long distance attacks with artillery and airplanes inevitably hit civilians, including children. Maybe IDF must re-occupy Gaza. I am one of those long of the opinion that the PA should be dissolved: it isn't a government and can't govern.
10. Backed by politics ?
Richard- Goj ,   Holland   (05.18.07)
" IDF vows to operate till Hamas surrenders " I'd love to see that, but "politically correct" miltary actions are impossible. Once again Israel is in a very difficult position. Waging war with political restraint leads to desastrous effects, as was shown in Lebanon, last year. May the Israeli government find the wisdom to make the right decisions
11. Mr. PM Talk is cheap
ws ,   usa   (05.18.07)
12. "Until Hamas Surrenders"
Trevor Brooks ,   Huron Park, Canada   (05.18.07)
So is this to be open-ended like 'The War on Terror' or 'The War on Drugs'?
13. Help Abbas-Exterminate HAMAS Political Leaders
Ralph ,   USA   (05.18.07)
14. Victory for Hamas
David L.   (05.18.07)
Hamas is already winning on all the line: they succeeded in dragging the IDF into Gaza, and now the fighting against Fatah has stopped. IDF will get bogged down, as usual, and retreat in a couple of days.
15. Here come the women and children..
Peter ,   Las Vegas, USA   (05.18.07)
to circle around the rocket-launching cowards and act as their human shields....with the media following close by
16. Gaza, Hamas and Rockets
bobsplace5 ,   Boonies, Texas, USA   (05.18.07)
Since it is obvious that folks like Hamas and Hezbolla cannot be trusted in any agreement, and if they were lobbing rockets into my back yard for grins and giggles, I sure would call Terminex and kill all the roaches. Y'all should seal Gaza, let Hamas and Fatah fight it out until one is clearly beaten, and when the smoke clears, snuff the winner. I'm sorry but I have spent too much time in the ME and a lot of friends are still there, and I have no sympathy for the PA. It will never be a state. They just aren't smart enough. Wonder if Jimmy Carter will like my idea. .....Y'all Be Well Israel, You will win!
MIKE HAMEN ,   USA   (05.18.07)
18. BS
Mike ,   London England   (05.18.07)
The torah has been read by Muslims. They know the truth about Jewish intentions. It's only a matter of time before the rest of the world catch on. The dirty Jews wil be beaten in the end.
19. Israel: Well keep going to hams says stop
Kemp ,   Nahariya Israel   (05.18.07)
Hamas won't shout "Stop". They will say "Lets talk peace "and there will be some sort of Hudna all of which will be to Hamas's advantage during which time they will rearm re organise and start the cycle all over again. Israel will of course go along with it as before.. and before that.
20. High Time to seal up Philadelphi and the smuggling
Lemmings Hotline ,   San Diego CA   (05.18.07)
Why dont you show your serious this time. Also maybe time to admit you made a mistake by allowing Gaza to become south Lebanon
21. my advice to IDF troops; take your tooth bruches with you
you will need it in Gaza, if you servive.
22. Now it`s the time
Nora ,   Tel Aviv   (05.18.07)
Who is for Hamas today? Egypt? No. Jordan? No. Fatah? No. Saudia? No. USA? No. Europe?No. Olmert?No. Bibi?No. So, go for it. Now it`s the time. Hunt Hamas`s lieders until extinction. Go fast, before the Hizbullah, Syria, Iran trio prepares a counter attack.
23. Last summer we surrendered first.....
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.18.07)
Peretz and Olmert don't inspire that much confidence. Maybe they have learned something, but that is probably being wildly optimistic.
24. Remove all form of Facism.. including Islamofacism
P M ,   India   (05.18.07)
Remove all Islamofacist... After WW2, we dreamed of a Peaceful world.. but Islamofacist Global Caliphet dream is again destablizing the world...
25. IDF vows to operate till Hamas surrenders
Hans Edsberg ,   Norway   (05.18.07)
Sorry to say so, but it depends on president Bush's approval!
26. it is time to go after mashaal
andre ,   tlv   (05.18.07)
27. YEA, RIGHT - what a joke!
Jew ,   Eretz Israel   (05.18.07)
What a joke. We all know IDF is operating with both hands tied behind their back by Olmert and Peretz. Hahaha... Good luck. This reminds me of "we'll operate until Hizbollah surrenders".
28. #18
you wish. never heared of "plan shimshon" ? if we get attacked from all sides, and we cant survive, the plan is that nobody on this planet will survive either. so either you get used to it that we're here in peace, or "see you in hell" but "after you". shalom
Israeli   (05.18.07)
Sure - they won't continue till Hamas surrenders, any more than any other time in the past - we are the only country in the world stupid enough to live with this kind of garbage - any other country would have eradicated the enemy - so why don't we - we are just stupid - and if you doubt that then look at the government we elected -
30. Can we call it war yet?
Seriously, how long until we say that Hamas is a terrorist organization and that it needs to be removed like the cancer it is? I don't care if the people voted for Hamas, that means they voted to kill Jews and for war. All Hamas members should be game. It's amazing, these people vote for Hamas and then when push comes to shove they scream bloody murder and we capitulate! War is hell and I detest human suffering but if you try and hurt me and my countrymen, we will fight you. Gaza is a mess. We gave them total control over the area and it's turned into the wild west with militias shooting each other, rocket attacks increasing, and what do the critics say??? give them more land, more money? More like slap 'em upside the head with common sense. I say take it all back and then some and restore law and order. They obviously can't hack it (and don't give me that 'it's israel's fault' defense, palestinians shooting each other and firing rockets unprovoked into Sderot has nothing to do with Israel)
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