IDF officer says decrease in Qassam launching evident
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 18.05.07, 11:55
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1. We also believe in not removing the threat
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (05.18.07)
Who are "we". The same "we" who the MFA has their consul generals say that the Aza expulsion that causes such a disatrous loss of security was by democratic means? You putsch lovers never knew what hit you because you hate those who love the land that protects all of you from the mass-murderers who should have their right of return enforced to their homicidal-hamite, peninsular homeland of their own name. You putsch lovers, including the media, the kenesset, the Likud could have removed the mosser sharon before he made this all possible by implementing the mitzna plan that Likud, not sharon, was elcted against . Yet YOU let him fraudulently disavow charter, platfor and referendum to commit pogroms that endanger all of you. You let him then take power under the veil of an unelected party. And sderot was all behind his big ass all the way. No?
2. one more win "on points" and we're done.
3. #1 - Loves the land SO MUCH.....from Missouri....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.18.07)
4. same as using excessive force against prisoners
It's really funny that Israel thinks they need to airbomb Gaza as if it's some kind of genuine military threat. These Qassams are the prisoners response to being in prison. Have fun airbombing your prisoners.
5. decrease in kassam launching ....
only because they've temproarily run out of rockets.
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