Attacks from Gaza continue Saturday
Ynet reporters
Published: 19.05.07, 21:01
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1. How Pathetic
Mark ,   South Africa   (05.19.07)
A so called military superior Israel cant protect its own citizens from rocket attacks.How pathetic---The Ghetto Jew Is Back". It makes me feel ashamed.
2. Shepherd? Or a snake in Sheeps clothing
Alan   (05.19.07)
3. Whats difference between V1&V2 bombing London in principle
Alan ,   SA   (05.19.07)
4. Saddam drewUS+UK in mud with lies,Hamas tries with Kassams
Alan ,   SA   (05.19.07)
5. to MArk, in SA, if you feel that way...
joe   (05.19.07)
nothing is stopping you from moving there.
6. i read this believe me
read ,   palistinian   (05.19.07)
7. i read this believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.19.07)
you only kill one shepherd i know this for a fact what kind of army is this where is democracy where is freedom of speach where is free elections you only kill one shepherd one teacher two bus drivers on flower collectors one poet three shildren two jornalist one road sweeper three stray calbs one asphur 14 pregnant women 7 not pregnant women but not ever one brave fighter, believe me where is the bbc where is the cnn
8. There is NO CIVILIANS in Gaza!
Friend of Israel ,   South Africa   (05.19.07)
Thats it.
9. The Concept of Victory is Lost
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.19.07)
Israel no longer understands the concept of victory. The Kadima gang do not think in terms of ending the threats and attacks from Gaza ,they only think about the U.S. agenda of a Palestinian state and this does not allow for defeating the Palestinian terrorists in Gaza or elsewhere. The madness of rewarding terrorism has translated in Israel supplying terrorist fatah with money and weapons. This evil cannot continue much longer.
10. IDF needs to pursue the enemy
Brod ,   USA   (05.19.07)
The IDF needs to pursue the Islamist-Jihadist aggressors right into their hideouts and decimate them. If this is not done, the rats will continue crawling out of their holes to shoot flying bombs at Israel. And this will drag on for years and there will be no life in Sderot and the surrounding towns. Do a 1967 War on these dark forces once and for all so that Israel will rid itself of this pernicious fanatical enemy.
11. Unconventional Warfare
Nemesis   (05.19.07)
The pals secret weapons...Olmert/Peretz/Livni!
12. to #8: friend of Israel and butcher of the black SAs too!
13. To mark #1 in south africa
trumpeldor ,   incoming eurabia   (05.19.07)
Israel has all the means to turn Gaza strip into a big SUV parking It is the glory of that state not to do it conversely to many "more civilized countries" who would not show the same restraint Am Israel Hai
14. in 1967, 1,500,000 were emigrated from the Egyptian cities
observer   (05.19.07)
on the Seuze Canal. That was the precursor of the successful Egyptian strike in Sinai, 6 years later. The question is how long can the Israelis withstand ? Gazans has been on the siege for years, it doesn't make much difference if they wait a little more.
15. Sheperd??
Nemesis   (05.19.07)
Whats a sheperd doing hanging around a rocket launch site anyway?Watching his flock? Same with the "civilians".What a bunch of hooey.They know the site will be targetted..nobody is going to linger..the pals are the masters of propaganda/lies...they know the lefties will put up a stink.
16. Rashid
Jane   (05.19.07)
Even the BBC and CNN are sick of you, believe me.
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.19.07)
why they keep sending The Rockets ? 1. They are the voice of the criying 2. They are the double Dealers Atilla Karagözoğlu
18. arab civilians
Yossi ,   Canada   (05.19.07)
It's always a source of amusememt when gazan arabs complain of civilian deaths. Hey aaarab. Your flea bitteln excise for a military only targets civilians. We all know that if the aaarabs had Israels military strength, then they would lay waste to evey Israeli city. There should be one set of rules. If Israeli leaders had the fortitude to play by arab rules, the conflict wuld be over tomorrow.
19. lookıng for HASHEMMMMMMMMMMMMM ?
we are Him, stupids. Atilla Karagözoğlu.
20. #7
Rashid, thanks for the laugh.
22. "No one was injured"
Tracy W   (05.19.07)
This is not accurate. There are emotional injuries that will last for ever, especially those inflicted on the Sderot children. These people have been living with terror for months now. This slowly wearing down is very damaging to the mind. Maybe someone will call attention to the children of Gaza. I feel sorry for them too, but the difference is that their parents are the aggressors. Israel is only trying to defend itself. So no false equivalence here, please.
23. Israel should wait
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.19.07)
As Olmert and Peretz say ,the IDF should not enter Gaza ,they should wait until the terrorists have better and more lethal weapons . It is only right that more Jews die so as to give the 'poor' palestinians a real opportunity to defeat Israel. Olmert and Kadima are tired of war and defeat is a better option for Israel. The smuggling lines to Rifah are bringing in all sorts of new and modern weapomns of war to attack the army of restraint and limitation. So just wait ,wait wait !
24. If rockets rained down on my town...
The Professor ,   U.S.A.   (05.19.07)
...and my government did nothing to stop it from happening again, we would revolt and overthrow the government. This is shameful that this continues to happen.
25. #13 a civilized country about to make 1,37 m starve to death
26. #16 BBC and CNN are censored by Israel, Not sick of Rashid
observer   (05.19.07)
27. #25, GAZA is about to make 1.7m starve to death
joe   (05.19.07)
Stop blaming everyone but yourself (or themself) one asked you (or them) to attack Israel.
28. Rashid
David ,   R.I.   (05.19.07)
You could have had a country by now but your gay leader arafat threw the opportunity away. When you voted for hamas you voted for war. You would have been better off with your own country accepting handouts from the rest of the world.
29. 26 Observer boy, Did you see Mickey Mouse TV
freedom ,   canada   (05.19.07)
courtesy of Hamas. Grow a brain.
30. 26 observer
You are not very observant, are you? The BBC and CNN are the the voices of arab propaganda.
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