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Elizabeth Taylor can keep Van Gogh allegedly swiped by Nazis
Published: 20.05.07, 15:18
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1. What can you expect?
Israel, formerly USA   (05.20.07)
from a woman who defend's Michael Jackson's sanity and a court system that defends the Ku Klux Klan...
2. Didn't Liz once converted to Judaism
Joe   (05.21.07)
when she married Eddie Fisher? C'mon Liz, do the right thing. You own so much already. Return the painting to its Jewish owners.
3. Burden of Proof
Trevor Brooks ,   Huron Park, Canada   (05.21.07)
In a civil matter such as this one the Burden of Proof falls on the plaintiff. They couldn't prove that it was seized and not just sold as the provenance Sotheby's seemed to have indicated so the courts were right. Everybody seems to concede that Mauthner fled to South Africa in 1939, therefore it is possible that he needed to raise capital to move his family and the painting in question was one of the means. For a Van Gogh the demand far exceeds the supply so it wouldn't be too hard to sell one even through legitimate channels.
4. Silly painting
Joe ,   Ottawa, Canada   (05.22.07)
I've seen better looking monochrome art being sold by street artist for only $10. Who is this Van Gogh guy anyway? He painted a ghastly scream image of two alien-looking individuals with less detail than a 12 year old can paint. C'mon, this is so petty. His work isn't worth more than 50 bucks at a garage sale without a famous name on it. I say give Liz her famous name, she can keep her fame because that's all she has and she really doesn't have anything else as her morality is less than average as this whole episode illustrates.
5. The Israeli Connection of the dubious claim
Noam ,   Haifa, Israel   (05.24.07)
One of the Orkins in question is a faculty member at Haifa University, Israel. Emigrating from his native South Africa to Israel after Apartheid was broken, Professor Martin Orkin stood several times as a target of students complaints, one of them from female students who complained of offensive chauvinistic expressions in class,
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