'Amnesty International biased'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 20.05.07, 19:50
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1. A Higher Standard Is A Double Standard
David ,   Israel   (05.20.07)
2. bias is routine
concerned ,   israel   (05.20.07)
pathetic, absolutely pathetic
3. Lame excuses by Amnesty Intrntl.
GZ ,   USA   (05.20.07)
Vidan said: "In Israel, one can differentiate between civilians and soldiers. In Lebanon, you can't always make that differentiation." So, who's fault is that? By failing to clearly distinquish themselves from the civilians Hezbollah is guilty of perfidy.
4. Amnesty International Has Zero Credibility
Not Jewish ,   USA   (05.20.07)
If any of the Amnesty International clowns told me that my butt was on fire, I wouldn't look backwards.
5. Amnon Vidan - shameful man cloaked in...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.20.07)
the righteousness of human rights monitor.
6. a.i. accomplices of the terrorists, giving them dipl cover
dante ,   uk   (05.20.07)
in its dedication to its biases, its predjudices, a.i. has betrayed the principles upon which it was founded. and, not incidentally, a.i. gives aid, diplomatic cover, and encouragement to the terrorist swine that wish to destroy Israel.
7. Who cares what these clowns say!
Avraham ,   Netivot   (05.20.07)
8. Amnesty should be tried for defamation!
9. Acuss them with anti-simitism as usual .
like you always did with who don't agree with you .
10. Amnesty, CAN YOU STEEP ANY LOWER??????????
NY, US   (05.20.07)
11. Is this great news ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (05.20.07)
For amnesty [ ? ] international this is a rule , they have their idea , and what Israel is doing will always be wrong . So not great news , it's the same since many years .
12. I just e-mailed them
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.20.07)
I just sent them this article and told them to sc--w themselves!!
13. Intellectually Dishonest & Biased.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.20.07)
In simpler terms, liars.
14. AI is NOT a credible organization
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.20.07)
It is biased and political. It may be a good idea, but it is run by flawed biased people.
15. The higher standards..hehe..try to move to the worst
Jerry ,   USA   (05.20.07)
neighborhood in the world and act like a prince. Then see how long you will last. israel is not Iceland surrounded by water. It is surrounded by thugs and terrorists who want to exterminate every Jewish man, woman and child. There is no entity in the world that would act with Israel's grace and restraint while being surrounded by those who hate and use violence.
16. Amnesty International is a nasty anti-Semitic organization.
Roger ,   USA   (05.20.07)
17. What can we do about it?
Glenn ,   Canada   (05.20.07)
It's good to have dedicated people at NGO Monitor. We are very grateful to them. But what do we do next? We can't let this travesty sit there as world judges of human rights abuses while they themselves acknowledge that their judgments are not based on fairness but on separate standards for Israel and the rest of the world. is there any way to judge them, for a change? To sue them for defamation, as another reader suggested? Isn't there any legal recourse to correct their bias?
18. Anyone who applies a different standard to Israel
Bill ,   USA   (05.20.07)
vs 22 brutal Arab dictatorships is anti-Semitic. Those who want to be critical of Israel have the right to be as long as they measure Israel by yardstick they apply to all countries. Unfortunately, they apply a different standard to Israel vs the Israeli adversaries.
19. Amnesty International: "don't examine us empirically"
sk ,   USA   (05.20.07)
Yes, I can understand why this infernal organization objects when empirical methods are used to analyze its work. Butt I also like this biz about "higher standards." Let's see. Why should anyone support a group like AI? It would be because one wanted fewer killing fields, right? You know, fewer corpses? Wouldn't that mean that AI should focus its efforts on those regimes that produced the most corpses? Or do they maintain that they can't do anything about really villainous regimes, and so focus on regimes that may, on occasion, use methods that jihadist sympathizers don't like? If the latter, then why bother to support AI, as it has just admitted that it is ineffective regarding those regimes that really need to be criticized?
20. The arrogance and dishonesty of HRW
Phil ,   US   (05.20.07)
It almost boggles the mind that a so-called group that is a self proclaimed defender of justice would have the gall to admit that they hold Israel to a higher standard in condemning violations of human rights than they do to terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah. So according to these moral and intellectual degenerates, shooting rockets at defenseless Israeli citizens is not as worthy of condemnations because Israel is a democracy and the shooters are not democratic. Actually, their supposed bias against democracies is also a crock in that Israel is held to a different standard than other democracies because the leftists running this organization really detest Jews defending themselves. It reminds me of a story about Billy Loes, a pitcher for the old Brookllyn Dodgers in the 1950's When questioned why, with his superior pitching skill,he never won 20 games, Loes replied that he was not interested in winning 20 games because then the fans and ballclub officials would expect him to win 20 games every year. So according to the reasoning of HRW, all Israel has to do is become a nondemocracy and then HRW will leave them alone. Incredible.
21. Amnesty International bias
Seymour ,   Berkeley USA   (05.20.07)
When Amnon Vidan of Amnesty International states, "There is an expectation of Israel and other democratic states to abide by a higher standard than Sudan" he seems oblivious to the patronizing contempt he displays to much of the Muslim world. It is also an admission of a double standard.
22. Amnesty supports the Arabs murdering Sudanese
Nannette ,   London, UK   (05.20.07)
If they wanted to, they'd have stopped the killing by now, by lobbying every government in the world. Instead, they rally against Israel, spout their antisemitism rubbish, and turn their backs on the genocide in Sudan. Who would have thought that in 2007 the worlds NGOs AND the UN turn a blind eye to genocide????????
23. gentiles want us not to defend ourselves-that wouldnt happen
mandi ,   israel   (05.20.07)
24.  What about Iran, North Korea and Zimbabwe?
freedom ,   canada   (05.20.07)
Amnesty International does us a great disservice by arbitrarily determining who should be put to a so called higher moral standard. That standard obviously has a great bias. I see also no record of China or Belarus on the list as well. Amnesty International would never get any of my donations. To bad they have a great potential to affect change in the world.
25. It is racist to apply lower standards to other cultures
Tracy W   (05.20.07)
It is no different than saying, you people are not as developed, not as intelligent, not as human as we are, so we'll just let you get away with your genocides, child abuse, chopping of limbs, and every atrocity in the book. You just don't know any better. You are inferior to us. People of those countries should feel offended. Aren't third world citizens just as capable of experiencing the sense of right and wrong as Israelis? And if they fail to live by those standards, shouldn't they be judged just as hard as anyone else? Not to do so is simply racist.
MIKE HAMEN ,   USA   (05.20.07)
27. amnesty int
Jul ,   beer sheva   (05.20.07)
I am apalled! its not against interational law to kidnap soldiers across the border? which int law are they reading exactly? the hizbullah's? Im disgusted and furious and think they should just be kicked out of here if all they do is hurt us by their words and presence, they can do that from abroad!
28. hizbollah kills its ok Israel kills its a crime
zionist forever   (05.20.07)
Just because Israel is a democracy doesnt mean that higher standards should be expected than what would be expected in Sudan or by Hizbollah. Saying that higher standards should be expected of Israel because its a democracy is like 2 men each commiting murder under the same circumstances but one is rich and went to the best school the other is poor and didnt go to school. The judge then says to the rich educated man your getting a life sentance for commiting murder and the poor man will get off with a warning because he didntt get the same education and isnt rich. How can it be it right for hizbollah to send terrorists into Israel and take soilders from inside Irael and not be comndemed for it. Hizbollah get away with firing rockets at Israei towns Israel is condemed for dropping bombs in Lebanese civilian areas. Amnesty International is a chanel for anti Israel propoganda not an indipendent organistion telling the TRUTH.
29. one UK journalist said Darfur publicity is a smokescreen
propogated by Israel ,   Alan SA   (05.20.07)
30. Duuhh...Anybody surprised by the EXTREME LEFT?
malcolm   (05.21.07)
The extreme left hates Israel/Jews. Wacademics are jealous of years of Jewish accomplishment on campus and the Jewish profs and kidz just want to be liked by their Jew/Israel hating "colleagues".. Amnesty is no longer about human rights...It's about flourishing and enabling the US and European extreme left with their tentacles all the way into Anarchism (anti-globalizations etc.). They are slowly taking over the Democratic Party and are tight with their Arab benefactors trying to slowly reduce and eliminate America's support for Israel. They could hardly care less about Darfur especially since Arab Muslims (religion of peace -yeah right) are the ones committing widespread massacres. As long as they can hate Jews through the proxy called Israel they are safe from being called Jew haters. How cool for them.
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