Gaza: 9 killed in IDF air strikes
Associated Press
Published: 21.05.07, 01:14
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1. OK..OK
Ali ,   Gaza   (05.20.07)
Kill more and more !!! ..this is the way how you will eleminate the Resistance and live safe !!!..You did it along the past 70 years and what is the result ??
Arik Silverman ,   Milwaukee USA   (05.20.07)
All decent people in the West agree that the Qassams must stop. That nobody has died recently (unless the one critically injured does) does not change the fact that somebody might be killed by one of these ill-aimed rockets. But there is great concern about the methods used. If this story is correct, we see another case of Israel indiscriminately targeting civilians. No matter that they were family of a Hamas leader, they were still civilians. When the details come through, how many women, how many children, how many old men will be dead? These attacks are war-on-the-cheap: shooting fish in a barrel by remote control. World opinion will be turned even more against Israel. This attack caused much harm to Israel and achieved no good.
3. Too little too late by government
Yosef ,   NY,USA   (05.20.07)
"Fawzi Barhoum, a Hamas spokesman, said the killed were civilian members of the al-Haya family, and the attack was a sign that Israel is targeting "everyone - civilians and leaders"." Just as every rocket fired at Israel targets civilians! The government doesn't care.
4. Stupid Peretz
rh ,   Modiin   (05.20.07)
None of the leaders are sitting at home right now. killing the family just gets us bad press. Try be clever .
5. Time for the crocodile tears
JPS ,   Efrat   (05.20.07)
No doubt Hamas and "peace" groups will shout and scream about Israel targetting civilians and their exceeding lame use of "disproportionate force". There's a very easy way out of the bloodletting: Hamas can declare it wants peace with Israel and demand immediate negotiations for peace. Unfortunately, the "peace" groups will bleat and scream and totally ignore the fact that Hamas endorses "militant resistance". What does that mean? It means targetting Israeli civilians for death and destruction. If Hamas wants to, it can stop this now. However, it doesn't. Hamas will reap what Hamas sows.
6. i love israil believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.20.07)
7. targeted killings
Djaza├»ri ,   France   (05.20.07)
Talking about targeted killings mean that the zionist leaderhip admits it's murderous nature. That's wy, sooner or later, zionism will be crushed.
Naro ,   nyc   (05.20.07)
Israel should manufacture thousands of cheap Qassem rockets and lob them toward Gaza in retaliation for Arab rockets. Why sent a $100000 missile?
MIKE HAMEN ,   usa   (05.20.07)
10. This is not how Israel is going to win this war.
David L.   (05.20.07)
Hamas directly provoked Israel into this conflict, but a strike as the one today is not how Israel is going to win this war. This is how it is going to loose it. The is no better way to cement the Palestinian population around Hamas than such careless airstrikes. It's not a question of appologizing. It's not a question of who is moral and who is not. It's a simple practical question of how Israel can defeat Hamas and the rockets. This event today is a self-inflicted wound for the IDF, no matter how you spin it.
11. The Israeli fire is more Powerful then the Hamas Roket
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (05.20.07)
Now why don't you try this and see. That the IDF will make a clear call as this. IDF is holding it fire right a way and you don't want to have rocket fired in sedrot or other area at all from now on. Not a single one. time : IDF stop within 24hours, HAmas rocket within 40 hours. Remember the rocket didn't kill any one but the IDf killed a lot. But please start a real serious political walk process a fast one. UN and the 1967 adjusted through mutual agreement border within the Arab intiative frame work and go on. Who will put time energy good will in this will be the real winer. Thank you and good luck
12. And now, for a NEWS UPDATE from Ynet:
sk ,   USA   (05.20.07),7340,L-3402610,00.html Yes, Ynet has finally seen fit to report, after its AP-sponsored "news" story, that, well, maybe this was a typical & fully justifiable attack on terrorists actively planning the murder of Jews, with, maybe, a few civilian bystanders (aka human shields) killed. What about that photo of the moppet that I wrote about in my last TB? You know, the one posed on his elbow? I guess he was an extra for this new Pallywood production. And, as usual, Ynet prints enemy propaganda first, and begins to correct its error only later.
13. All 8 killed where males
Boaz ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (05.20.07)
One 16 years old, one 60, the rest in between, the kind of age range that can be found in an armed cell, this was a meeting place where they were hit, and today in Gaza, they do fight along tribal and communal lines. So, it is too soon, much too soon, to rule out the possibility that an armed call was hit. And over there, 16 years old and 60 years do carry guns.
14. Oh, please
sk ,   USA   (05.20.07)
I'm sorry to say that Ynet's censors are a mixed bag. Some will print ANYTHING; others will be sure to delete ANYTHING written by me; some actually follow the rules. Anything containing pro-Pal cliches will be printed, of course. One thing that's usually verboten, though, is to write pungently and without remorse about the death of scoundrels. With that said, I'll write a somewhat different TB this time, especially because I can see those "new" photos. This time I'll keep a copy. If this isn't pure Pallywood, than I'm a monkey's uncle. The photo is front-lit from above. With the typical "look away from the camera" poses that we've seen repeatedly, the arm of the guy on the left stretching out, trying to clear the way. How did the camera tripods get there so quickly I wonder? The photo is obviously staged. Here we have a moppet who seems to have a serious chest wound, but he's posing on his elbow for the camera (light is a bit high and behind the actor). Do they use ketchup or "real" fake blood? Who is the kid, by the way? Aren't journalists supposed to get the "who" anymore? As usual, there is not a shred of independent confirmation that a single "civilian" or moppet was actually injured. But let's say that the extended family of this "lawmaker" WAS killed. Why would this be so bad?
15. More!
Ben ,   Detroit USA   (05.20.07)
Damn it give them more! I thank G-d that we responded but as Yosef said it is too little too late
16. #2 Arik, (is that your real name?)
Glenn ,   Canada   (05.20.07)
Arik, is that your real name? What would you suggest Israelis should do when rockets keep raining down on CIVILIANS? Does that part of the conflict upset you at all? The Jewish civilians, I mean? I suppose your real answer is one you won't submit: the evacuation of Israel and surrender to Hamas. After the evacuation of Gaza, why are they still shooting at Jewish civilians? Because they want every Jew out of Israel. Those who are comfortably sitting in their living rooms on this peaceful Sunday in America, should give a little thought to the Jewish civilians whose lives have been turned upside down by months of relentless attacks.
17. (slight correction to my #14) ...
sk ,   USA   (05.20.07)
"Here we have a moppet who seems to have a serious chest wound, but he's posing on his elbow for the camera (light is a bit high and behind the actor)." Sorry, I meant "(light is a bit high and hehind the PHOTOGRAPHER)".
18. gaza 8 K'Oed
ping-pong ,   singapore   (05.20.07)
#1 ali-baba, look around see what you see ,your misery that's the result
19. Same boy top left and bottom center YNET?
Steve ,   USA   (05.20.07)
B"H I see very similar looking people top-left and bottom center. Take out a magnifying glass public. YNET is not passing the Sherlock Holmes test here in its accuracy if you look at both pictures with great detail.
20. It is a good start
Dan ,   Tel Aviv   (05.20.07)
Sderot people shouldn't have to think about defending...Gaza people should... Tonight's operation is a good start. Don't forget 76% of the palestinians voted for Hamas...I am completely indifferent if not happy to read the results of our strikes...Our response is still too moderate...
21. #1
Vorax   (05.20.07)
..resistance to your "Resistance", obviously. What would you expect to get in response to rocket fire, roses? to "results" - not so bad results BTW. Among countries involved in anti-terror, Israel doesn't suffer much more than others; both military and civilian losses are relatively low. And what have you got from your "Resistance"? Multi-jihadi, multi-criminal society? Women and children trained as suicide bombers? Life at mercy of terrorist cannibals and their sponsors? Lawlessness, gun culture? Terrorist government? Outbursts of civil war? International isolation? Now if you think these achievements are not enough, your people deserve more, want to add all-out war (with strong, militarized country) to all this - up to you, continue your "Resistance"..
22. #20 Reading your ugly remarks, I would vote for Hamas AGAIN
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (05.21.07)
Quite daring of you to suggest 76% of Palestinians should be killed for electing corruption-free and pro-resistance political party. Way to go! You know who I'm voting for you now AGAIN don't you?
23. to #14 Oh Please....try at least giving the VALID source....
24. Good work IAF......
freejay ,   Israel   (05.21.07)
The Palestinians are expert propagandists. Its obvious Israel hit the right target and killed mainly operatives. Its not our fault the cowards use kids, women and the old as shields which ultimately will end up casulties.
25. Same modus operandi as Hezbullah.
Jane ,   Gwent, UK   (05.21.07)
Like others here I find the censorship of Ynet to be amazing. Comments I make which are remotely critical of the Palestinian agenda are erased. Yet comments delegitimising Israel from Palestinian supporters are allowed here by the bucketfull. News reports from Ynet and other sources now confirm that at least 5 of the 8 killed were Palestinian gunmen. Clearly this was a cell that was prepared to operate from amongst their own civilians in order to launch attacks upon innocent Israeli civilians using their own people as human shields, knowing full well that any retaliatory strike by Israel may cause Palestinian civilian casualties and the uproar that would ensure. An uproar that is conspicuous by it's absence as Palestinian missiles are launched from territory ceded by Israel in Gaza in good faith. This is a fact that even a blind person could see. Yet previous attempts have to make this basic point clear have been censored. The modus operandi of the Palestinian cells is the same as that used by Hezbullah during the recent Lebanese conflict. The media calls it a "cycle of violence". This is akin to drawing a perverse moral equivalence between the arsonist and the firefighter. No Palestinian missile attacks would mean no Israeli retaliation. Yet even when the Palestinian cells are not firing at Israel they are firing at each other.
26. #22 Pro-resistance political party?
Lina ,   USA   (05.21.07)
Until this weekend, Hamas was fighting Fatah. Such brave resistence fighters. Corruption free??? How is it that Hamas dresses their men, women and children in couture terror attire and they have an abundance of weaponry but for world sympathy, claim hardship? Are you having fun vagabonding around? I don't blame you for leaving. I'm sure many Palestinians would like to leave. Hamas, Fatah and the Islamic brothers in Iran have done their best to assure Palestinian misery.
27. It's about time .......
zvi ,   LA USA   (05.21.07)
that Israel struck back in a serious way against the murderers. But ultimately after the reprisals end, the Qassams will resume That is why Israel should invade Gaza and remove the Hamas and its launching places If this requires partial reoccupation so be it. Israel should not have left S. Lebanon either and we saw the results last summer WHY IS ISRAEL UNABLE TO STOP QASSAM ROCKET FIRE? WHY IS IT ONLY NOW THAT ISRAEL IS STUDYING THE PROBLEM? WHY?
28. Exceptional
Jeffrey ,   Boston, USA   (05.21.07)
Way to go IDF. Keep up the pressure until Ham ass pleads for you to stop. Sorry about civilians getting hurt too--lets just call that collateral damage an IDF "work accident".
29. Lazy Journalists = Bad Journalism
Dan Friedman ,   NYC USA   (05.21.07)
This is the AP version of events verbatim and it is all drawn from Palestinian/Hamas sources without any verification from AP reporters on the scene. But the JPost has a report that indicates there is some discrepancies about the details, the damage to the house, where the missile struck, the casualties, and so on. One nickname for the AP is Arab Press. Why would an Israeli newspaper go with their copy without checking its accuracy first?
30. Hani (22), who voted for Hamas, wants sympathy.
sk ,   USA   (05.21.07)
Really, Hani, this takes the cake. You personally vote for a "bad terrorist" (as opposed to Abbas, the "good terrorist"), then you complain about #20's "ugly remarks." The only thing that the "Palestinians" have learned from Jews over the past 60 years is chutzpah; alas, in the "Palestinian" case, there is absolutely nothing to compensate for this annoying attribute.
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