Polish weekly slams Israeli youth
Itamar Eichner
Published: 21.05.07, 11:10
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1. Very,very,very honestly,
Keren ,   SP-now in Israel   (05.21.07)
this is a very injust accusation. I have been thinking all the time about the people of Israel and they are ,generally speaking,much ,much more educated and well behaving than in other parts of the world.I rarely see them drunk;I rarely see them in any indecent public behaviour;I don't see them easily angry... I think the fairness of that report should be checked out because it seems slanderous.
2. Israeli teens in general...........
Danielle ,   centre   (05.21.07)
are Israeli. meaning.....rude, impolite, and uncivilised. add that to there imaturity and age, plus the most painful fact, the way their parents have bought them up...and this is the result. I do genralise though, there ARE ones that do know how to behave, but it is the exception, not the rule.
3. Went there two years ago and it's not ture...
Dan ,   Haifa   (05.21.07)
Besides being kicked out from a resturant for talking hebrew (being jewish) nothing happend. We did suffer anti-semitisem from the locals, one said we should stay in auchwitz, the other as I said kicked us because he didn't want to serve jewish people and it's a quote. Even if something happend and the teens behaved baddly, it only came after rude anti-semitisem from the locals.
4. Maybe they confused Polish for Palestinian...
Khaled ,   Lebanon   (05.21.07)
You know, Polish, Polistinean, Palestinian... Who wouldn't be confused...
5. not only that but $250,000 in cash was stolen
aaron ,   ra'anana   (05.21.07)
and ended up in Hirschenson's wallet
6. Disgusting
"Peleg said that such articles portrayed Israel’s youth in a negative light " No Mr. Peleg, Israel's youth's actions is what portrays them in a negative ligt. They are absolutley disgusting, any normal Israeli can tell you what the kids in his/her class did on their trips to Poland, instead of respecting the memory of all those who died in the concentration camps, they get drunk, trash rooms, and treat people like crap. Frankly, I think it's about time Poland stops sucking up to these sick people, and maybe be a bit more strick with who they let in... It's clear that these low lives care nothing of the Holocaust, so why should they be allowed on this trip???
7. shame on our teenager and their parents
a former teacher   (05.21.07)
nowdays they are permitted to do anything. Everything is cool and fine and OK and never mind. SPecially abroad and outside their own residences !! YALA BALAGAN is their slogan. Yach !! I don't want them near me, near my house,near my radius!!
8. Pretty true and sad
Israeli culture.. And I mean come on, I'm an Israeli I live in Raanana, the youth here is problamtic because of Israeli culture. "The children have 3 years in the army, let them party and have life before".
9. A dangerous small fire with heavy smoke ?
Hiram ,   tel-aviv   (05.21.07)
Nobody will exacly know how true the reports are. However, let's not overlook them. Israeli kids, like the rest of the kids in the world are unruly....possibly even more than others, due to the specificities of their education. ( a generation which is not prevented from burrying garbage in the sand when on the beach can be indeed unruly ). Israeli kids travelling the world are indeed loud, however They may also suffer from the legitimate importance of maintaining Holocaust memory and some of them may not be reminded, or even told about the heroic Polish resistance against the nazis. Is nt it a matter of education after all ? Playing football, misbehaving in Hotels ? Sure...could be true...just have a look at Israeli kids in their own homeland....are they "that " polished in the way they behave ?
10. Poland - anti-semtiism without Jews
Rysk ,   Tel Aviv   (05.21.07)
So, some young israelis get a little exuberant (what's new here), and some Shin Bet guards with their ray bans get a little pushy (what's new here), and the Polish start complaining. Poland is the world's biggest Jewish cemetery, the holocaust could never have happened without the centuries of virulent Polish catholic anti-semitism, I think the Poles should shut up and put up for a little while.
11. address the problem!
p1 ,   Poland   (05.21.07)
Questioning credibility of the article is just a way of turning a blind eye on the problem. The weekly is a credible one, and the patern of behavior was there for years and years. Just noone bothered to do anything about it (maybe with the exception of some hotels which refused to house Israelis). On the other hand it's nothing new. Remember articles in Israeli press about behaviour of Israelis in hotels in Turkey? Or Swissland? That's a wider pattern. The only immediate thing that can be done is to order security guards not to behave as if they were in the Territories ! (At least they haven't shot anyone, yet).
12. Auswitsch Bed+Breakfast
Boy Mitzvah ,   Colditz   (05.21.07)
These louts are giving us a bad name abroad, Isreal is being mis-represented, its not the fault of the poles, they suffered too.
13. I would not be surprised --
ELY GREENHUT ,   Tzfat Israel   (05.21.07)
If the Polish claim is exagurated. Most Polishh have a deep hate twards Jews.
14. To Rysk, # 10 , An untrue vision of History
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (05.21.07)
Dear Rysk your comment is similar to the comments of those who "hate" the germans in 2007 for what their ancestors did . History ( Including in the times of the Tanach ) has clearly demonstrated that anti-semitism was not limited to one territory or country. The history of anti-semitism in Poland is not different from the history of anti semitism in the Christian world as a whole . Additionaly the conquest of Poland was NOT set up by Hitler in order to "establish death camps "...but indeed death camps were established in POland BECAUSE poland was under Nazi domination. If Russia had been under Nazi control, I can bet that there too, the nazis would have built or used death camps. Furthermore , I would like to remind you that the final solution devised at the Wansee conference is well posterior to the invasion of Poland. Last but not least , By looking at other posts about this subject, you will probably realize that there is truth about the way Israeli teens do behave. The blame is not to be put on the Poles, the blame is to be put on the parents who allow their teen to behave as such. The Poles did not kill the Jews anymore than the Jews "killed" Yeshoua, even if , I agree, some of them did behave in an atrocious fashion....The French did not kill the Jews, even if the Vichy government behave in an atrocious fashion, the fact that Poland became a cemetary for the victims of the holocaust is unfortunate, sad, unforgettable, but Poles should be remembered for a lot of other things, include the fact that if the Jewish community was so large in Poland and developed in such a drastic fashion ( Krakow area especially ) is simply because along the centuries, the reigning families had welcomed their coming. It is true that the Polish resistance as a whole did not do much for the Jews but does it mean that all the Poles were anti-semitic ? Does this justify accepting in 2007 the behavior of some undeducated little brats who are lucky enough to even travel to Oswiecim when some other will neve even have a chance to undertake that tragic and moving trip ?
15. Poland is one big Jewish cemetery
a jew ,   j'lem   (05.21.07)
16. #6
cfs ,   Toulouse, FRANCE   (05.21.07)
The disgust is the mark of desire in psychology. Thoses kids and guards who are bad need some education for sure.
17. "Israeli" = RUDE, RACIST & ARROGANT
Elin ,   Swedish in Ramallah   (05.21.07)
Being here and dealing with Israeli soldiers in West Bank and with "ordinary" Israelis in Tel Aviv made understand the roots of anti-semitism, though I don't afree with it, and even strongly stand against it, but.....
18. From my own experience of Israelis
Jon ,   UK   (05.21.07)
both adults and kids alike, I find them very rude but then I understand its just a cultural "thing". For example, arabs over here are always shouting at each other, down their mobiles etc. I'm beginning to think it's just how Middle Easterners are.
19. #4 What is the purpose of such tours?
Raphael ,   Netanya   (05.21.07)
Auschwitz should not turn to a Disneyland. If you want to better Israel's image, send rather arab shbebs on free holidays abroad: they got a genius at spoiling other people's life.
20. its very true
israeli   (05.21.07)
and you dont have to travel to poland or anywhere else to witness the ugliness of the israeli youth , all you have to do is to get on an egged bus with those animals after school , and you will witness the most disccusting young people in the world .
21. #4 What's a Palestinian?
Yosef ,   NY,USA   (05.21.07)
There's a country called Poland, never was a country called Palestine.
22. Double standard, Again
Mark ,   Georgia, USA   (05.21.07)
Lets see Israeli youth get away from home and party. Sounds like Spring Break. But because they are Jewish let's create aissue over it. You know here in the US if spring Break kids create a ruckus the town tightens up the rules stories are written to change behavior. Maybe people talk about children today not being as well behaved as "when I was a kid " that eternal cry from parents everywhere. Stop looking for deep meaning it is kids being kids, get over it.
23. Polish should shut up....
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.21.07)
There's nothing wrong with Israeli youth compared to other youth in the world. The polish murdered millions of Jews, now deal with it and be quiet.
24. ther's a reason for that
or ,   Hadera   (05.21.07)
when I was in poland with my youth group (Hanoar Ha'oved Ve'halomed), Two polish citizens called us "Jews" in our faces! Antisemitisn is still out there!
25. My teenaged daughter went on one of these trips
BigE ,   Israel   (05.21.07)
Her group was polite and respectful. (Teenagers will be teenagers, in any case, wherever they come from.) They spent months learning about Poland and the Holocaust. They were told to be quiet and to speak English in public places. My daughter was not the only one in the group who felt the cold, disapproving stares from Poles on the streets, even with the excellent behavior of her group. She learned a lot on that visit, especially about how anti-Semitism exists even without Jews.
26. Poland benefits from holocaust
Dazed and Confused   (05.21.07)
Why do Israeli kids need to go to Poland to learn about the holocaust? Why should Poland benefit from their part in the mass murder of our people? Kids can learn about the holocaust here at Yad Vashem. In tribute to my Grandfather, a Polish Jew and his family's only survivor of the Holocaust, I did not let my children participate in that trip. He would not have wanted his great grandchildren to step foot in Poland.
27. Some of the comments here,
Keren ,   SP-now in Israel   (05.21.07)
made by israelis are really self hating and blind. Maybe they should take a trip around to other countries and see what is it like a bad behaviour. They don't have to go any further actually:just see an arab driving his car ,for example,with the music loud that we can hear from the other corner,and see if any young israeli do that. I think you all have a very bad and untrue image of yourselves,frankly and honestly,again!And I don't know why!
28. I believe a lot of this -today youngsters have no respect
Alan ,   SA   (05.21.07)
In UK, in Europe ...ALL over ...It is the lefty liberal Zeitgeist . No smacking by parents No telling them they are naughty . No Singapore style whippings . No hanging. No Jail.There is no comeback for any misdeed.Psychopaths are the role models for youth . Spitting ,headbutting footballers also . It pays to grow up a criminal . Today no more "Crime does not pay" - today crime pays and very well too!
29. Well probably true
Fabien ,   Luxembourg   (05.21.07)
When I went to Auschwitz a number of years ago with my class, we witnessed the March of the Living as well as the other trips to Cracow with Israelis. They can be quite loud and boisterous. At night its imaginable and at least normal that you'd act a little unruly when you're young as was described. Shouting anti-Semitism here just denigrates the term. Yes, Israeli students should use more discretion and subtlety when they visit the country. I'm generalizing of course, because many more do show respect to the country and to their fallen ancestors.
30. Reply to No. 20
Bracha ,   Herzlia, Israel   (05.21.07)
Unfortunately true but very very sad! Israeli's have been "barred" from various hotels in Europe due to bad behavior. Instead of being Ambassadors for their country, Israeli's go out of their way when they leave Israel, to show their worst characteristics. One can only blame the parents for not teaching their children right from wrong. This is an age old generation inheritance! On the other hand, I have noticed school children coming to Israel on various Courses, and behaving very badly and losing all proportion of the manners which they were taught and upheld in their home countries. So, it is a two-way problem here.
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