Separation fence guards shoot at journalists
Ali Waked
Published: 21.05.07, 20:53
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1. "journalists"
Eli ,   Brooklyn   (05.21.07)
too bad he didnt kill them
2. Bad Aim
Mordechai   (05.21.07)
Do these reporters really think IDF trained soldiers would have missed them. Please we are supposed to believe these guards opened fire and didn't hit anyone. Amazing what you can do with photo shop
3. Guards are right
Brod ,   USA   (05.21.07)
Trespassers including journalists should stay out from such places. The Guards are right in doing their job.
4. It's time to declare war on these Anarchists
malcolm   (05.21.07)
They are subsidized by Saudi Arabia and they make their way to the West Bank and team up with terror cells. Even going so far as to pose for pictures with their Fatah & Hamas buddies toting AKs. It is time for Israel to cordon off entire areas where fence construction is taking place and declare them closed military zones. Anyone who penetrates these zones are subject to open fire. If they want to risk their lives then that's their option.
5. good i would also fire at you.
mandi ,   israel   (05.21.07)
6. Funny. Uzi, 20feet and not a scrach.
Rehavam ,   Israel   (05.21.07)
Could u stop fabricating storis? No u can NOT.
7. Its Either a Fence or It Isn't
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (05.21.07)
Using live fire may be a bit too much for the situation. However, certainly, rubber bullets must be used against anyone violating the fence area, withing a military zone. These demonstrations are just tyring to provoke Isarel into exactly what happened..which gives the Arabs and Israeli leftists fodder for their propaganda. Guards should not be armed with live ammo...except perhaps a lone policeman or soldier in case the other side uses lethal weaponry. I cannot understand why these protests are allowed..they should have been stopped long ago. Either Israel has a fence, or it doesn't? Again Israel is being too lenient.
8. they obviously werent firing at you
yoni ,   jerusalem   (05.21.07)
anyone who thinks trained security guards can fire from 7 meters away for 10 minutes without killing anyone is crazy. its clear that the journalists were provoking danger and the guards were warnign them off. the demonstrations by the left and arabs are very very dangerous. too bad they only use amona tactics on right wing israelis that actually care about israel.
9. Israel's "star reporter," Waked, best known for
sk ,   USA   (05.21.07)
his involvement in the Gaza Beach Fraud, now writes another improbable story without any named Israeli sourcing.
10. Those arent journalists, but propaganists.
David ,   Boston, USA   (05.21.07)
Obviously no one was hurt, but the guards feared for their safely, and probably rightly so. It will be good when the peace fence is complete. It will make people safer on both side of it.
11. I would have shot too...did you see who they write for? END
12. GREAT JOB BOYS! at least someone has guts in this country!
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (05.21.07)
13. Personally,I'm even not left and 20 santimiters for this s-t
Sammy ,   Paris   (05.21.07)
14. 5th colmnists merit FMJ
Brian ,   Reading, Pa, USA   (05.21.07)
"we were sure that as Press we were immune". Welcome to the Real World. You "press" distort and mis-report and (thereby) incite riot (references too numerous to fit here). I sustain everything done by the guards except their bad aim.
15. Thank G-D for these guards, BRAVO!!! Only next time closer..
JB   (05.21.07)
16. the so called honests journalists
A V ,   (05.21.07)
it looks that they are only injured IDF you must train your army better
17. "these people were unwilling to hear and unwilling to talk"
What a ,   Joke   (05.21.07)
DUH They are GUARDS, not Diplomats. Are the Arabs that intent on getting shot for their PR campaign?
18. ali waked
a v ,   london uk   (05.21.07)
how came they miss you ?you must have been about five miles or more
19. Alek Journalists
Avi ,   Israel   (05.21.07)
20. OK All IDF involved need to take target practice tomorrow!
casey   (05.21.07)
21. Genocidal polices of a failed country
The world is on to it-
22. Shouldn't shoot them, but what were they doing there?
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.21.07)
What the heck were they doing at a random anti-fence demonstration when rockets are falling on Sderot and killing a woman? Are these foreign journalists really so blind that they'd pick insignificant shots against Israel over the bigger picture and over current events? Unbelievable...
23. Such pooor shotsd.
Judith ,   Winnipeg Canada   (05.21.07)
We should believe this nonsense because? Security guards shott at them with Uzis but all the reporters escape any injury? Conclusion 1: Uzis are crappy guns and the security guards crappy shots. 2: Reuters Associated Press and PA newpeople are lying again. You decide!
24. What a crock!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.21.07)
A distance of 7 meters, uzis, live ammo and nobody died? If I, an old lady, can hit a coyote from nearly twice that far away with one shot from a .38, I have to wonder about the training of those guards or the reporting of those "journalists." Is the world, actually, expected to believe that sort of ridiculous rubbish? Those guards may have been shooting, but with uzis, they had to try harder to miss than to hit somebody. Well, maybe these journalists will think twice before they do more reporting from where they probably shouldn't be in the first place.
25. Israeli soldiers poorly trained
I'm not in the least bit surprised they miss at 7 meters. From my experience at a local shooting range, they seem more preoccupied with looking macho at the firing point than hitting the targets. Israel needs to normalize gun ownership and make regular shooting practise compulsory.
26. firing with live ammunition?
ralph ,   Bobigny   (05.21.07)
So they fired during 10 minutes at 7 meter range...and nobody was even touched? : i thing the ammunition were not so alive or our so called journalist are real liers ( second option more probable)
27. #*#!@! Leftists. Can't you see that Arabs are killing Jews?
Carl ,   Indianapolis, USA   (05.21.07)
How can you go and side with Arabs against your own people! You're traitors of the lowest kind!
28. we (the international community)
don p ,   usa   (05.21.07)
are sick and tired of israel. you have lost your base, sans for 80% of the jewish community. we are tired of your nazi behavior. as we erode your influence here, expect the foriegn aid taps to run dry. then we will see the true israel.
29. Long overdue
Antonio ,   Haifa   (05.21.07)
It is their job to use their weapons when disruptive terror-supporting rioters break State property (the fence) and don't follow the dispersion orders.
30. Same racist responses, how pitiful these comments are
Some Guy ,   Montreal Canada   (05.21.07)
really now, condoning and encouraging the shooting of journalists? How paranoid does a whole culture have to be where even inexcusable actions (and yes, firing at unarmed journalists is inexcusable) have to be justified on some lame "everyone's out to get us forever and ever" excuse? Just remember that when live ammunition is fired into the air, the bullets don't come floating harmlessly down to earth like feathers, they come down like, well, like bullets. Sigh, it's like talking to a racist brick wall...
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