Livni says situation in Sderot unbearable
Ronny Sofer
Published: 21.05.07, 22:47
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1. unbearable ,yet you push retreat
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.21.07)
You hypocrite Livni are ready to reward the Islamic terrorists with more and more land under Kadima's leadership. You are pathetic and do nothing to stop this except for your worthless diplomatic groveling.
2. Solana is a f*qtwit
mojo ,   pleasantville usa   (05.21.07)
& that is the truth
malcolm   (05.21.07)
Gaza is your toilet. You Surrendered Katif. You sat silently on your fat behind and never raise even a PEEP about the massive Iranian Sinai weapons imports. Hell no!...If you did, everyone would point a finger at you and said you were wrong for getting Sharon all those votes for the Katif Surrender! And you are NEVER wrong...Right Tzipi??? Sharon's promotions of your career went straight to your imbecile head. And now you schlep Ahmadinejad's personal slave to Sderot in hopes of acquiring a little sympathy capital. God are you wasting your valueless time! Larijani turned Solana into an Iranian slave dog last year. His ass belongs to the ayatollahs. Only an imbecile like you, deluded with visions of grandeur, can't see that. FLUSH OLMERT! FLUSH LIVNI !!
4. Public Relations
ZS ,   USA   (05.21.07)
Israel needs to keep building a case for increased use of military force. When they show the streets of Sderot, they don't need to say "oh look how miserable we are because of the kassams"... What they need to say to the International community is "look at the damage the Kassams are doing...look at how the kassams continue to fall...we don't need you to do anything for us...But don't complain or condemn us when we use a great deal of firepower against the Palestinians." I don't think Israel has been good at "getting the word out" to the International community about reasons for their actions before they launch the actions...its only afterwards that they send people out to explain the reasons... They should explain the reasons first, and then go on with the action. In other words Israel should plead vigorously with the International Community to have it stop the in "please..please make them stop..we really dont want to have to use a harsh response" Then when other countries say "sorry, you are on your own", then they will feel less bad when Israel is forced to use a harsh response.
5. World Opinion
MK ,   Atlanta, USA   (05.21.07)
Yeah, wait for world opinion and international pressure to kick in against the PA. That's a great plan. It's worked so well in the past.
6. Make the launch areasa no go zone
kerry   (05.21.07)
It might be necessary to make the launching sites no go areas by the use of appropriate weaponry, evenb if unpalatable.
7. no man land
yakov ,   paris   (05.21.07)
to protect efficiently israelian cities ,let s create 20miles wide no man land beyong the border so more difficult to hit israelian cities and also pressure on palestinians to be outed from border areas
8. This government is unbearable
freejay ,   Israel   (05.21.07)
What country in the world would allow their neighbours to fire rockets at them and do as little as this pathetic government? NONE!!!! Olenrt, Livni, Perez and the rest of them must resign now!!!!!
9. She talks out of both sides of her mouth.
jan   (05.21.07)
She agrees with whats going on in Sderot is unbearable. But does she see that it's becuase they gave away Gaza that this is the reason this is happening? I think not!!!! Why? She and Olmert both acknowledged that there was still more land to give away. And for what? A promise of peace from a terrorist group who have no intention of keeping the peace? Someone needs to get these folks out of power and out of office ASAP.
10. Sderot
Lenny ,   USA   (05.22.07)
IDF...What are you waiting for? American Jews will only support tough Israelis.
11. whoever voted for kadima and labor in sderot is sorry now
12. Livni
ben ,   singapore   (05.22.07)
13. "unimaginable not to respond"
Marlene ,   New York City   (05.22.07)
A person in this article said "it is unimaginable not to respond when someone shoots at you like that. It is against human nature." Yes, absolutely correct. But when the Palestinians respond to Israel's atrocities against them, when they respond to their brutal oppressors, then they are called terrorists. You people in Sderot have no idea what it is to live under such shame on all of you for your indifference to humanity.
14. Livni supported giving palestians money
zionist forever   (05.22.07)
What a shame Livni supported Olmerts decision to give $150 million in palestian tax money to try and strenghen Abbas ... it would have gone a long way to strenghening Sderot. What a great PM she will make .. just as incompitent as Olmert, more left wing but she knows what to say to make people like her even when she makes the messes up and unfortunatly the west and the left in Israel love her.
15. Livni is looking for power not a solution to the rockets
zionist forever   (05.22.07)
Livni is an oportunist she is looking for every oportunity to find a fault with Olmert because she is after the job herself .. she trys to make Olmert look bad and at the same time talk tough tell the people what they want to hear. Olmert is defaintly a screw up but Livni is no better possibly even worse but she knows how to smile and say what people want to hear while Olmert is just a screw up without the smile. This time round Olmert is the one man who can be balmed that belongs to verisous former governments and generals who have tried to save money by not investing in defense systems for future ... instead of investing in a rocket defense system use the money to buy another F16 is the attitude that to many politicians have taken. The money must be spent on defensive as well as offensive weapons.
16. only mayor has the right sound bite
Alan ,   Kodiak and Dutch   (05.22.07)
We gave the Palestinians what they wanted and they still shoot at us. are these the conditions Solana thinks will lead to peace. stop the give peace a chance crap talk Israel gave up land and gets rockets back into its citites. Spain would have built an armada by now.
17. livni in shderot
sas ,   israel   (05.22.07)
it certainly took her long enough to come up with such a statement. livni - go home-stay home and keep your mouth shut.
18. Read This One
Raviv ,   Israel   (05.22.07)
The Left is naive (there is no peace partner) and the Center is obviously disfunctional, therefore I am voting for the crazy Zionists on the Right in the next election.
19. Why not give war a chance?
john ,   Ralleigh, NC   (05.22.07)
Israel has tried every thing but war and victory! I mean the war and victory where the enemy is crush and calls for an unconditional surrender. You cannot have peace without a war and peace follows war only when the enemy is fully beaten. Peace NEVER follows compromise. Even in the six day war not one ENEMY WAS BEATEN. The war was just suspended in place and that which Israel had gain has become a curse. The war was set just to be resumed latter, Same with the 73 war, same as the last war with the Hezbos. All wars Israel has fought Israel has not won! You are always stopped before the end -- Stopped so that you cannot win. Who stops you? It is always the UN. Do not listening to the outside world, they all have your destruction in their future plans. Your existence is in your hand. You must take a moment and consider a fight, a fight till victory. God knows, you have given peace a chance. Why not give war a chance. A war till victory.
20. sderot
colin   (05.22.07)
If it is so unbearable for the cowards sitting in Jerusalem do something about it LET THE IDF DO THE WORK AND NOT GET STUPID COWARDLY ORDERS FROM OLMERT AND CO. But Livni has glue on her chair with perks from the tax payers so why do anything.Get out of the government.
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