US envoy apologizes for Pollard remarks
Published: 22.05.07, 10:29
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1. Richard Jones
Simon ,   RSA   (05.22.07)
Once idiot allways idiot
2. Pollard belongs behind bars
John ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.07)
I'm not sorry, he was right to say that. Pollard violated the oath he swore to the US and sold classified information to Israel and other nations. He belongs in jail. For all of you that will say he was a hero for helping Israel, just remember how you felt when Vannunu sold out Israel. Same thing.
3. Question for current Ambassador Jones...
klaus ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.07)
Yesterday: (1) "The fact that he wasn't executed is the mercy that Jonathan Pollard will receive." Today: (2) "I certainly do not personally believe that Mr. Pollard should have received capital punishment"; (3) Ynet - Jones said the statements did not reflect his personal views nor those of the Bush administration. If YOU did not mean that Mr. Pollard is lucky that he did not get the death penalty, and The US GOVERNMENT should not be presented as having that view, then exactly who was it that you DID represent when you said so? It is also clear that when you said: (4) "I regret any distress that I may have caused Mr. Pollard’s family and loved ones.” that you were also less than sincere. Your true stance regarding Mr. Pollard is crystal clear. Just know this: In light of the fact that the US did not keep its end of the plea bargain with Mr. Pollard as well as the inordinate stiffness of his sentence when compared to true spies who harmed and endangered US interests with its enemies, we wonder whether anti-semitism is behind his sentence, his treatment and his representation by you and others like you in the US administration, regardless of the apology.
4. Envoy Jones
myfligh ,   Ra'anana   (05.22.07)
Such a poorly informed comment about Pollard was shameful. The US had "welched" on its agreement to inform Israel about Lybia's chemical weapons; Pollard had taped Weinberger giving Israeli info to the Saudi's; After the Pollard plea bargain, the US imprisoned his wife, even after promising not to; Weinberger manipulated the Judge into a life sentence, even though the plea bargain was for much less.
5. 2 #vanunu sold 2 enemies-Israel is supposed 2b USA's friend
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.22.07)
6. Ambassador Jones
ben ,   singapore   (05.22.07)
Cut you APOLOGY CRAP and release Jonathan Pollard. You very well know the whole PLEA Bargain was a conspiracy and did not ever gave Jonathan the equal bargaining status. Cosidering the whole circumstances of the nature of crime, it is obvious the whole imprisonment is a high level conspiracy. Mala Fide. You and your children for generations will suffer the sins that you american committed over Jonathan Pollard. All those who were involved directly or indirecty in the conspiracy will be punished severly by EL Shaddai.This is Divine Justice. The term of imprisonment is excessive and tained by bad faith/ mala fide. You American Administration of Justice and the Prosecution System is a Humiliation to natural Justice. I hope you at least excercise your compassion in this case of Jonathan Pollard. I hope you at least Listen to the Xtian Zionis in your Country.You cant preach you New Test and do injustice at the same time. Remember we gave you the Torah the 10 Laws for your guidance in every issue concerning you live ans xtian spirit. Please I appeal to the American People, release Jonathan Pollard.If you preach forgiveness, please act for the RIGHT Hand sake of the EL Shaddai . Pardon me Lrd, Pardon me .Pardon Jonathan Pollard I appeal. Mr, George Bush, if you are reading this appeal, please act for the righteousness sake ! Free Jonathan Pollard. Be moved by G-d. Be moved !
7. #5 Stop it - there is no such thing as friends
How naive are some of you people? There is NO SUCH THING AS FRIENDS IN POLITICS. It's every one for themselves.
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.22.07)
The European Parliament Resolution on Jonathan Pollard September 16, 1993 The European Parliament, 1. noting that Jonathan Pollard, then of the US Navy, was convicted in 1985 of passing classified information to Israel concerning the military activities of Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern nations, 2. noting also that the information dealt with the chemical, biological and nuclear arms build- up in these countries and that Pollard considered he had a moral duty to warn Israel of the developing massive threat to its security and to the lives of its people, 3. whereas Pollard has expressed remorse for his action, 4. whereas Pollard, who was not accused of treason, or of intending to harm the US, pleaded guilty under a plea bargain, and was thus convicted and sentenced, without a full trial, to life imprisonment, despite the Government's promise not to seek such a penalty, 5. noting that the sentence imposed on Pollard was grossly disproportionate to those imposed on others by US courts for supplying information to a friendly power (normally from two to four years), 6. shocked that most of Pollard's eight years in prison should have been spent in solitary confinement and underground, 7. astonished that Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger, described by one of his Under-Secretaries for Defense as having had 'an almost visceral dislike of Israel', should have sent a message to the trial judge, one hour before the sentencing hearing, asking for the stiffest possible sentence commensurate with Pollard's 'treasonous' (sic) behavior, 8. noting however that Mr. Weinberger stated recently that he thought it was time that Mr. Pollard should be released; aware that Christian and Jewish organizations throughout the world have pleaded for the harsh sentence of life imprisonment to be commuted and that Judge Steve Williams wrote, in a dissenting opinion to an appellate court finding, that 'the government's conduct in this case resulted in a 'complete miscarriage of justice', 1. Urges the US Administration to commute Pollard's sentence to one of time served and to release him immediately; 2. Calls on EPC to intercede with the US government with this end in view; 3. Instructs its President to forward this resolution to the Council, the Commission, EPC and the Government of the United States. Voted almost unanimously on 16th September 1993. See Also: * Euro-Parliament Adopts British MEP's Motion Urging Pollard Release * U.S. City and State Resolutions * The Calls for Pollard's Release Page
9. Pollard's "SIN": He PERMITTED ISRAEL to ACT in its DEFENSE
Linda Rivera ,   New York   (05.22.07)
Jonathan protected Israel because of his great love for innocent humanity-not for money-Jews have the right to survive! Many powerful Jew-haters want every Jew dead. September 26, 2001 Terror in the U.S. and the Jonathan Pollard case By Larry Dub © 2001 "... thanks to Jonathan Pollard, Israel was ready with gas masks and sealed rooms when Iraq attacked her during the Gulf War... The usual sentence for spying for an ally is 2-4 years... Indeed, the Government's own Victim Impact Statement (VIS), which was submitted to the court prior to sentencing indicated that Pollard's greatest "sin" was that by giving Israel vital security information which permitted the Jewish state to act in its own defense, he had made Israel "too strong" and thus angered America's "moderate" Arab allies..."
10. An idiot anti-Semite should not represent the US in Israel.
Steve ,   USA   (05.22.07)
His apologies can’t fool anybody. He must be replaced immediately.
11. Are You For Real #4
Phillip ,   NYC USA   (05.22.07)
What drug did you take to come up with your feedback. Pollard would never have met Weinberger. If you can prove he taped Weinberger than he was a spy. Pollard needs to rot in prison until he dies.
12.  P taped Weinberger giving IL intel toSaudis!Thats treason?!
Alan ,   SA   (05.22.07)
13. Belongs in jail
Pat   (05.22.07)
Pollard stole thousands of documents on a vast variety of subjects for money and for self-aggrandizement. He is where he belongs and he will stay there.
14. Belongs in jail
Pat   (05.22.07)
Pollard stole thousands of documents on a vast variety of subjects for money and for self-aggrandizement. He is where he belongs and he will stay there.
15. Release Pollard, you phony ally
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.22.07)
Israel ,it is past time that you stopped acting like the litle dependant child and started acting like a grown man. You allow the U,S .to push you around and dictate almost everything. GROW UP ! It's time YOU made some demands of your own to this doubledealing ,backstabbing friend.
What he did was nothing compared to others who had been found guilty of espionage! He was betrayed by Weinberger! He was protecting Israel!
17. The US Ambassador to Israel and Pollard
Spencer ,   Israel   (05.22.07)
If what he said didn't reflect his views or those of the Administratiuon why did he utter them? Come on Mr. showed your true colours!
18. Apology Accepted
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.22.07)
19. Pollard
Dave ,   Canada   (05.22.07)
Weinberger himself was under indictment for his role in the Iran-Contra scandal until he received a last minute presidential pardon. Could it be that Pollard now rots in jail to prevent him spilling information on the actions of those who were in the defense department at that time?
20. Apology CANNOT HEAL the wounds of Jonathan Pollard...
ben ,   singapore   (05.22.07)
...In the official capacity of his name , fame and honor, he should do the CORRECT THING- SPEAK UP to Free Jonathan POLLARD. This is one issue I dont like the Americans. I am sorry. Americans Please FREE Jonathan Pollard, the years served is enough. If you believe in Forgiveness. Forgive Jonathan Pollard, there is no need for APOLOGIES. FREE JONATHAN POLLARD. I APPEAL AGAIN in the Name of The Lrd G-d of Yisrael, Lrd Pardon, Pardon Lrd .
21. There's a lot that Ambassador Jones is "misinformed" about
Otter ,   Canada   (05.22.07)
along with the American Government. He needs a crash course on Israeli/American relations and on the Palestinian issue - immediately - the course he missed before becoming Ambassador. There's no time to waste. It's about Israel's survival! And it's about the US avoiding a black mark on its history of biblical proportions if it continues to sell out Israel.
22., his official website
Otter   (05.22.07)
23. If one decide to be a spy then that is their ...
Ari ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.07)
choice, but when they get caught they should not expect to be rescued! Being spying on a friendly nation do not award an off jail ticket when a spy is caught! IMO, for the fact that Mr. Pollard allowed him self to spy of the US, make him as much threat for Israel because G*d knows, he might spy against Israel for Hizbollah for the right amount of dollar!
24. Richard Jones
Shoshana ,   Ramat Bet Shemesh   (05.22.07)
Jones has said nothing new! There is no apology here! He still says Pollard committed treason, (which he did not )among other falsehoods! We must all stand together and demand this man's release!
25. to answer #20
Phillip ,   NYC USA   (05.22.07)
NO...Pollard the spy will remain in prison until God calls him. He sold out his country for money....... this is a worse than a spy. A spy acts out of sence of duty for his own country. If he so devoted to Israel.... he should have moved there and serve in her army. Instead, he sold out his country (America) for money. He would sell out Israel if he had the chance. He took a chance and loss. Have a great day.
26. It is a crime to be Jewish
Tuvia Schertzman,MD ,   Betar Ilit, Israel   (05.22.07)
Mr. Pollard was given such a severe sentence because he is Jewish. There is a great fear in the US of Jewish double agents. He legitimizes the fear. People who claim otherwise are either ignorant or anti semites. America is a dangerous place for real Jews.
27. Richard Jones is foolish
Mikle White ,   Canada   (05.22.07)
and very undiplomatic to make that kind of remark. Imo, that puts the end of him being effective representative of US in Israel. Downhill from here on for Jones.
28. Ambassador Jones' remark abou J. Pollard
Roman Pytel ,   New York, USA   (05.22.07)
When Amb. Johnes smiles he resembles Jimmy Carter and it came as no surprise to me that his thoughts are as curly as Jimmy's.
29. #2 Vanunu; a prisoner of conscience
observer   (05.22.07)
The disclosure was credible but unofficial. Thus it strengthened Israel ’s deterrence, without the government being obliged to confirm it. This was so convenient for the government that, at the beginning, many people believed that Vanunu was really a Mossad agent. {Note that Olmert disclosed the secret "officially" last summer, and no action was taken; he is still even PM} he became critical of many policies of the Israeli government, forming a group called "Campus" with four other Jewish students and five Arab students. In 1986,Vanunu converted to Christianity and was baptized as John Crossman. During this reporter's June 2005 interview with Vanunu he emphasized, "When I decided to expose Israel's nuclear weapons I acted out of conscience and to warn the world to prevent a nuclear holocaust...I am also regarded as a traitor because I was baptized a Christian. In 2004, former Mossad director Shabtai Shavit told Reuters that the option of extrajudicial execution was considered in 1986, but rejected because "Jews don't do that to other Jews". a senior American nuclear scientist at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, has said: “On the basis of this research and my own professional experience, I am ready to challenge any official assertion that Mr. Vanunu possesses any technical nuclear information not already made public.” On Christmas Eve 2004, Vanunu was arrested while in a taxi attempting to travel the few miles from Jerusalem to Bethlehem to attend mass at the Church of The Nativity. On February 22, 2006 in a Jerusalem court it was revealed that Israel had led Microsoft to hand over all the details of Vanunu's Hotmail account by alluding Vanunu was being investigated for espionage and before a court order had been obtained. The European Parliament has condemned Israel's treatment of Vanunu, and referred to his detention by Mossad agents as a gross violation of Italian sovereignty and international law. Amnesty International described his treatment as constituting "cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment such as is prohibited by international law." He was nominated by Joseph Rotblat for the Nobel Peace Prize every year from 1988 to 2004. {The whole code of morals has to be revised}
30. I entirely disagree with my Parrot (Onan) political views
Alan ,   SA   (05.22.07)
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